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7 Crossdressing Tricks to Get in Contact with Your Feminine Energy

Do you feel your mannerisms are too crude? Are you worried you are not connecting with your feminine energy? For many of us, crossdressers/trans/non-binary, being in touch with our inner woman is still not easy. Yet, we need to feel that connection with that crucial part of ourselves.


7 Crossdressing Tricks to Get in Contact with Your Feminine Energy


Changing your habits, clothes and mannerisms doesn’t occur overnight; femininity must be nurtured. We can incorporate little things into our day to day life to keep our feminine energy healthy flowing through us, like pampering yourself with a bubble bath, a spa day, taking care of your skin or cooking, to name a few.


In the article ahead, I’m going to help you find what kind of activities help to keep in touch with your feminine side. Dancing, cooking and taking care of your skin and body are some of the universes we are going to delve into; helping us connect with our inner femininity. Join me in this beautiful journey!



1. The clothes make the (wo)man


7 Crossdressing Tricks to Get in Contact with Your Feminine Energy


First off, clothes reflect a lot of our feelings and mood. They stay in touch with our bodies throughout the day and are fundamental in connecting our inner selves with the outworld. Wearing female clothes will do wonders in helping you keep in touch with your feminine side.


Not only that, but also they will force you to move in certain ways, learning how to move like a woman, increasing even further its’ effectiveness. Wearing a skirt or a dress is a clear example of this as you will have to adapt your mannerisms and the way you move, forcing more feminine moves on your part. Combine that with some high heels and you get a sense of what I’m talking about.


7 Crossdressing Tricks to Get in Contact with Your Feminine Energy


If you are starting to build your own wardrobe, or even if you have one already, adding a woman’s pajamas to it, like a slip or camisole, it’s a great way for being in touch with your feminine energy through the night.


The greatest thing about this part is that it allows us to connect with our feminal feelings in so many different ways through PJ’s, dresses, underwear, blouses, shoes, heels, etc. permitting finding our own style and personality along the process. If you have any doubts about what size of shoes or clothes fits you, there are a lot of articles on this website for you to read on and fill your wardrobe with new feminine clothes!


2. Incorporate delicate mannerisms


7 Crossdressing Tricks to Get in Contact with Your Feminine Energy


Mannerisms are for sure, along with the voice, the hardest thing to change and adapt. The intonation of your voice, the movement of your hands, the way you walk are examples of things that are ever present in our lives and we do unconsciously. Doing them in a feminine manner will favor our connection with our feminal feelings. Don’t be hard on yourself if you are not as feminine as you would like: dedication to this mindset will, in time, get you exactly where you want to be.


7 Crossdressing Tricks to Get in Contact with Your Feminine Energy


For starters, you will have to find female celebrities or inspirations you have. Pay close attention to the movements of the body and hands, the way they walk, sit and stand, facial expressions and the intonation of the voices. Feminine women speak with the whole body and that is what we have to incorporate. Femininity includes being empathetic and observational, so I would recommend watching videos of the person you want to emulate its mannerisms. I’m sure you’ll be incorporating some womanly movements before you know it! I highly recommend you read this article, it will be extremely helpful for you to improve your feminine deportment.


3. Learn to dance


7 Crossdressing Tricks to Get in Contact with Your Feminine Energy


Speaking of movements, there are few other better ways for our body to learn how to move with more feminine than dancing. Dancing involves the movement of our whole body in a coordinated and elegant way. This will help us incorporate feminal movements and delicacy into our body language in our everyday life.


Picking a definitely feminine routine or dance style will canalize these feelings, sensations and emotions through your body making you feel better with them. You can do this by going to a dance class or with a YouTube video with some friends. Dancing will not only help your mannerisms and body expression to be more feminine but also, it is a healthy and fun way for doing cardio. Furthermore, going to a class will make you more confident about your feminine feelings.


4. Shape your mind and body


7 Crossdressing Tricks to Get in Contact with Your Feminine Energy


Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘’mens sana in corpore sano’’, it’s Latin for ‘’healthy mind in a healthy body’’. It implies that mind and bodywork as one, so if we are nurturing a feminine state of mine, it is only fair we do the same with our bodies. When it comes to physical activities, picking up a ‘’traditionally’’ woman sport, like pilates, yoga or such, will keep you fit and healthy, helping you achieve a more feminine body since these are thought of with the female clientele in mind. Besides, socializing with other women as you are most likely to find wherever you go to practice such activities, will help you relate better with them and maybe you will even gain some new girlfriends to go shopping with! This article you should definitely bookmark is about 9 easy exercises for crossdressers to achieve a more feminine-looking body.


5. The art of cooking


7 Crossdressing Tricks to Get in Contact with Your Feminine Energy


Cooking is an interesting way to nurture your feminine side by connecting not only to your senses but also with your tastes and those close to you. When we cook, we embark on a journey filled with sensory stimuli that broaden our links with the world around us. Not only that but also learning how to cook dishes from different parts of the globe will bring you closer to different cultures from your own while keeping you healthy. It’s really amazing how traditions and localization affect the ways we people eat. You can also cook while listening to some music, podcast or catching up with your favorite TV show, further helping you connect with your feminine side.


6. The importance of self care


Adding a ritual of self-care and to our routine is perfect because it will not only help us look more beautiful and content with our bodies, but also will permit us the time to get in touch with all the feminine energy within ourselves. This can be done in many different ways, but I assure once you go down the path of loving and taking care of yourself, you will only want more and more!


7 Crossdressing Tricks to Get in Contact with Your Feminine Energy


For instance, incorporating a face care routine into your day to day life, a spa day every once in a while, skin care or long bubble baths with relaxing music and candles. These are some examples of habits that allow our femininity to express itself. Wearing perfume is also a great way to let our inner woman manifest through the smell. As human beings, we associate very strongly odors to memories and feelings, that’s why wearing a feminine fragrance or even one that’s unisex, helps us connect with our feminal self.


7. Empathy


For many of us that grew up as boys and men despite how we really feel inside, being empathetic is not a trait that is encouraged. Masculinity promotes rivalry and competition from the beginning and sometimes that is hard to get out of our systems. Women are naturally more empathetic towards other people, plants, animals and the world around them in general. Working on our empathy towards the outside world will not only strengthen the links with people we love but also will help us boost our emotional intelligence.


7 Crossdressing Tricks to Get in Contact with Your Feminine Energy


To do this, you should start by compromising more with the connection you have with yourself and others, listening to the person or people you are talking with, compliment them, be honest, direct and polite, don’t forget to be kind with animals, plants and the world, a lady is not reticent to help someone who’s in need; femininity is about connecting through kindness with everything and everyone around us. If you start by doing this, you will quickly feel closer with the people you love and your bond will strengthen, learning in the process how to better love yourself!


Nurturing our feminine side and connecting with those feelings that sometimes are kept hidden is not always easy, but as we can see, there are a lot of ways to express our femininity in subtle ways and that also allow time for personal growth. Permitting ourselves to connect with that part of us on a daily basis will quickly make us happier!


Summing up, those are things you can do to keep in touch with your femininity. Do you have a ritual of your own? How do you connect with your feminine side? Is it something you think you should do more often? Do you think I missed something? If you liked it and found it helpful, please comment below. So that’s all for today my dearies, hope you are doing great and taking care of yourselves! See you soon!


Written by Tina Munova

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