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What Drives Crossdressers to Purge Their Secret Stash?

What drives many, if not all, Crossdressers around the world to purge their stash of feminine clothes? Have you ever felt the urge to get rid of all the garments and items that were so difficult to get at some point? Have you spent money on any of these to throw them away because you had a rough patch?


What Drives Crossdressers to Purge Their Secret Stash


Purging is something many crossdressers and sissies have done or thought about doing so. Even though there is a big difference between thinking of doing something and doing it, it seems like the breach closes in this personal time for many of us. Let’s explore while asking ourselves what the reason for this may be below!



Identifying the Sources of Those Fears


What Drives Crossdressers to Purge Their Secret Stash


To begin this analysis, we must first go to the root of it: what drives us to the point of throwing away all the things that were so hard to get? Something we wanted and took all necessary measures to prevent being caught? I think that the core of the problem resides in why many people who were assigned male at birth, regardless of their gender, are insecure about displaying their femininity. Is it because we are afraid of being labeled as “weak”? Don’t we all feel powerful when we are dressed to the nines? Each of you will hopefully find the true reason inside of you after reading this. Without overanalyzing, I encourage you to ask yourself what drove you to this article. Getting to know yourself is a process that takes most of our lives, so don’t feel rushed!


The Male Relationship With Femininity


What Drives Crossdressers to Purge Their Secret Stash


The common factor I have realized within the crossdressing and sissy communities is the impossibility of dealing with their feelings of femininity. It is no wonder that, because of this, one of the following two things tends to happen: either they hide their crossdressing and enjoy it with guilt, or they obsess over it. None of these two extremes are healthy and won’t lead to anything good. It is OK to keep your affairs private and discretionary if you feel like it. It’s as good as going out in your highest heels. The ultimate problem relies on sustainability and how it affects this decision in other aspects of your life. When connecting and living openly, your femininity puts you in a position where you must make compromises. You may have already thought about those compromises, but let’s see what they might be.


Femininity As a Fork In the Road


What Drives Crossdressers to Purge Their Secret Stash


Sometimes, even more often than we realize, life puts us in a situation where we must make an important decision. Something such as a trip that can potentially change our lives forever or moving out of town. Both situations can sound scary, and many things will change. Many will do good, and you will be glad you leaped. Other things will require time to adapt and learn to live with your decisions. And lastly, there are things you might miss. But, in the end, you’ll be glad you followed your true desires if you thought about it a little and made the decision from deep within your gut. When it comes to living up to our inner femininity, we may encounter things we can’t continue to experience as we always knew. It is then that that fork in the road comes with compromises we may or may not want to make.


The Compromises in the Name of Femininity


What Drives Crossdressers to Purge Their Secret Stash


Enjoying femininity for most assigned males at birth (AMAB) usually comes at a price some are willing to pay. It is a sad reality, but society is quite judgemental today, and every single one of us puts something at risk when displaying our inner femininity. The family may not understand, friends that can’t get their head around our point of view, partners, or even a job. Regretfully, life in some countries. That’s when we have to have a long and relaxed chat with ourselves to find out how it is that our natural femininity should be enjoyed and to what extent. For many, it is a daily uncertainty that is asked and answered. And it’s possible that one dreadful day when you’re not even feeling yourself, you’ll decide to throw it all away. Your wishes, desires, people, or clothes


The Consequences of Our Insecurities


What Drives Crossdressers to Purge Their Secret Stash


A big discussion that has taken a central role in the media these last few years is the definition of gender. As you probably know by now, gender is a social construct that tries to encapsulate groups of individuals under one term. I understand the necessity of it, but as individuals, this serves only as a panorama. In reality, life and people are much more complex than social studies try to assess. The point is that the scenario for diverse manifestations of different individualities is far more open than it was years prior. I suggest you investigate further into the matter to realize that you are not alone. There are thousands of sisters around the world that are going through the same or even worse. Not realizing this leads many of us at a certain point in our lives to try to get rid of whatever feels “out of the boundaries of normality.” which, in turn, never really existed or even mattered.


Dealing With Your Fears


What Drives Crossdressers to Purge Their Secret Stash


As I remarked in this article, each of us is unique. The way we will have to deal with it is as personal and unique as each of us. Getting rid of your stash of girly clothes won’t change how you feel or what you like. You may want to slow down if it feels detrimental at a certain point in your life. Throwing away your stash will only cost you more money if you do so in a rant. Safely store it for a while, and check after a year how you are feeling about your crossdressing. Take it from one that has purged and realized the futility of it afterward. I have come to realize that femininity, at least in me and I’m sure in many of you, has always been and will be a part of me. I have learned to share and enjoy it with myself first and then with those closest to me!


What Do We Do With These Emotions?


What Drives Crossdressers to Purge Their Secret Stash


But the key thing, be it with your femininity or any other important, life-changing decision you may think of, is that there is always a trade-off. But exploring ourselves and taking risks is something we owe to ourselves and the opportunity to be alive. I guarantee one thing to all of you: none of us is alive. So we might as well take this amazing ride full of surprises and challenges in the best way we can. As I said before, you are not alone. Many of these kind souls will help you find your place in the world, so don’t be shy and ask for help whenever you feel like it. My queen, be happy with who you are because you are a gift to this world. Shine your light upon yourself and bathe in its warmth!


This is the end of another heart-felt article trying to inspire all of you to live life as it was tailor-made. It’s best to be grateful for what you have and the opportunity to change whatever feels off in your life rather than take it for granted. Have you ever purged your stash and bought more clothes afterward? I would love to know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! See you soon.

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