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Privacy Policy

I. General Provisions

1.1 The User shall agree to the terms of this Agreement and complete the entire registration process in accordance with the instructions on the page. By checking the "I have read and accepted" module during the registration process, the User agrees with Roanyer and fully accepts all the terms and conditions under this Agreement.

1.2 After successful registration, Roanyer will give each User a user account and corresponding password, which the User is responsible for keeping; the User shall be legally responsible for all activities and events conducted under his/her user account.

1.3 Users can use the individual services of each channel of Roanyer. When users use the individual services of Roanyer, their use is deemed to be their agreement to the terms of service of the individual services and the various announcements issued by Roanyer in the individual services.

II. Registration Information and Privacy Protection

2.1 The ownership of the Roanyer account (i.e. Roanyer user ID) belongs to Roanyer, and the user obtains the right to use the Roanyer account after completing the registration application. All originally typed information will be cited as registration information. Roanyer is not responsible for any problems caused by inaccurate registration information and for the consequences arising from the occurrence of problems.

2.2 Users should not transfer or lend their account or password to others. Roanyer shall not be responsible for any illegal use of the account or password caused by hacking or negligence of the user.

2.3 Roanyer does not disclose or make available to third parties the registration data of individual users, unless

- prior express authorization of the user is obtained.

- Only disclosing your personal data in order to provide the products and services you have requested.

- In accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

- In accordance with the requirements of the relevant government authorities.

- To safeguard Roanyer's legitimate rights and interests.

2.4 When you register with Roanyer, use other Roanyer products or services, and visit Roanyer web pages, Roanyer will collect your personally identifiable information and will use such information to: improve the services provided to you and the content of the web pages.

III. Rules of Use

3.1 When using the Roanyer service, users must comply with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, and agree that they will not use the service for any illegal or improper activities, including but not limited to the following acts:.

- Uploading, displaying, posting, transmitting or otherwise transferring information containing any of the following.

- Do not use the web service system for any illegal purpose

Do not use the Roanyer Services to engage in any of the following activities.

- Accessing computer information networks or using computer information network resources without permission

- Deleting, modifying or adding to the functions of the computer information network without permission

- Deleting, modifying or adding to the data and applications stored, processed or transmitted in the computer information network without permission

- Intentional production, dissemination of computer viruses and other destructive programs.

- Other acts that endanger the security of the computer information network.

3.2 You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Data Tang and its partner companies and affiliates from any claims, demands or losses, including reasonable attorney's fees, asserted by any third party as a result of or arising from the User's violation of the provisions of this Agreement or the related Terms of Service. In this regard, Roanyer has the right to take measures including but not limited to deleting the content of information posted by the user, suspending the use license, terminating the service, restricting the use, recalling the Roanyer account, and pursuing legal responsibility, depending on the nature of the user's behavior. Roanyer has the right to recall the accounts of users who register their Roanyer accounts with malicious intent or use their Roanyer accounts for illegal activities, disruption, harassment, deception, other users and other violations of this Agreement. At the same time, Roanyer will assist in the investigation as required by the judicial authorities.

3.3 Users shall not reproduce, copy, sell, resell or use for any other commercial purposes any part of the Service or the use or acquisition of the Service.

3.4 Users shall be legally responsible for their actions in the course of using the Roanyer Services. The form of legal responsibility to be borne by the User includes, but is not limited to, compensation to those who have been infringed, and the User shall give Roanyer an equivalent amount of compensation after Roanyer has first assumed responsibility for administrative penalties or tort damages resulting from the User's actions.

IV. Service Content

4.1 The specific contents of Roanyer's network services are provided by Roanyer according to the actual situation.

4.2 Unless otherwise agreed between you and Roanyer, you agree that the Service is for your personal, non-commercial use only.

4.3 Some of Roanyer's services are provided on a fee-based basis, and if you use the fee-based services, please comply with the relevant agreement.

4.4 Roanyer may modify and change the rates and methods of the fee-based services according to actual needs, and Roanyer may also start charging for some of the free services. Before the aforementioned modifications, changes or charges are introduced, Roanyer will notify or announce them on the corresponding service pages. If you do not agree with the aforementioned modifications, changes or paid content, you should stop using the service.

4.5 Roanyer Network needs to overhaul or maintain the platform or related equipment for providing network services from time to time, and Roanyer Network shall not be liable for any interruption of network services (including paid network services) for a reasonable period of time due to such circumstances. The Roanyer Network reserves the right to suspend any part of the Service without prior notice for maintenance, upgrade or other purposes.

4.6 The Service or third parties may provide links to other websites or resources on the Internet. Because the Roanyer Network has no control over such sites and resources, you understand and agree that the Roanyer Network is not responsible for the availability of such sites or resources, nor does the Roanyer Network guarantee or take responsibility for any content, advertising, products or other materials on or originating from such sites or resources. Roanyer Network shall not be liable for any damages or losses arising out of the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services posted on or obtained through any such site or resource.

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