10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


Crossdressing is a pleasant activity by itself. But for some people, it may be something else, which involves a lot of other sub activities. Each crossdresser has fun in it’s own way, for sure, but there are some things that are worth a try for most of them. The point is that some crossdressers may want to add something more to their experience. However, it may be difficult to tell what kind of stuff can improve your crossdressing routine. If that’s your case, looking up at lists such as this one, can help you to figure out what to do.


10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


It’s common to see crossdressers out shopping for new outfits, at clubs, or walking in groups with other crossdressers. But there are things you can do at home, such as photoshoots and enjoying your free time. Cosplaying a female character or experimenting with outfits exercises your creativity as well. It’s up to you to decide what makes you feel good, but here I’ll give some suggestions.


There’s no right way to crossdress. Everything is fine, as long as you’re having fun. But this list contains activities that may be beneficial for you, and increase the joy of crossdressing. I’ll elaborate further about each theme, and which advantages they present for crossdressers. I really want to encourage you to try as many of them as possible.



1. Go out shopping


This is the most common activity among crossdressers that go out dressed up. It’s also practical, and can serve as a form of practicing. It depends on your confidence, but shopping as a crossdresser may create a lot of new possibilities for you. For example, you can go to the women’s section and buy stuff there without drawing too much attention. Besides that, you may be allowed to try out the outfits before you buy them, making sure your new feminine garments fit you.


10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


If you’re trans, it’s common to experience gender euphoria while doing that, adding an extra advantage to the activity. You don’t even have to buy anything, actually. You can use it as an opportunity to do a quick price research and to crossdress outside. And if you pay attention to trends, you can plan your seasonal outfits based on what people are buying.


10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


2. Go to a crossdressing club


10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


Crossdressing clubs are places in which you can learn a lot, and meet new people. It’s an awesome experience, which every crossdresser should have. You’ll feel as part of something else, and notice that many people are like you. This kind of knowledge helps to improve one’s self esteem, and encourages you to keep crossdressing. Besides that, in a club you can learn and practice new crossdressing skills in real time. You’ll have access to many tools and materials, as well as assistance from more experienced crossdressers. With that in mind, most crossdressers can benefit from clubs, especially the newcomers and novices.


10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


3. Cosplay your favorite female character


Cosplaying is a fun activity for both crossdressers and non-crossdressers. A cosplayer is someone that dresses up as their favorite character from a movie, show, video game, etc. They generally show up at events and conventions, such as comic con or game conventions. If you are a crossdresser, the characters you cosplay aren’t limited by your gender. This subcategory of cosplaying while crossdressing, is known as crossplaying. You can even use that as an excuse to dress up as a girl without outing yourself, as I did a few years ago.


10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


4. Do a photoshoot


Photoshootings are also a must do for crossdressers. It’s not rare either, and you can learn some photo techniques with other crossdressers as well. Some clubs may also feature photo shooting areas to encourage the practice. I like to recommend it for crossdressers because it has many advantages as well. The results tend to be something more professional than a selfie or mirror pic, and allows you to see how you actually look. You can use these photos to pinpoint what works for you, and what does not, so you can improve your skills. Or maybe use them as a means of remembering you from your crossdressing self, which is useful to deal with body dimorphism.


10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


5. A girls’ night with other crossdressers


This is the best way to interact with other crossdressers and make new friends. The place doesn’t actually matter though. You can go to a restaurant, a pub, a bar, a movie theater or even to a walk. What is really esto fte is the company. The real experience comes from spending time with other crossdressers. It helps you to develop more confidence and lose the fear of going out. Their company gives you courage to do things that might have been hard to do alone. That’s something every crossdresser should try out at least once, just to feel the warmth of being esto f a crossdressing group. Besides that, friends that you make this way tend to stay in touch. If you are insecure, talk to your crossdressing friends about it, and ask for their support. You won’t regret it.


10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


6. Be engaged with the rest of the crossdressing community


You can feel the aforementioned warmth even if you don’t have any crossdressing friends. Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to stay in touch with the rest of the crossdressing community, through forums and blogs such as this one. You can interact with crossdressers from all over the world, which allows you to have contact with many different views. By interacting with them, you’ll be exchanging knowledge, and helping the community itself to grow.


10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


7. Experimentation


There’s no better way to learn who you are than by experimentation. If you are in doubt about what kind of crossdresser you are, and what your gender identity is, you can find answers this way. I recommend you try out as many ideas as you have about crossdressing. Mix up some outfits, try out discovery styles until you find out what suits your personality. About your identity, try to see yourself living as a woman, and try to notice if you feel like something else. It’s a iscovery iscovery that is aided by experimentation and empiricism. This activity helps people to understand who they are on the inside, and to be themselves. Due to that, I highly recommend that every crossdresser should try it at least once.


10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


8. Try secret crossdressing


10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


This tip is quite helpful for crossdressers that are unsure of who they are, or who are unable to come out. But crossdressers with little time, or that want to extend their experience, can also benefit from it. A good example of this activity is to wear feminine lingerie under your masculine outfits. Go to work using panties or use a sports bra to school, no one will notice. It’s subtle, but you’ll feel the difference. Of course, it doesn’t make you pass as a woman by itself. But it can be done as an exercise to improve your confidence and amplify your crossdressing experience. Another subtle touch, but a bit more likely to be noticed, is wearing feminine perfumes and a little makeup. The trick is to make sure you’re comfortable, without crossing your boundaries.


10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


9. Keep a crossdressing diary


10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


A diary is very useful to keep track of your progress as a crossdresser. Take note of every session, and detail what you did during each one. If you’re writing an online journal, you can attach pictures of each session, so that you have visual feedback. Tracking the skills you learn allows you to understand how each one of them affects the final result, and how efficient they are. Once you look upon your progress, and realize how far you’ve come, you may feel proud and notice an improvement of your self-esteem as well. If you’ve been crossdressing for a while, make the comparison between recent pictures and others from a few years ago! It also works for transgender people doing hormone therapy.



10. Enjoy your free time


Embrace crossdressing once and for all. You must learn that crossdressing doesn’t require any special occasion, nor any specific activity. A good way to practice this notion is to dress up to spend your free time at home. Dress up as a woman, and stay comfortable doing whatever you want!  It helps you to release your inner girl, and feel more legitimate as either a crossdresser or transgender person. What I mean is that it allows you to stay in touch with your gender identity and inner self on a daily basis. It helps to normalize other aspects of yourself, and to get familiarized with these expressions.


10 Things you Must Do as a Crossdresser


Crossdressing is a broad term, with many different aspects. Each crossdresser is unique, with their own necessities and demands. But we do have a lot of things in common as well. I’ve selected these activities based on common struggles and desires among crossdressers. That’s why I consider them to be things every crossdresser should do, at least once just to try out. But be patient, and there’s no problem if you want to keep your boundaries. Feel free to experiment and see what works best for you. Have you tried some of these activities before? Let us know by describing your experience in the comments!

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  1. Hello, my name is Diana. I just like dress up in all kinds of outfits and I like wearing black, I having a hard time with my makeup, I would really like to find someone or a few ladies who can teach me a few tricks or telling what I am doing wrong with my makeup.

    1. Hi Diana, here is Rachel. In Roanyer blog, whether it’s eye makeup or lip makeup, there are quite detailed articles and video tutorials for crossdressers. If you look for more professional and perfect makeup, It also has professional makeup courses to learn. https://course.roanyer.com/. Of course, when you master these skills you have to practice more and be patient with yourself. I am sure you will do better.

  2. I just love dressing and being the girl that is in my heart and my soul. How I wish I was born a girl instead of a boy. All the girl things are just soooo much fun and loving. Big Hugs to all crossdressers and know I understand the love you have for wanting to be a girl.

  3. Hi Nikki, although I’m not a crossdresser, I certainly admire and love my girl. When I’m with my woman, I try and bring out more of the woman in her through love, compassion and understanding. Sometimes we just talk for hours. Hugs and caresses along with the love means a lot for the both of us. Big hugs to you Nikki and understand their is love for who you are.

  4. Hi wow just got this site I like it a lot been crossing in the closet for years, always felt different didn’t realize so many cd around.I feel better with this site. Still hidding because where I live but have talk to another cd who sounds promising.

  5. If I put my pictures on the internet will it come back and haunt me later

  6. I have been a crossdresser for the large part of my adult life. I would love to join a crossdresser club if there was a club, somewhere near my community. I live in the area of London Ontario Canada. It would be so nice to be able to communicate with other CD’s in a face to face situation.
    Lots of Love, Marcie Rhodes

  7. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of things one can do dressed. In fact most anything you can do dress as a guy you can do dressed as a woman. After all women does it all the time. The key is to make yourself as presentable as possible. I did my most wanted experience flying cross country in an airplane. That was a great accomplishment considering how airlines are packing peope into airplanes like sardines these days. All I can say is to wear tastefull clothing and a good quality wig and some makeup and go have fun. I found the best way to disarm people who would want to make fun of you is to look them in the eye and smile. I have met more pretty women while dressed than I have as a guy.

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