15 Queer Movies You Must Watch in 2024



15 Queer Movies You Must Watch in 2024


Growing up, I remember thinking that the only right love was between people of different genders.

Why? Because that’s all I could see on TV. When I started liking other boys,

I battled it for months because it seemed ‘wrong’.

If it wasn’t then, why wouldn’t there be love stories about two men in the media?

Luckily, we’re in a different era, where we now have some heartwarming queer movies

and some realistic ones that uncover the struggles we go through.

Here’s a list of 15 of my favorite queer movies that I bet you’d love as well.



Red, White & Royal Blue


15 Queer Movies You Must Watch in 2024


Starting off with my favorite queer movie, Red, White & Royal Blue is a must-watch

for anyone in the LGBTQ+ community.

Based on the New York best seller novel, Red, White & Royal Blue best-selling book.


The movie is about the love story of the son of the US president and a British prince.


The two love-birds are both stunning and they have a rocky start since

they’re both very ego-centric and end up dismissing each other.


They even end up making headlines when they bump into each other at a royal event and end up ruining it.

This ends up driving a wedge between the U.S. and British

and as ‘damage control’, they are forced to act friendly towards each other.


If you’re a sucker for a good modern-day gay rom-com,

and you want to gush over the two handsome actors, you’ll definitely love this movie.




15 Queer Movies You Must Watch in 2024


If you fancy some dark and slightly bloody comedy, then you should give this queer movie a chance.

It’s a darker version of Mean Girls but in this film, it’s the queer girls that actually shine.


This movie had me laughing from start to end because of how weird, messy, and unpredictable it was.


It focuses on two queer girls, PJ and Josie who open a fight club in their high school

so that they can lose their virginities to cheerleaders. And shockingly, the plan works.


Many popular girls join and they beat each other up in the name of ‘self-defense.’

PJ and Josie also get to ask out their crushes but soon enough their plan is exposed. Will they


Watch the movie to find out how the story unfolds and thank me later.


All of Us Strangers


15 Queer Movies You Must Watch in 2024 


If you’ve watched ‘Fleabag’ then you’re in for a sweet treat.

The hot priest, who has all of us in a chokehold, is the main actor in this movie.


All of us strangers is a queer movie that is both sexy and emotionally devastating.

The story is about Andrew, a lonely screenwriter, who starts falling for his downstairs neighbor Paul.

As the romance blooms, something weird happens and

Andrews starts seeing the ghosts of his parents who died 30 years ago.


This is the perfect queer film for a rainy Saturday night where you can get cozy and watch the mystery unfold.


Mysterious Ways


15 Queer Movies You Must Watch in 2024


We all know that queer love isn’t always celebrated.

It’s been put through the test of time over and over again.


In mysterious ways, Peter, a vicar in a local church falls in love with Jason and plans on marrying him in church.

However, the town members find out and they start criticizing the couple to the point of highlighting their story in the media.


This is one of those queer movies that poses the question,

‘Can you be queer and religious at the same time or do you have to pick one?’


If you’ve struggled with faith and accepting your sexuality,

this movie will give you some peace and maybe some answers as well.


Love Lies Bleeding


15 Queer Movies You Must Watch in 2024 


If you’re looking for a great lesbian movie, then you check out Love Lies Bleeding.

The movie shows a love story between a gym manager, Lou, and an ambitious bodybuilder,

Jackie, who passes by town on her way to compete in Vegas.


However, this is no meet-cute story. Soon, their love attracts violence from Lou’s criminal family.

This queer movie is the perfect combination of a sexy romance and murder.

It also has some pretty intense scenes so I wouldn’t advise you to watch it with any minors.


Theater Camp


15 Queer Movies You Must Watch in 2024 


You know how no one expects straight people to come out and say they’re straight,

in this movie, being queer is normalized.

And this feels like a breath of fresh air since there’s no pressure.


When Theater Camp’s founder falls into a coma, his techie son is left to run the property.

However, he’s reckless and his actions do more damage than good.


So two best friends, Amos and Rebecca-Diane team up with drama instructor Noah to save their summer camp.

This comedy stars gay people, a drag queen, and gender non-conforming people.




15 Queer Movies You Must Watch in 2024 


Have you ever finished a movie and said, ‘What the hell did I just see?’

Well, Saltburn is one of those queer movies.


It’s the perfect definition of ‘I want to be with him or be him,

and if neither is possible, I might as well destroy him.’


The movie stars Irish actor Barry Keoghan who plays the role of Oliver,

a young man who is obsessed with his popular Oxford classmate, Felix.


Once Felix invites Oliver to Saltburn, his family’s estate, mysterious deaths start happening.

This movie had me gasping and rewatching different scenes because I could hardly believe what I was seeing.

And that’s why it’s one of my favorite movies of all time.




15 Queer Movies You Must Watch in 2024 


As a queer man, I’ve often felt the need to change who I am so that the people I love could like me back.

And this film perfectly captures that feeling.


The movie is about Layla, a struggling British-Palestinian drag queen, and Max, a white gay man.

Although Max has everything he could need, money, a good job and even accepting parents, he’s still unhappy.

But that changes when he meets Layla. On the outside, Layla seems so confident but deep down they are desperate to find love.


How far will Layla go to be accepted?

Will they form a healthy relationship despite being separated by race, gender, and class?


This queer movie will have you questioning how far is too far when it comes to love.

And if you risk it all, will it be worth it in the end? Watch it to find out.


Desire Lines


15 Queer Movies You Must Watch in 2024 


If you like a classic time-travel queer film, then you should check out Desire Lines.

The movie shows the story of Ahmad, an Iranian-American trans man,

who goes back in time so that he can understand his sexual identity.


It’s quite an erotic movie where Ahmad starts his self-discovery journey as an out-and-gay transgender man.


He starts interviewing other trans men to understand their stories of peer

pressure and social acceptance as he also comes to terms with his own desires.




15 Queer Movies You Must Watch in 2024


If you’re a fan of thriller movies, then this queer movie will leave you at the edge of your chair.

I won’t lie, it’s a little dark and it’s not for the faint-hearted. But it touches on important issues in our LGBTQ+ community.


In Femme, Jules, a drag queen is out for revenge against a man who attacked him.


It happened after a show when he stepped out for some cigarettes.

And although Jules recovers from the attack, he’s forever traumatized.


A few months go by and in a gay sauna, Jules runs into his abuser.

Luckily, the man doesn’t recognize Jules without his drag costume and makeup.

So Jules uses that opportunity to approach his attacker and starts an affair with him as he plots his revenge.


This film is perfect for a movie night with friends because you can easily

start a conversation about how violence affects the queer community.


Housekeeping for Beginners


15 Queer Movies You Must Watch in 2024 


You can never go wrong with a classic queer family film. In Housekeeping for Beginners,

the movie stars Dita, a queer woman who has absolutely no desire to be a mom.


However, she finds herself raising her girlfriend’s troublemaking daughters, Mia and Vanessa.

She quickly has to step into ‘mom shoes’ so that the two girls learn how to respect her.


This heartwarming queer movie was nominated for the Venice film festival and it won the Queer Lion award.






If you’re into sports and wrestling specifically, then you’ll enjoy this movie.

The movie is based on a real-life story.


It shows the story of Saúl, a gay wrestler from Texas.

who quickly rises to fame after he creates the character ‘Cassandro.’

As he plays the character Cassandro, he bravely steps into the wrestling

ring with costumes and makeup and literally gives the audience a show.


His mom ends up encouraging him to find a boyfriend but when his father refuses to accept his identity,

his mom blames him for coming out. His story is about not looking for

acceptance from others but finding it within yourself and having the courage to follow your dreams and passions.


Strange Way of Life


crossddr esser 


At only 31 minutes long, this is one of those queer movies that will leave you with balancing tears.


This is the story of a cowboy who rides into town to meet his ex-lover,

who is now the sheriff so that he can prove his son innocent of a murder allegation.


It’s a story of two men who love each other but do everything they can to hide and run away from their feelings.






Set in Paris, France, this queer movie tells the story of a gay couple, Tomas and Martin.

Their marriage starts getting rocky when Tomas starts an affair with a woman.


It’s a messy story but a realistic one that unfortunately many queer people have gone through.

If you can relate to this, then this movie can give you some consolation and maybe some perspective as well.


Dicks: The Musical




The final queer movie you should watch is none other than Dicks: the Musical.

The film stars some famous people like Megan Thee Stallion, Nathan Lane, and the Sewer Boys.


It’s about two rival and self-centered businessmen who discover that they are long-lost identical twins.

So they come up with a plan to trick their divorced parents.


I promise you that this movie will have you laughing so hard you might fall off your chair.

It’s so extra, but that’s why I love it.


Final Thoughts


Have you watched any of these queer movies?

If yes, which ones are your top 3 and which ones are you adding to your watch list?


Leave me a comment below and feel free to add more queer movies that our community should check out. Until next time.


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