8 Common Bra Problems and Solutions for Cross dressers


In this guide, we address some of the most common bra problems and an array of solutions for cross dressers.


Cross dressers knows better than to let a bra menace get in their way of feeling happy and feminine.



When Mary Phelps Jacobs invented the first bra in 1914, the intention was to help women all over the world lift and separate their breasts using the straps and cups respectively.




For the crossdressing community, while embodying one’s femininity is as simple as wearing a bra, it is usually not the case as most bras are not invented with cross dressers in mind.


However, fret not, in this article, we will highlight some of the most common bra problems you will encounter as a cross dresser.


Accompanying these bra problems are also solutions to help you fight bra menaces that can get in the way of you feeling feminine and happy in your bra and outfit overall.



Common bra problems and solutions


These common bra problems are issues you will encounter in your crossdressing activity;


Incorrect bra size




Most crossdressers will require a bra that exhibits a large band and small cups for a perfect fit that does not leave room for discomfort.


However, finding your correct fit will almost always leave you doing multiple experiment fits at the cloth store or seeking professional help regarding your perfect fit. Solutions include


Take your time to find what fits. It is essential that you spare moments of time to evaluate the bra options, especially for those with larger body sizes.


You can always use a measuring tape against your skin to measure your chest circumference.


Hips and curve-led bras on size Large-6* these all for all cup shapes to fit.


Incorrect fit




A bra that fits incorrectly is akin to wearing the wrong shoe size; it can be either too tight or too loose, which brings discomfort.


An incorrect fit can usually stem from varied body shapes or the wrong materials used to make the bra.


For instance, if the cup size is too small, the underwire is more likely to lay on your chest area instead of sitting on your breast tissue, which can be quite uncomfortable.




You can remedy an incorrectly fitting through;


a) Choosing bras that are comfortable and made from soft materials.


For instance, you can skip bras that have underwire if they reek of discomfort


b) Make sure that the bra band fits snugly but comfortably around your ribcage.


It should not be too tight or too loose.


c) The cups of the bra should fit snugly around your breasts without any gaps.


There should also be no spillage over the top or sides of the cups.


Poor bra shape




As a crossdresser, if your push-up bra does not fill the space, it can make your chest area look and feel like an abyss missing some piece of earth material.


As a result, it is important to fill out the spaces by padding them up with a comfortable material that will help keep the cup in place.




a) For instance, you can use a pair of extra socks to fill up the top of the bra cup.


b) Avoid bras that are too small and alter the shape of your chest area.


c) Go for bras with underwire to help create shape and add extra support


d) Use breast forms to fill in the space between your cups.


This will create a fuller look in your chest area


The Back Bulge “back boobs”




So, you may have extra fat on your back or simply that your bra does not fit you correctly causing a bulge in the underarm or back area, well, this is an issue that many cross dressers face.


Worth noting is that the all-too-common bra bulge may suffice no matter your weight.  


a) Reduce your cup size especially if the breasts do not fully fit into your cups.


For instance, if you wear 38B you can go a notch lower to size 38A.


b) Opt for a demi bra. A demi bra is one, which possesses extra space at the top of its cup area.


A demi bra is designed specifically to allow space for more breast coverage.




c) Go for a bra with a larger band.


If your bra band is too tight, it will cause a bulge in your back area and no cross-dresser wants to give the impression of a hunch back in the back area.


A simple solution is to increase your band size by going a notch higher.


For instance, if your band size is 42, propel it a notch to size 44, and viola, all bulges will disappear.


d) When looking for flexibility in a bra, settle for fabrics that are smooth, malleable, and stretchy on the skin.


That way, the bra will simply lay on the skin rather than digging deep into in the skin forming ridges from bulges as often seen with stiffer fabrics.


Widely spaced breasts




If you are one of those people who have those beautiful broader rib cages, finding a bra that fits to give you the desired cleavage while also one that fits naturally may be a daunting task.


While you cannot change the nature of your beautifully designed rib cage, there are tailored bra sets that can help you mitigate this problem allowing you to flaunt yourself however way you want to.




a) Pushup padded bras. A push-up padded bra is one with an extra padding of soft material that helps clump the breasts together.


The padded material takes up the extra space in your ribcage thus making your breasts look full, padded, and cleavage.


b) A wireless bra. If your breasts are widely spaced, a wireless bra may be the solution to boost that cleavage to your liking.


Underwire in bras can be quite an uncomfortable feeling especially if it is incorrectly placed beneath the breasts.


A wireless bra will allow your breasts to


Wrinkly bra caps




Bra cups like typical clothes have a tendency to wrinkle up during washing or wear.


A wrinkled bra cup will most likely leave cross dressers feeling uncomfortable and untidy and some sections of the wrinkle might just peek into your clothes. To mitigate wrinkled bra caps, you should


a) Reduce your cup size to an inch to cover the extra space.


When you reduce your cup size, you ensure that everything fits perfectly eliminating dreadful wrinkles on your bra.


b) Opt for a demi bra that lacks full coverage and which possesses extra space at the top of the cup.


Stray bra straps




Nothing can be annoying like bra straps that do not stay in place and constantly sneak their way to your back.


It is akin to your bra telling you upfront that it is incompetent to hold your pair of twins.


Do not let the sleekness of your sheer gown be compromised by stray bra straps that will not stay in one place.


As a result, you can:




a) Tighten the straps. Due to constant wear and wash, straps have a propensity to stretch over time, losing their much-needed elasticity.


Tighten the straps to ensure they stay in the same place.


b) Opt for silicone straps, which help the straps; adhere in place to the skin. Silicone bra straps often come with strap cushions that help improve comfort.


c) In addition, it is wise to explore different bra styles such as the balconette plunge bras, which have wider straps that fit the shoulders.


For instance, some balconette plunge bras come with crisscross straps, which are not prone to falling.


The all-too-visible bra line




When a bra’s outline is visible through clothing at best it sends the message of an unattractive fashion choice and at worst, it can be embarrassing.


One reason for this visible outline could be that your bra is either too small or too big so much it does not align with one’s outfit.


As cross dressers, you want to nip out this problem by the root.


a) Go for a seamless non-embroidered bra. It is important to pay attention to bras with seamless cups and have minimal details such as laces and trims as they, for the most part, often show through lightweight fabrics.


b) A black or nude bra will work for people who opt for dark and light colors respectively.


Going for a bra that complements your clothing color reduces the chances of the bra line playing peek-a-book with your outfit.


In this case, avoid white bras since they tend to be visible under your clothing.


Readers note




Bras like any piece of clothing can be a fun way to elevate your looks.


However, due to an array of factors that range from incorrect fitting to a visible bra from the cloth, your confidence and feminine aura that you so crave can slip out of you.


Taking your time to find what fits correctly will never run out of style.


Additionally, ensuring that everything fits from the straps to the band is something that will mitigate most bra problems for you.


In any case, a bra is like your eyeliner; if you do not like the shape, you can always modify it.


Apply these solutions to your bra problems and watch your wardrobe transform you into the feminine baddie of your choice.


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