8 Lessons a Transgender or Crossdresser Woman Can Learn From a Cis Woman


Explore practical lessons a transgender and crossdresser woman can borrow from cisgender women.


Historically, cis women who define their genders by the assigned one at birth have been tackling different obstacles.


These can play a major role in the journey of transgender people and crossdressers.




This article aims to discover vital points that cisgender females could teach a transgender or crossdresser to help them achieve more self-acceptance.



Defining a ciswoman




The word cis originated from the Latin meaning this side, and it contracts with its opposite term, trans, which means the other side.


Similarly, cismen are persons of biological sexes considered male who currently self-identify as men.


Calling yourself cisgender does not imply any exceptional choice, but it comes by default since these are the definitions of having a gender identity that goes along with the sex a person is born into.


Important Lessons




You may want to be conversant with feminine knowledge and skills as a transgender person or a crossdresser.


Here are some lessons you may know from a cis woman as a transgender person or a crossdresser:


Self-acceptance and acceptance of others




One valuable lesson that is worth learning for transgender women and crossdressers is the importance of self-acceptance.


Throughout history, cisgender women have had to navigate society’s pressures and expectations regarding the role of a woman.


On the other hand, many have embraced the concept of accepting themselves as they are.


During their journey, cis-women acknowledge that self-acceptance and self-awareness of their positives and negatives are crucial to development.


Cis-women can teach transgender and crossdressers women how accepting and loving themselves can lead them to nurture themselves and others who might be similar or different from them.


The act of self-acceptance may establish unity and harmony among the communities where they reside.


Emotional intelligence




Cis women are usually good at emotional intelligence, which is the ability to control and comprehend emotions.


Cis women are socially programmed to understand better their feelings and those of others.


This emotional intelligence will do very good by helping people to build significant relationships, understand disputes, and adequately express themselves.


The experience of learning emotional intelligence from a cis women will equip transgender or crossdresser women to express their feelings appropriately and communicate effectively in an accepting environment.


Cis women, unfortunately, learn to legitimize other people’s feelings for providing emotional safety.


Through learning empathy, compassion, and validation, transgender and crossdresser women increase their ability to connect with themselves and their environment.


Self-expression and authenticity




Cis women, in particular, have a powerful, authentic personality, which transgender women and crossdressers can learn.


Cis women have embraced their individuality, which implies that they are strong and weak as individuals, hence their uniqueness.


They have discovered a means of defying social conventions and embracing uniqueness within themselves.


It draws inspiration from real-life stories of cis women overcoming societal standards and expectations to realize their true identities, hence inspiring transgender women, crossdressers, and anyone struggling with self-discovery.


By accepting themselves as who they are, transgender women and cross dressers will be free and also powerful.


Makeup Technique




Over the years, many women have built up tremendous experience in makeup application.


Transgender people and crossdressers may find this knowledge very useful in developing themselves into women.


Through watching and borrowing some tips from these ladies, you will get valuable information about different make-up methods.


For instance, you can learn how to do contour art perfectly and also eye shadow blending by following other people’s experiences who are good at makeup.


These techniques may enable people to present the feminine look boldly using makeup.


Health and Well-being




Reproductive health is among the challenges that cis women face despite being healthy and functioning.


This is what makes their experiences beneficial to transgender women, since transgender women may undertake hormone replacement therapies or gender-


affirming surgeries, and they may have difficulties in coping with the various changes in them.


However, an individual must seek professional help on how to maintain proper health as a member of the preferred gender.


Embracing the knowledge and learning from cis people will help transgender women improve themselves and get their reproductive demands taken care of.


Transgender women can improve themselves and ensure individuals respect their unique gender identities by embracing the knowledge and learning from cis people.


This allows them to live healthier lives and have their body’s needs satisfied.


Navigating societal expectations




Cisgender womanhood comes with numerous constraints and requirements on beauty standards and professions.


Society exposed Cis women to impractical aesthetics about their bodies and consequently suffered from low self-esteem.


Still, they have courageously faced and dealt with such strains, breaking taboos, which has made it possible for other female generations to come.


Therefore, transgender women and crossdressers have an example of rigid strength and persistence to break down social stereotypes.


They are endowed with the ability to change these norms because, by experiencing different cultures, they can rewrite the standards for inclusiveness and diversity in society.


Also, transgender and crossdressing women learn to relate to their bodies positively, cultivate love for themselves, and cope with expectations from society regarding appearance.


Building relationships and support systems




Supportive relationships have become the best investments for cis women as they appreciate investing in friends, relatives, and the community.


Such an attitude leads to a good life and advancement for society.


A Cis woman can show a transgender and a crossdresser how they need to foster healthy relationships.


These can be achieved through building communities and promoting friendly cultures that are accepting and understanding.


Cis women can also teach transgender women and crossdressers how to find a community for nurture, love, and acceptance.


Achieving personal and professional goals




Despite gender obstacles that cut across all sectors, cisgender women have remained vital in achieving their individual goals and career aspirations.


Transgender and crossdresser women can find inspiration in these accomplishments achieved by cisgender women, which are difficult to surpass.


They motivate them to aim high and overcome all obstacles coming on the way.


Through the success accounts of ciswomen, trans individuals make a way through the path made by social struggles, the course which is believed to lead to grand achievement against all odds.


Resilience and overcoming adversity




Women in cisgender society have faced unimaginable hardships, ranging from discrimination within the community to abuse and gender-based violence.


They have conquered these obstacles as a team and turned them into moments of improvement for themselves.


Cis women themselves are resilient, and thus, transgender and crossdressers need to emulate the same resilience to endure harsh conditions and also fight for their respect.


Body Language and Gestures




Transgenders and cross dressers observe cisgender women to learn how to behave and the mannerisms of a woman.


Their manner of walking or sitting and gesturing can assist you in presenting your true self confidently and naturally in public.


Also, a woman’s body language can indicate either self-assurance when she confidently puts her hand on the hip or seduction when sitting by crossing her legs.


Their body language can also provide very useful clues.


Softness and subtleness versus boldness and openness in feminine movement also inform how they communicate through their bodies.


Embracing and celebrating femininity




Cisgender women are feminine, and in numerous ways, they have broken the bonds of narrow stereotypes.


Society expects women to adhere to certain practices of dress codes that are acceptable and presentable.


Cisgender women reject these gender norms and expectations, especially those concerning their dressing since they believe they dress in clothes they feel comfortable with and not because of how society expects them to dress.


The transgender and crossdresser community needs to understand the importance of acceptance and power to their identities.


It will be important for crossdressers and transgender women to observe how some cis women overcome difficulties in accepting their womanhood, finding pleasure in that, and feeling proud as a part of society.


In this way, mutual knowledge and acknowledgment of feminine will allow us to create a more tolerant idea of the other person.


Supporting Others in Their Journeys




On many occasions, cis women have played pivotal roles in encouraging individuals on their discovery and identity journey.


Cis women have supported growth and empowered people in different ways, such as mentorship, sisterhood, and activism.


Transgender women and cross dressers can adopt some of these cues to create additional support for their fellow trans women.


Building such bonds among transgenders and cross-dressers will foster an understanding of humans for better tolerance and forgiveness in society.




Cisgender women may know how to handle transgenders and crossdressers.


They are familiar with all the activities that both a transgender and crossdresser may wish to partake in.


For instance, cis women encounter a lot of problems, but these do not stop them from demanding equal gender rights.


Cis woman is in this case a term that refers to women who are born feminine as opposed to being transgender or crossdresser.


Transgenders and crossdressers should also understand the importance of making serious relations.


They should pay attention to their health, setting achievable objectives, and maintaining persistently in their true personalities when everything is tough.


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