A Beginner Guide to Breast Forms for Crossdressers


If you’re an MTF Crossdresser, then chances are you’ve thought about a key part of your costume: breasts!


Of course, there’s no substitute for the real thing, but if that isn’t in your cards just yet, then this post is here to help.


Breast Forms for Crossdressers 


We’ll cover everything from breast forms and bras to choosing what looks best on your body – so come along with me as we answer all the FAQs on getting female curves. 


Whether you’re looking to invest in some realistic shapes or simply want something comfortable and easy-to-wear for quick changes, I’ve got tips for every stage of your transition that will help you feel feminine and confident in no time at all!



What Are Breast Forms?


Breast Forms for Crossdressers 


Before I get into the nitty-gritty details, let me quickly introduce you to the world of breast forms.


You can think of a breast form as a structure that looks and feels like natural breasts.


They are made from different materials, such as silicone or foam, and they come in various shapes and sizes, which means that you can easily find the perfect breast form for your needs.


Now let’s continue by exploring the different types of breast forms available and which ones might best fit you.


Different Types of Breast Forms


Breast Forms for Crossdressers 


Choosing the best breast form is like picking the right heels.


What’s comfortable for me might not be for you.


That’s why I would advise you to start by having an honest conversation with yourself about what you want.


What size are you comfortable with?


What color matches your skin tone, and what weight can you comfortably carry?


After finding the answers to these questions, you can explore different shapes to find the one you feel the most sexy and confident in.


Full Form


Breast Forms for Crossdressers 


If you’ve always wanted to have large sexy breasts, then a full-form breast form would be the perfect fit for you.


This form is naturally heavier than others because it gives you full coverage and looks like natural breasts.


To wear this, attach the breast form to your chest with adhesive tape.


You can also insert the breast form in special bras with built-in pockets.


As you wear this breast form, remember to add in a comfortable bra to help you support the weight and give you a realistic look.


Partial Form


Breast Forms for Crossdressers 


If you’re looking for a subtle lift underneath your clothes, pick out a partial breast form.


These only cover a part of your chest and give you a soft lift and a natural look.


They are perfect for crossdressers who want a little bit of chest enhancement without weaning a complete set of breasts.


Stick-on Form


Breast Forms for Crossdressers 


If the idea of carrying the weight of breast form doesn’t suit you, you can opt for something that’s light, easy to wear, and remove.


A stick-on form comes with a self-adhesive back.


This means that you can easily stick them on your chest and walk around without a bra.


They are perfect for a quick costume change at a crossdressing party or if you want to show your cleavage and ditch a constricting bra by going braless.


Shell Form


Breast Forms for Crossdressers 


Shell breast forms are the perfect example of Go Big or Just Go Home.


These forms cover not only your chest but also your shoulder, upper back, and sometimes even your neck.


They are the perfect seamless enhancement to give you a complete feminine look.


As you experiment with different breast forms to find the one that suits you, I would advise you to invest in well-fitting quality bras.


And yes, this also applies if you pick a stick-on breast form.


A good bra can enhance an outfit by giving you the cleavage of your dreams.


So look for bras with underwire and supportive cups.


They should also have adjustable straps so that you can remain comfortable throughout the day or night.


The Different Breast Form Shapes


Breast Forms for Crossdressers  


After picking out the right breast form type for you, it’s time to look at the different shapes you can choose and find what flatters you the most.


Here are some common breast form shapes for crossdressers.


Oval or Triangular


If you want a traditional breast shape, an oval or triangular one should do the trick.


They provide the fullness you need to create a full-breast look.




This shape is the closest mimic of the natural breasts as it represents the normal outline of a woman’s boobs.


They are full on the bottom, close to where the nipple is.


If you’re looking for a natural-looking bustline, the teardrop breast shape would be perfect for you.


Breast Forms for Crossdressers 




The asymmetrical breast form shape ensures the breasts are close together and they fit the right and left side of your chest wall.


They have a concave backside to create a natural side boob and an authentic look.


This shape is perfect for you if you want to show off your cleavage as much as possible.




Lastly, you can custom-make your breast form depending on your body measurements and what you like.


This is the best option although it’s also the most expensive one.


Afterward, you can walk home with the perfect and most realistic fit for your body.


The Different Materials Used


Breast Forms for Crossdressers 


The last thing you need to consider after picking the type and shape of your breast form is the material it’s made with.


Some common materials are:


Silicone Form


What I love the most about silicone forms is that they can retain heat and feel natural against your skin.


You don’t have to go about your day feeling a cold sting on your chest.


They are also popular among crossdressers because they have the same texture as natural breasts, and they look very lifelike.


You can wear them inside a pocket bra or directly on your chest using an adhesive material.


Leisure Form


Leisure forms are made from materials such as foam, fiberfill, and beads.


They are worn inside a well-fitting bra and are perfect for summer days since they are cooler than silicone forms.




For a custom-made form, you can pick out the material that feels best on your skin.


This can either be silicone or foam.


Then it will be designed according to your skin tone, body shape, and size, making it feel and look like a second skin.


How To Care for Your Breast Forms


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Just like everything else that needs love and care, your breast forms deserve the same treatment.


By following these simple tips, you can ensure that they remain in great condition for longer and continue helping you boost your feminine look and appeal.


Here’s how you can care for your breast forms.


Protect Them from Sunlight: Keep your breast forms in a clean and dry environment, away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.


Clean Them Regularly: After each use, gently wash your breast form with mild soap and warm water.


Avoid using harsh chemicals since they will damage the material.


Then rinse your breast forms and pat them gently and dry with a clean, soft towel.


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Wrap Your Breast Form: If your breast form has adhesive backing, wrap them with protective film so they don’t stick to other surfaces.


Store Properly:  To maintain the shape of your breast forms, store them in a breast form holder.


This box mimics the shape of breasts and helps preserve the shape of your breasts forms.


Remember to also be gentle with them and avoid squeezing or pulling on the edges so you can avoid damaging the material.


Extra Tips for Choosing the Right Breast Form for You


Breast Forms for Crossdressers 


Now that I’ve walked you through the different types of breast forms, let me end by dishing out my favorite tips for choosing the right form for your body.



Prioritize your Comfort: Don’t suffer in silence.


If a breast form doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not the best weight and size for you.


So look for forms with a natural feel and straps you can easily adjust.


Consider Your Body Type: To get the most out of your breast form, take measurements of your chest and base your choice on the recommended sizes the manufacturers provides.


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Match the Occasion: I like to match my breast form depending on the event I attend.


For example, I wear full forms with a great bra when I’m attending a formal party.


But I go with stick-on forms if it’s a casual night out.


Explore Different Brands: Don’t rush to buy the first breast form you come across.


Take your time to research and read reviews and get the best value for your money.


Final Thoughts


Breast Forms for Crossdressers 


As you embrace breast forms, remember to prioritize feeling the most confident in your own skin.


Breast forms are a great addition that can definitely help you enhance your femininity.


So don’t hesitate to experiment and find the option or options that suit your body type.


With the right type, shape, and material, you can get the curves and lift you desire and feel the best in your crossdressing journey.


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