A Cross Dresser’s Guide to Getting Bigger Hips


Every crossdresser dreams of creating the perfect feminine look in that sexy dress tucked away in their closet.


Nothing oozes sexuality more than curvy hips that line the edges of a tight dress, skirt, or pants.


As a crossdresser, your hips are part of your identity as they display your sexual confidence and give you a more feminine shape.




However, getting bigger hips is easier said than done, especially when you want a permanent solution.


So, if you are obsessed with getting an hourglass figure that makes your hips curvier, read on as we explain some of the solutions that can give you bigger hips that will have everyone turning their heads to stare as you walk past them.



How To Get Wider Hips as an MTF Crossdresser


Bigger Hips 


These days, there are many ways to bring out your best looks by showcasing your thighs, hips, and curves.


From corsets that give you a tiny waist to enhance the view of your hips on a night out to padded panties that offer a more rounded solution and affirm your gender as a transgender woman, there’s something for everyone.


If you are looking for temporary fixes for clubbing with the boys or simply want to feel more like a woman for a night out, let’s start with some of the easy fixes that will widen your hips.




Bigger Hips 


Did you know that men wore corsets as early as the 18th Century?


It’s wild when you think about it, considering how society had not yet accepted crossdressers and the queer community.


Although they wore them discreetly back then, today, corsets have become some of the top go-to options for crossdressers who want to dazzle everyone with their curves whenever they step outside.


These waist trainers are great for men who may be in their late thirties or forties and have added some fat around the waistline.


They can take up to five inches or more off your waist and give an ultra-feminine look that will get everyone talking, especially if you accompany them with breast forms.


Bigger Hips 


Even as you plan to wear your corset, it can be tempting to tighten it to make your waist appear smaller.


Our advice is that a well-fitted corset should be comfortable enough to give you room to breathe while making your hips appear fuller and enhancing your upper body.


If you are worried about the corset appearing too visible underneath your clothes, you can use a belt to hide it and make it more discreet.


Hip Pads


Bigger Hips 


Hip pads are superb and one of the quickest ways to achieve a sexy and curvaceous outline.


These accessories are designed to add volume to your hips and make them appear bigger and more pronounced.


The pads are attached to your body using adhesives and held in place by shapewear or leggings.


One of the things you’ll love about hip pads is that they are quite easy to adjust and reposition if necessary, meaning you never have to worry about them appearing misplaced or misshapen.


Hip pads 


Speaking of adjustment, if you prefer a more secure option, you can get padded panties since they do not need to be tied or glued to your legs.


Padded panties are also an exciting way to make your butt seen since some of them come with padded buttocks making them fantastic for clubs, parties, or even romantic dates where you want your partner’s attention fixated on that ass.


Removable hip pads are made of silicone, which retains the shape of your clothes fabrics, meaning your curves will be uniform and outlined flawlessly.


This makes them some of the most perfect solutions for long-term use since they do not wear out quickly.




Bigger Hips 


Bodysuits are perfect for male crossdressers as they go well with most body types and give you a uniform upper and lower body figure. Additionally, they fit your body perfectly and give you more shapely hips, butt, and breasts.


If you want to create a more feminine look, go for long-sleeved bodysuits that cover the hairs and muscles on your arms.


Bodysuits are extremely versatile since they are shaped and designed to contour your body in a smoother, more feminine shape.


When combined with shapewear such as corsets, bodysuits will give you a stunningly tiny waist and show off your curves sensually and revealingly.


Crossdressers can wear them in a seductive or modest way, depending on their style and purpose, as they provide a unique opportunity for you to wear clothes that draw more attention to your thighs or breasts.




Get now! 


Are you looking for a way to make your body more feminine naturally while staying fit?


Exercising and dieting can help you get curvier hips and reshape your body into an hourglass figure without the need for surgeries or other medical procedures.


Although there isn’t any natural way to reshape your bone structure, focusing on your diet and doing the right exercises can enhance the muscles of your outer hips and give you the coveted hourglass shape.


To achieve this, you will need more core strengthening workouts and exercises focusing on your glutes, such as squats, which are great for toning your lower body and creating a more feminine look with enhanced curves and firmer glutes and thighs.


You can also add cardio into the mix since it helps burn off the excess fat and gives you a more toned look with a bigger derriere.


The Importance of Having a Perfect Body Shape as a Crossdresser


Buy Now! 


Suppose you are a supporter of the queer community or a crossdresser thinking of working towards that perfect shape.


In that case, you are probably wondering why many crossdressers put so much effort into achieving their optimal body shapes.


Your body is an expression of your identity and personality, and these traits can be enhanced by toning it into the best possible look.


Here are a few reasons why crossdressers put in the work to get the perfect curves and feminine look.


It Makes a Statement


Bigger Hips 


Your fashion says a lot about you, and it can be a great way to express your identity and the community you associate with.


An ideal body shape helps you express your gender identity and appearance even without putting too much effort into your clothes.


This also makes it easier for other members of your community to notice or even approach you, which builds a sense of belonging and togetherness.


Serves as an Expression of Your Individuality


Bigger Hips 


Achieving your desired body goals can be fulfilling and give you a sense of completeness, which, in turn, allows you to feel more at ease in your clothes and chosen appearance.


Additionally, a perfect body shape means you’ll be able to pass as the gender you identify with in a natural and convincing way that leaves no doubt about who you are.


Reduces Gender Dysphoria


Bigger Hips 


Some crossdressers experience gender dysphoria, a condition where someone feels they were born into the wrong body that doesn’t express their identity.


Achieving the perfect feminine shape can be a way for these people to free themselves from mental stress by changing their bodies into the shape they’ve always wanted.


Enhances Your Confidence


Bigger Hips 


Although looking good turns heads and gets people talking, feeling good is just as important for any crossdresser.


When you feel comfortable in your body, you are more likely to wear your clothes confidently and boldly go out, look the world in the eye, and say to them, “This is who I am, and I don’t care whether you like me or not.”


Additionally, being confident in your body is a recipe for self-acceptance and higher self-esteem, which are great boosters in this world where crossdressers face backlash and stigma in many societies.


Can Be a Creative Way to Express Fashion


Bigger Hips 


Crossdressing involves a lot of creative and expressive clothes that allow crossdressers to bring their visions to life.


Whether you are a drag queen who loves showcasing dresses or an MTF crossdresser who uses fashion to express their gender identity, having the right body shape brings out the best of these artistic expressions and enhances the look of your clothes on your body.


Moreover, a feminine body opens you up to a new world of fashion choices and clothes that didn’t fit you but now look perfect on you by accentuating your curves and hips.




Bigger Hips 


The journey of crossdressing is personal, and achieving the perfect feminine look, complete with curvier hips, is an important part of expressing your identity.


There are various ways you can enhance your hips as a crossdresser, including wearing corsets, exercising, and getting cosmetic surgery like BBL and hip implants.


Dressing well as an MTF crossdresser has numerous benefits, including boosting your confidence, creating better relationships, fulfilling your need for validation, and alleviating gender dysphoria.


Lastly, always dress according to the occasion, pick a comfortable outfit, and add a touch of accessories to complement your look and make you stand out.


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