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A Guide to Roanyer’s Sleeveless Round Neck Breast Forms for MTF Crossdressers


As crossdressers, we have a few options when it comes to filling out our curves and achieving the most feminine look.


Breast forms are a great solution when it comes to filling out the chest and achieving a realistic and sexy womanly silhouette.


Roanyers-Sleeveless-Round-Neck-Breast-Forms for crossdressers 


More importantly, I find that breast forms are a better alternative to bra pads – thanks to their realistic appearance.


These prosthetics are also better than pumping your breasts – which can be uncomfortable and time-consuming, at least in my opinion.


While it’s possible to add a few inches through pumping, you are more likely to achieve the closest look to what you are shooting for with the right breast forms.  


However, all breast forms are not the same. With that said, continue reading below for a comprehensive guide on the best round-neck breast forms from Roanyer.



 Sleeveless and Round Neck Breast Forms: What Are They?


Roanyers-Sleeveless-Round-Neck-Breast-Forms for crossdressers 


Sleeveless and round neck breast forms are designed to cover the entire chest of the wearer.


Unlike other breast forms which normally come with a high neck – more like a turtle neck – round-neck breast forms have a significantly shorter neck.


The neck ends just above the collarbone – just like a round neck t-shirt or sweater.


As the name suggests, these breast forms are sleeveless.


What makes Sleeveless and Round Neck Breast Forms Better?


Roanyers-Sleeveless-Round-Neck-Breast-Forms for crossdressers


This unique design comes with a number of important benefits.


For starters, sleeveless and round-neck breast forms tend to be more comfortable than bra straps.


The extra material covering the shoulders and back provides all the support needed to keep the breast forms comfortably in place.


Furthermore, the shorter neck and sleeveless design make for easy and effortless wearing.


With these breast forms, you can transform your look in no time.


And, since you don’t have to struggle too much when it comes to wearing the breast forms, they are more likely to remain in good condition for longer.


Over-stretching or pulling on breast forms excessively when wearing them can lead to unnecessary and irreparable damage.


Roanyers-Sleeveless-Round-Neck-Breast-Forms for crossdressers 


High-neck-sleeved breast forms have a tendency to roll around the neck and arm areas, making wearing them much harder.


I have seen many crossdressers making DIY adjustments to their breast forms in order to make them more comfortable and easier to wear.


In most cases, the first thing that crossdressers do is reduce the length of the neck and arm segments.


This can lead to irreparable damage, as it requires a lot of cutting.


Sleeveless and round-neck breast forms take away the need for these risky DIY adjustments.


All you need to do is find the right breast forms from the available selection and you can start rocking them without the need for demanding DIY fixes.


The Best Sleeveless and Round Neck Breast Forms


H Cup Breast Forms Round Neck


Roanyers-Sleeveless-Round-Neck-Breast-Forms for crossdressers 


Are you shooting for a sexy womanly look characterized by a big chest?


Be sure to consider this product. The huge naturally shaped H-cup breast forms feature a sexy collarbone to complete the sexy look of a feminine chest.


Other product design details include an ultra-thin edge and highly elastic material for easy wearing.


The breast forms are available in four different colors to ensure that everyone can find their perfect match.


I also like the fact that this product comes with two stuffing options – silicone and elastic cotton.


Silicone offers a more realistic feel and bounce.


However, the added weight can be somewhat of an issue given this product’s cup size.


C Cup Breast Forms Round Neck


Roanyers-Sleeveless-Round-Neck-Breast-Forms for crossdressers 


If you prefer something smaller and more manageable, these C-cup breast forms are just as good as any other when it comes to giving you an alluring feminine silhouette.


The smaller cup size makes for comfortable wearing, regardless of whether you go for silicone or elastic cotton stuffing in the breast forms.


Just like other Roanyer products, these breast forms are made from high-quality elastic material.


The product’s unique design and highly elastic material ensure easy and effortless wearing and removal.


For the most realistic look, this product also features intricate blood vessels and veins.


D Cup Breast Forms Round Neck


Roanyers-Sleeveless-Round-Neck-Breast-Forms for crossdressers 


Available in four different skin colors, this D cup breast form comes in four different colors.


I like the fact that Roanyer provides sizing instructions that cover the recommended weight range for these breast forms.


It definitely makes it easier for buyers to find the perfect size – especially if you don’t have your exact measurements in hand when shopping.


Other design highlights include super stretchy material, naturally shaped breast forms, and a sexy collarbone among others.


G Cup Breast Forms Round Neck


Roanyers-Sleeveless-Round-Neck-Breast-Forms for crossdressers 


Designed to feel like a second skin, this product is made from high-quality materials.


It features a realistic look and feel complete with intricate blood vessels.


Just like other options from Roanyer, you can choose between silicone gel and elastic cotton filling for the breast forms.


The latter is lighter while the former provides a more realistic bounce and feel, but is heavier.


This product comes in four different colors to ensure that everyone can find their perfect match.


Other salient features include an easy-to-wear design, sexy collar bone, and highly elastic material.


How to Choose the Right Size


Roanyers-Sleeveless-Round-Neck-Breast-Forms for crossdressers 


Choosing the right breast form size can be somewhat of a challenge – especially if all this is new to you.


To make things easier, just remember that you generally need two measurements to find breast forms that fit perfectly.


The first is the bra band measurement. This is a measurement of the length of the bottom part of a bra.


The second measurement is the bust or cup size. As crossdressers, we normally have a flat chest – in most cases.


This means that you are free to choose your preferred cup size – great right? Well, yes and no!


Having the freedom to choose your cup size is great – you can go for the exact look you have in mind.


transgender and drag queens 


However, you need to be careful. When choosing a cup size, remember to keep proportionality in mind.


In my opinion, you don’t want to choose a cup size that attracts too much attention.


In the same breath, you should consider what your chosen cup size means for your wardrobe.


You don’t want to go with a size that significantly limits what you can wear.


It is also worth mentioning the fact that the bra band measurement has an effect on actual cup size – proportionality.


This means that a C-cup for a 40-inch bra band will be significantly bigger than a C-cup for a 28-inch bra band.


Pros and Cons of Wearing Sleeveless Round Neck Breast Forms


transgender and drag queens 


Of course, just like everything else, wearing sleeveless or round neck breast forms has its own advantages and disadvantages. They include:




transgender and drag queens 


  1. Sleeveless or round neck breast forms offer a more realistic feel and look.
  2. You won’t need a bra to hold these breast forms firmly in place.
  3. You are free to choose your preferred cup size, from A to H and beyond.
  4. Silicone breast forms are made from high-quality material which feels great on the skin.




Roanyers-Sleeveless-Round-Neck-Breast-Forms for crossdressers 


Finding something that perfectly matches your skin tone can be somewhat of a challenge given the limited color range.


In comparison to bra pads, sleeveless and round-neck breast forms are pricier.


Sleeveless and round neck breast forms are very appealing to me because of the above-mentioned advantages. In fact, the pros might be enough justification for the higher prices.


Care Tips for Sleeveless or Round Neck Breast Forms


transgender and drag queens 


If you want to get the most out of your new sleeveless and round-neck breast forms you must take good care of them.


To extend the life of your breast forms, be sure to follow the provided care instructions in the letter.


The silicone material used to make these breast forms requires some special attention.


With the right care, you can ensure that the product retains its tackiness and natural feel.


As a rule of thumb, always use mild soap and non-abrasive wipes to clean silicone breast forms.


You can use warm water and soap to quickly clean your breast forms every time you take them off.


Avoid sleeping in your breast forms to prevent unnecessary damage and/or discomfort.


Final Words


transgender and drag queens 


As crossdressers, breast forms are invaluable when it comes to achieving a realistic and attractive feminine silhouette.


These sleeveless and round-neck products are very versatile.


They can be worn under a sexy dress or even a bathing suit. Furthermore, these breast forms are easy to wear thanks to their unique design.


As one of the top manufacturers and retailers in this market, Roanyer (my personal favorite) offers a wide selection of sleeveless and round-neck breast forms.


Looking to add some sizzle to your look? Be sure to give the above suggestions some consideration.

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