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The Best Penis Prosthetic for FTM Crossdressers


Achieving a masculine look is a major concern for FTM crossdressers.


We love rocking the physical male look and taking control of our bedroom matters.


Thanks to penis prostheses, they incredibly affirm us and boost our confidence.




Though you’ll find many penis prostheses for FTM crossdressers on the market, not all are great.


Still, it can be high quality and suit your budget, but it is not ideal.


This calls for the question: how do I choose the perfect penis prosthesis?


Don’t worry. Continue reading for enlightenment.


You’ll also have insight into some of the best penis prostheses on the market today and how to take care of them.



How to Choose the Best Penis Prosthesis






It’s the most essential feature to look for.


We love wearing penis prostheses with a realistic look and function.


If it does not feel and appear like a real penis, it does not qualify.


From the texture to the feel, it should fulfill intimate requirements.


In addition to giving you that bulge in your groin area, it should also give your back area a masculine touch.


Consider a penis prosthesis that will streamline your appearance, making you look natural.


In return, you’ll feel masculine and sexy, boosting your ego and personality.


Penis Size




Like everybody else, we, the FTM crossdressers, have different tastes and preferences.


You may prefer a prosthesis with a small, medium, or large penis based on your body type.


I derive much satisfaction and feel more masculine and confident using a larger penis prosthesis.


If you’re the type that’s sensitive to your body parts’ proportions, you should consider your body size.


A small or medium-sized penis prosthesis will work great for your small body.


Consider a large-sized penis prosthesis for your large body size.


Whichever size you rock, the penis size of the prosthesis you choose should match your body and preference.






Remember, the goal of wearing a penis prosthesis for us FTM crossdressers is to achieve a more masculine look.


Your design should bring out your desired masculine structure in your lower body.


Therefore, keep in mind the penis you require. Should it be long or short, fat or thin, and large or small?


How should the balls look?


Their sizes?


Should the prosthesis adjust your buttocks and belly area to a more masculine shape?


The answers to these questions will help you choose a penis prosthesis that is ideal for you.


Easy to Use




A penis prosthesis shouldn’t be rock science to use. Keep away from those with complicated dressing procedures.


The best penis prosthesis should be a walk in the park to put on and remove.


The material used in their making plays an important role in their usability.


Those made with highly stretchable materials like silicone are the easiest to wear and take off. Plus, the quality is top-notch.




Buy Now!


Penis prostheses come at different prices.


The cost may differ based on some factors, such as added features, material used, and design.


A product made using a high-quality material like silicone will cost more than a penis prosthesis designed with a low-quality material.


Still, penis prostheses with added features will cost more because they enhance their usability.


Fortunately, you won’t feel the pinch because of the added value.


If out of cash, you can opt for a penis prosthesis without the added features.


It will cost less. But be keen to choose the one that will boost your masculinity even without the extra features.




Get Now!


Remember, you’re trying to achieve a natural masculine look.


Therefore, your penis prosthesis should match your skin color and texture!


Though you can now choose a penis prosthesis that suits you, it may be tricky to know the best brand.


That’s why I have researched and compiled the following reviews to help you:


Examples of the Best Penis Prothesis


Dildo Pant for Women-Enhanced Length


Putting it on and removing it is like ABC.


Thanks to the high-quality, stretching silicone material used in its making.


Its amazing stretching ability makes it very comfortable while conforming and adjusting your body to a more masculine shape.


The softness of the dildo is like the natural one.


It’s also erected firmly, easily arousing your sexual desires.


It’s the kind to enjoy value for your money because it doesn’t deform.


What stuns more is its natural-like belly button.


No one can know it’s fake!




You can rock this product despite your body type and size.


Finding a 1cm difference is okay since the measurements were taken manually.


If you love the blow job, you’ll enjoy the penis.


It looks natural, with realistic blood vessels.


Its enhanced size will leave a visible impression around your groin area.


Still, its plump hip will lift your buttocks, making you look more masculine.


Best Penis Prosthesis 


You have a choice to pick from four colors.


They are all shades of brown.


Also, the color may not match what you ordered because they get painted by hand.


But don’t worry, the difference is small.


If you’ll be willing to part with a few more dollars, you can order pubic hair to enjoy a more mature feel and touch.




Highly elastic-quality material

● Soft touch

● Anti-deformation

● Highly stretchable material

● Real-like belly button

● Four different colors

● Enlarged penis


Silicone Dildo Pant for Man




It suits a large-sized body like mine and features a natural silicone color.


If your skin does not blend well with this, you can opt for the ivory complexion.


Unfortunately, these are the colors available.


But you’ll love its natural look. You cannot differentiate between the real and fake belly buttons.


Plus, the product stretches superbly to conform to your body shape.


It also comes in an incredibly well-curved shape that lifts your behind to create a more masculine look.


What’s more amazing is that this penis prosthesis remains in shape no matter the time or usage.


This makes it worth your money.


More so, the dildo looks and feels real.


It’s soft, firm, and large enough to excite blow-job lovers.


Plus, it has real-like blood veins.


If pubic hair is your thing, you’ll only add a few dollars to install them.




● Lasts for an extended period

● Incredibly elastic

● Remains in shape

● Realistically soft

● Suits large-sized crossdressers

● Naturally looking firm dildo

● Ivory and natural silicone colors

● Curved body shape

● Natural-like belly button


Dildo Pant for Women-Enhanced Thickness




It’s the penis prosthesis to consider if you want to enhance your masculinity in one minute!


The product resembles a real penis in so many ways.


It has real-like blood vessels and is soft to the touch.


And in its erect state, you won’t know the difference.


The combination of its plump hip and incredibly stretchable features makes the masculine transformation around your private and behind area seamless.


Its real-like belly button adds to the equation.


Also, it wears and comes out easily.




Whether you choose natural silicone or Caucasian color, this firm, hard penis will leave a masculine bulge on your private area.


It also remains in shape even after using it for a prolonged period.


The manufacturer allows you to spice up your masculinity by ordering pubic hair.


But it’s at an extra cost.


It doesn’t matter your body size or type; you can rock this penis prosthesis.


And since it’s handmade, quality is maintained.


But the hand painting may change the color slightly.




● Soft touch

● Enhanced thickness

● Highly stretchable

● Natural-like large cock

● A curved body and plump hip

● Natural silicone and Caucasian color

● Handmade


Dildo Pant for Women-Large Size




It’s designed for large-sized FTM crossdressers who do not want to undergo surgery but want to look masculine down there.


The silicon material used in its making is highly stretchable to accommodate any large body shape.


Its plump hip feature will lift your butt to appear more masculine.


The 5.1 inches long and 3.9 inches in circumference penis is soft on the touch.


Still, it is erected firmly and has real-like veins to bring out that natural look and feel.


Besides, the belly button also looks real, giving you a completely natural look.




● Stretch easily

● Ideal for large-sized crossdressers

● Real-like dick

● Natural-like belly button

● Different colors

● Suitable for various body types

● Butt lifting properties


Dildo Pant for Women-Small Size




It’s designed for small-bodied FTM crossdressers who want to look more masculine from their torso to the genitalia area.


Being made from high-quality silicone, this penis prosthesis is super durable and stretchable.


In addition to its natural-like penis and behind-lifting properties, it will adjust your private and behind areas to a more masculine look.


What’s admirable about this product is its texture and color.


It’s soft to the touch and to your skin.


Plus, it resembles your skin. Having been crafted using hands, attention is given to critical areas, giving it an absolute look.


You can also use the 5.5 inches long and 4.1 inches in circumference dick for sexual pleasure.




● Highly stretchable quality material

● Real-like dick

● Natural-like belly button

● Butt-lifting properties

● Long-lasting

● Suitable for small-sized crossdressers


We derive more from our penis prostheses when we take good care of them.


Here’s how?


○ How To Take Care of Your Penis Prosthesis

○ Avoid placing it under direct heat or sunlight

○ Always clean them after use

○ Store them in the correct storage area

○ Avoid chemicals that will deform the material used in its making




Best Penis Prosthesis


As explained above, penis prostheses enhance our masculinity as FTM crossdressers.


They adjust our genital and behind areas to resemble those of men.


Still, we can take on the role we want in bed, making us feel good about ourselves.


But for optimal results and smooth ftm transformation, we should take care of our penis prostheses, as illustrated in this article.

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