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Best Female Characters For Crossdressers To Cosplay As En-femme


Cosplaying is an art very similar to cross-dressing. Some of us become cross-dressers after cosplaying a female character. It’s a common thing nowadays but still requires some courage. But most importantly, you must choose your character wisely. There are many things to consider, and most people don’t know half of them.


Best Female Characters For Cross-dressers To Cosplay As En-femme


Choosing a character to cosplay is not easy, let alone one of the opposite genders. You should make this choice based on various factors to ensure it’s the right one. I’ll talk about it step by step in this article, and give you some excellent character examples. These will be practical tips based on current trends and my experience as a cosplayer and a cross-dresser. If you’re curious, try to read as much as you can!



1. Famous characters


Best Female Characters For Cross-dressers To Cosplay As En-femme


An excellent way to start is by cosplaying trendy or famous characters. These may vary according to the time, but the general idea is the same. Whenever there is a new popular movie or series, you’re likely to see people cosplaying such characters. It happens more often in anime or pop culture conventions such as the comic con. They also tend to become popular Halloween costumes and a relevant part of pop culture. Because of that, it’s easy to justify or come up with excuses for cosplaying a famous character, regardless of gender. I managed to do that a few times before coming out as trans, and people usually thought it was a good idea. This may vary according to where you live and how conservative people around you are.


Best Female Characters For Cross-dressers To Cosplay As En-femme


But the perception I got by interacting with other cross-dressing cosplayers is that no one opposes it. Even transphobes see it simply as something fun to do for a cosplaying event. If you’re looking for inspiration, I recommend you check some modern tropes in pop culture. I think of Harley queen from the DC universe, She-Hulk, and the Scarlet witch from Marvel. But some people may prefer anime characters such as Yor Forger and Marin Kitagawa. These are some handy tips, but feel free to cosplay any famous female character!


2. Characters that wear armor


Best Female Characters For Cross-dressers To Cosplay As En-femme


One of the main concerns of cross-dressers is their body shape. On average, women have an hourglass silhouette, which is difficult to achieve as a cross-dresser. Because of that, I want to recommend you cosplay armored characters. With the ascension of female protagonists in RPGs and fantasy sagas, there’s no shortage of them. I recommend that because armor can be used for two different purposes. Some have an ambiguous shape that helps conceal your body. In that case, your shape will be the one that is characteristic of the character you’re cosplaying. The other scenario is the one with armor that makes your body look more feminine, acting as a kind of shapewear. In either case, you’ll be experiencing a practical way to do things, as it allows you to stay in character and look more feminine simultaneously. It shows how much cosplaying and cross-dressing is interlinked in many degrees. There’s even a neologism for that. “Crosplaying” is a word that mixes these two concepts into a single idea.


Best Female Characters For Cross-dressers To Cosplay As En-femme


Nonetheless, I recommend armor since it provides an alternative to conventional feminization methods. Some great timeless examples would be Samus Aran from Metroid and the Sisters of Battle from Warhammer 40k. You can even dress up as the famous female french knight Jeanne d’Arc. But other great options include Bo-Katan from Star Wars and Brienne of Tarth from “Game of Thrones.”


3. Characters that allow you to be creative


Best Female Characters For Cross-dressers To Cosplay As En-femme


Like cosplaying, cross-dressing exercises our creative process, as it’s also a form of art. This is yet another interaction of both concepts. Dressing up as unique characters put our feminization and crafting skills to the test. We must find a way to replicate their look and outfits. I say that because crafting your stuff is essential to the cosplay culture. Some people even apply it to cross-dressing garments. Besides that, you must remember all the conventional shapewear and makeup. They are still needed for feminization purposes. Still, I’m talking about female characters with complex gadgets or outfits. They require lots of creative thinking. Setting goals for yourself and working towards completing a project is very rewarding, and it’s even better if you can look like a girl by the end of it.


Best Female Characters For Cross-dressers To Cosplay As En-femme


These characters make you think outside of the box and seek practical feminization solutions that you can come up with. If you need some options, consider characters such as VI from league of legends and Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. But if you’re up for a real challenge, try cosplaying Mercy from Overwatch or Mikasa Ackerman from Shigeki no Kyojin. These are some famous examples that you need to be creative to cosplay, let alone crosplay. Still, if you can think of others, feel free to try them!


4. Characters that push your cross-dressing skills to the limit


Best Female Characters For Cross-dressers To Cosplay As En-femme


Looking like a girl is challenging. But cosplaying as certain female characters is even more difficult. Some female characters are hyper-feminine. Even experienced cross-dressers would have a hard time trying to impersonate them. Many have exaggerated hourglass-like silhouettes. Others tend to have a lot of exposed skin. This limits our use of shapewear and pushes our cross-dressing skills to the limit. We must learn new techniques and adapt our skills, making use of a variety of new gadgets. The most helpful, perhaps, would be silicone bodysuits and breastplates. They help us achieve results that would be impossible via conventional techniques.


As for cosplaying this kind of character, these items will come in handy. They allow you to conceal shapewear and give you some really feminine features. Overcoming this kind of challenge can be fun and fulfilling. The experience itself tends to be rewarding. But don’t push yourself too much, as the golden rule of cosplay is to have fun! Many of these characters have unrealistic bodies based on absurd beauty standards. Focus on looking feminine in the same outfit, and accept your own body. People come in all shapes and sizes, which shouldn’t prevent anyone from cosplaying! As for character examples, you can try Quiet from the metal gear franchise and Nami from One Piece. But there are lots of female characters out there that would present a decent challenge for most cross-dressers!


I conclude that cross-dressing is closer to cosplay than many of us think. They are both artistic expressions to a certain degree and require some dedication. The set of skills needed for each of them is very similar to the other and can be practiced similarly. Still, some female characters are easier for us to cosplay, while others are more challenging. The list in this article contains the best examples I could find and some characters that I plan to cosplay in the future. What do you think about it? Any addition to the list would be welcome, so feel free to tell us in the comments!

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