Guide to Wearing the Best Outfit for Transgender Women


To all my fellow transgender women out there, you deserve to always feel fabulous with your clothing choices. Everyone can be so judgmental these days, and I know how challenging it is to find a feminine look, making us feel more confident about our desired gender identity.


Best Outfit for Transgender Women


Because I don’t want you to be experiencing any more fashion problems, I got you! Below is a guide to help you understand how to put together the best outfit for your unique body type and style. This guide includes tips on expressing your style, knowing how to style your hair, applying the right make-up, and more.


Whether you are looking for a casual, everyday look or something more glam for a special occasion, this blog has it all for you. Continue reading to find out more!



◆ Expressing Your Style


The very first step you need to take is knowing your style. Now that you’re identifying as a woman, the looks you desire will be totally different than before, so you must know what you want and what suits you.


1. Understanding Your Body Shape


Best Outfit for Transgender Women


Knowing your body shape helps in which tops and bottoms or dresses match you. Generally, the most common body shape for transgender women is an inverted triangle with broader shoulders and narrower hips. I often wear hip pads to help overcome those narrow hips and make them look rounder, and they certainly work wonders!


Best Outfit for Transgender Women


Also, hormone therapies can aid in making your breasts slightly bigger. And when they are, don’t forget to wear a right-fitting bra to accentuate the shape of your boobs. If you still want them to appear even bigger, I suggest wearing push-up bras or bras with silicone breast forms.


2. Picking Out an Outfit


Now that you know what your body looks like, it’s time to pick an outfit. Stylish feminine outfits can be overwhelming with many kinds, colors, and patterns, but it gets easier once you’re used to them.


● Starting with a Basic Piece


Best Outfit for Transgender Women


A basic piece is everything! It serves as the foundation for your entire look, so it’s nice to start with a clothing piece with a neutral color. From classic a-line skirts, neutral-colored tops to solid black pants – the options are limitless!


Remember that when you wish to wear a skirt, a dress, or a pair of shorts, your legs might have hair. So, it’s best to shave them off to make you look more feminine and feel more confident about who you are.


● Adding a Layer of An Interesting Piece


Best Outfit for Transgender Women


After choosing a neutral basic piece, make your look pop by layering it with an interesting piece. It can be a piece of color, a different texture, or one with multiple patterns. A basic piece combined with an article of interesting clothing will certainly make you look younger, more appealing, and more feminine!


Personally, I love wearing colorful flared jeans with multiple patterns to pair with my basic tank tops! You can also choose other interesting pieces such as tweed skirts, ribbed cropped tops with vibrant colors, and denim that feature small cute drawings on the pockets area to make your look chic and unique.


3. Choosing What Shoes to Match


The right shoes can make your look even more interesting! Women’s shoes come in different styles, and you must carefully choose which pair matches the clothes you wear. Here are two general rules I have learned in choosing the best shoes:


● Always Consider the Occasion


Best Outfit for Transgender Women


If you attend formal events, go with high heels that exude sparkly and shiny vibes. Don’t worry, low-heeled sandals are also available if you are not used to wearing high ones. A bonus tip: if you are wearing open-toed sandals, color your toenails to make you look girlier! On the other hand, casual looks are perfect to pair with doll shoes, flats, or even sneakers.


● Color is Important


 Best Outfit for Transgender Women


Mix and match with different colors, especially when wearing neutral pieces, and trust me, you’ll look even more like a fashionista! However, if your clothes are already vibrant and colorful enough, it’s time to stick with neutral colors or related accent colors to make your look edgier!


4. Adding Accessories


Accessories may be small details, but they can definitely accentuate and improve your overall look! They are also great ways to express your style better, making you feel more confident as a transgender woman!


Generally, accessories come in various forms, including jewelry, belts, scarves, hosiery, and even sunglasses. I suggest going with pieces in proper scale with your body proportions when choosing one.


For instance, when you have a larger body frame, go with bigger accessories to look distinct and stand out. Other tips include:


 Best Outfit for Transgender Women


  • Wear dangly earrings if you want people to appreciate your beautiful face.
  • Show off your wrists and nail-colored hands by wearing bracelets.
  • Avoid chokers or short necklaces if your Adam’s apple can still be distinctly seen.


5. Pairing with a Handbag


 Best Outfit for Transgender Women


To cap off your look, pair it with a handbag. Bags or purses come in various styles and colors, so you must consider the occasion and color. For formal events, clutches or structured handbags are best. On the other hand, go with slouchier handbags made in casual fabric such as canvas, leather, or suede.


Don’t be afraid to try vibrant handbags because they will look unique and more fashionable! If you are wearing neutral pieces, choose the most colorful handbag to make your look pop!


If you want your waist to look smaller, go for bags that end at your waist level. Your hips can look rounder and fuller with handbags ending at your hip level! Ultimately, the decision on the length depends on your body shape.


◆ Styling your Hair


Your hair is one of the first features people will see when you go out, and you must style it properly to match your overall look! If you are still growing your hair, wigs are available for you to choose from.


When I was still transitioning and growing my hair, wigs were my best friends in ensuring I looked as woman-like as I desired to be!


1. Experiment with Hairstyles that Match Your Look


 Best Outfit for Transgender Women


It’s simple and easy to style your hair, and you don’t need a grand hairstyle to look good. Leave your long hair down for a cute look; you can always tie it in a ponytail when it’s too hot or when you’re having a bad hair day.


If you want to elevate your chin-length hair, try curling it using a curling iron. Don’t be afraid to experiment with any length you desire, and don’t hesitate to go with short hair looks, fearing that you’ll look more masculine. Sometimes, having short hair makes you look more sophisticated and stylish.



Aside from deciding the right hair length, try experimenting with up-dos and braids as well. They make your hair look fun and more playful. These hairstyles are easy to do, and you can always check Youtube for tutorials, tips, and tricks!


2. Accessorize with Hair Pieces


 Best Outfit for Transgender Women


If you want your hair straight, there are accessories you can try to elevate your look and make your hairstyles look more stylish! Play with fancy headbands and cute hair clips, especially when your hair is still short, and you’re still conscious about it.


Trust me; having short hair looks great, with or without any hairpiece! I love buying cute hair clips in different patterns and colors because they make me look more womanly!


◆ Applying Make-Up


What’s the purpose of having a complete girly look without applying the right make-up? Wearing make-up is a great way to express your gender identity and be proud of who you are. It’s also a good way to accentuate the best features on your face!


1. Brightening Your Undereyes


Your eyes will be the first one most people will see, so it’s only essential that you apply the right make-up to brighten them, especially your under eyes! A good concealer or highlighter can do the trick, making your eyes pop even before you place your eyelash extensions!


2. Concealing Your Beard Shadow


 Best Outfit for Transgender Women


For us transgender women, it’s normal to have a beard shadow, especially after we shave it. You don’t want that to ruin your make-up look, do you? With this, use a good quality concealer, and hide that beard shadow! Hiding that shadow ensures that your face appears smoother, more flawless, and definitely girlier.



3. Applying Matte Foundation



You may be worried about having different facial textures because of facial hair and hormonal acne, but that’s normal. To hide these blemishes and rough textures, I recommend applying matte foundation to create a more even finish and make your face appear smoother.


4. Contouring while Playing with Shadows


 Best Outfit for Transgender Women


One way to feminize your face is to contour and play with certain shadows. With the right contouring technique, you’ll be amazed as to how your face looks after applying! Another tip that my stylist taught me is to use a darker shade than my normal skin color, creating an illusion of having a higher pair of cheekbones.



You should also try to trace a new line from your ear to the edge of the mouth instead of tracing your natural lines. In this way, your face looks smaller and edgier, creating a more feminine look.


5. Defining Your Lips


 Best Outfit for Transgender Women


Now, you must also know how to apply the right lipstick and lip liner to define your lips, making them look fuller and kissable. I suggest choosing a brighter red color to appear girlier and drawing beyond the outline of your lips with the lip liner so that your lips would appear bigger!



6. Apply Colors to Your Eyes and Cheeks


 Best Outfit for Transgender Women


The best part, and my favorite, is applying pops of colors to my eyes and cheeks to look more creative and show more of my true personality. However, ensure that you’re not adding too much, or you’ll be looking like a clown! I love to put pink blush on my cheeks and nose, creating that “drunk blush” look most women prefer.



◆ Look Your Best and Flaunt Your Style


Being a transgender woman might be challenging, but it’s fun to mix and match outfits and overall looks to find the best style and show off our true identity!


For me, I love wearing patterned jeans paired with neutral pieces because they make me girly and fashionable! Then, I combine my outfit with my hair down and a “drunk blush” look – my go-to when I’m out with my friends!


What about you? How do you show off your style to showcase who you are? Let me know in the comments below!

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