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Coming Out Story of Kris Tyson From Mr. Beast


In Hollywood or the general celebrity world, we see gender dysphoria as nothing new.


In fact, the entertainment industry is known as one of the most gender-diverse industries.


Various celebrities came out as transgender, genderqueer, or agender, meaning they don’t want to associate themselves with any gender.


For example, Caitlyn Jenner came out as trans, and we know Gigi Gorgeous went through a journey of gender exploration to finally come out as a trans woman.




Recently, there has been another famous influencer who has been making headlines for coming out as a trans woman.


The internet took a storm when she posted her picture during HRT, and she is known by the name Kris Tyson.


Personally, I was blown away when I saw her pictures.



Who is Kris Tyson?


Mr. Beast 


Kris Tyson is popularly recognized as the Mr. Beast guy, as she was the co-star of Mr.


Beast’s YouTube channel, which has more than 100 million subscribers.


She was a well-liked personality on Mr. Beast’s channel and used to appear in almost every video.


Tyson, meanwhile, has almost a million followers on his own independent Twitter account.


Early in 2020, Kris came out as bisexual. Kris declared on Twitter in 2023 that he now doesn’t use any pronoun.


Mr. Beast 


Later, Kris Tyson appeared as a guest on Anthony Padilla’s popular series “I spent a day with,” when the former officially came out as a woman.


She also revealed her new pronouns, saying:


I am a woman! She/her. I’ve never said that publicly enough. But I’ve been fully, like, confident in that decision for over a year now.


My idea was to kind of play catch-up with the internet in the way that I discover myself.


Like you were talking about. You know – six, seven, eight months ago, my hair started growing out.


All those kinds of things. I wasn’t quite exactly sure who I was yet, but I knew I was not cisgender.”


Coming Out Story of Kris Tyson




Since Kris Tyson has been prominently featured in MrBeast’s videos, it’s unsurprising that many examples compare her previous appearance to her current one after undergoing hormone replacement therapy.


Before this year, Kris used to present herself as a conventionally perceived male with masculine clothing choices.


As evidenced by her Instagram pictures, she also had a beard. Here are some of her older pictures prior to her gender transition:




It’s not clear exactly when she began expressing herself differently. However, certain changes, such as long hair, became visible in late 2022.


Over the past few months, more noticeable changes have become visible, such as the absence of facial hair, longer hair, and conventionally feminine clothing.


Kris Tyson’s gender transition and changes have naturally attracted a lot of scrutiny and transphobic comments.


For instance, controversial streamer Sneako (who previously worked with MrBeast) pointed out that Kris used to be a lot edgier.


He remarked that she used to joke about gender identity, even recognizing herself as “an attack helicopter.”


Mr. Beast’s Reaction to Kris Tyson




Initially, when Kris came out, he didn’t appear in the initial videos of Mr. Beast’s videos, and Mr.Beast was getting trolled for that.


People were calling Mr. Beast transphobic, and he almost got canceled.


Still, it got up to the point where Mr. Beast had to literally call out people who were spreading misinformation.


In one of his tweets, this is what Mr. Beast said:




“Yeah, this is getting absurd. Kris isn’t my “nightmare.” He’s my friend, and things are fine.


All this transphobia is starting to piss me off.” Kris also received a lot of love from people.


After a point in time, Kris also started appearing in Mr. Beast’s videos, and, honestly, she was looking fab.


OMG, painted nails, slim-fit jeans, cute tops, you are a cutie, Kris.


Kris Tyson Before and After




So I have been a fan of Mr. Beast, and I’ve always liked Kris, before and after, I don’t care.


But before the coming out, Kris was a masculine boy even with his looks; he used to have a beard and wear proper boy clothes like shorts and oversized tees.


Not only that, in the videos, he used to be the hardworking guy, you know, like moving objects, lifting weights, and everything.


I kinda had a crush on him. I still have, ngl.




After coming out, OMG, Kris is such a diva; although he doesn’t do much makeup and glamming, the HRT is really working well for him, and our girl is blossoming.


The one thing I like about Kris is she paints her nails very well, and her color selection is very awesome.


Adding to that, her wardrobe choices mainly have skinny-fit jeans or skirts with feminine tops, crop tops, etc.


She wears beautiful earrings and some bracelets in every video, which complement her girly looks very well.


Not only that, her behavior and body language have also quite changed; you know, now our girl kinda has a feminine flow, soft body language, and posture.


I love the way Kris is getting feminine and embracing her real side.


Kris Tyson’s Response to Online Hate




It was so sad to see Kris getting so much unnecessary hate, and people were just making up stories online, but Kris took it like a true queen, and she kept her calm all through this.


Not only that, the entire team of Mr. Beast protected her from the online hate.


There has also been unwarranted criticism of Tyson’s parenting.


Tyson also felt compelled to defend his decision in a tweet that addressed transphobic discussions surrounding his relationship with his 2-year-old son.




“I won’t let people talk about how I ‘abandoned my child.’ He is the only priority in my life.


I have his love and support, and that is all I need. I’m doing this for him. If that confuses you, educate yourself. If that makes you mad. Leave. Simple.”


Gay lifestyle 


It’s just sad; even to date, you will still find people trolling her, her appearance in the video, saying she looks so masculine.


I mean, for God’s sake, guys, it’s only been 8 months for her on HRT, and she has already come a long way.


Amidst this hate, she is getting immense love from allies and people like you and me. We all are vouching for our girl.


Kris Tyson Outfit Check


Crossdressing Gay lifestyle 


So, as I said, she’s not that glam type of girl and likes to keep things simple and easy yet elegant.


Let’s break down her three looks, which I absolutely adore like I was in awe when I saw her.


Starting with a look that tops my chart: her coming out debut in a black dress. She was looking so beautiful in that dress.


With its deep neckline and the way it hugs her figure? Pure femininity.



Then there’s this outfit that had me doing a double-take because, guess what? I have the same spaghetti-strap frock in bubblegum pink!


It’s my go-to piece for feeling effortlessly chic. Kris wears it with such an air of laid-back luxe that you can tell it’s a piece close to her heart.


Crossdressing Gay lifestyle


And who could overlook her third ensemble? It’s the statement of her classy, feminine personality.


A pink blouse tucked into the perfect pair of pants, along with heels that say, “I’m a woman, and I’m impeccable.”


Her simplicity isn’t just a style choice; it’s a lifestyle.



Final Words


Crossdressing Gay lifestyle


Honestly, it’s disheartening to watch the trolling and hate that Kris has faced, especially in “modern” times when we should celebrate gender diversity.


Kris Tyson’s journey is a powerful testament to resilience.


It represents hope for crossdressing, transgender individuals, and everyone in the LGBTQ+ community, showing that even if the world seems against you when you reveal your true self, things can improve over time.


The important thing is to remain strong and transform any negativity into a radiant feminine glow.

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