Dressing Like Popular Female Celebs as a Crossdresser: A Stylish Guide


Hello, lovely CDs! Are you fascinated by popular female celebrities?


I’m sure you are! As a kid, I secretly danced to Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” in my room.


I was a big fan of Hannah Montana, trying to imitate her in front of the mirror.


crossdresser guide 


As MTF crossdressers, we can learn a lot from these popular female celebrities in our pop culture – their fashion, styling, and the way they carry themselves can be a goldmine of feminine knowledge.


If you’re looking for some female celebs as inspiration for your cross-dressing journey, you’ve come to the right place!


In this blog, I’ll mention nine highly influential female celebs you can dress like and take inspiration from their personality as a crossdresser.


So let’s get started!



9 Female Celebrities To Dress Up As


Marilyn Monroe


MArilyn Monroe 

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Marilyn Monroe.


She was one of the most stylish feminine personalities of her time.


I am sure CDs above 30 know about Marilyn Monroe very well.


Marilyn made a lasting mark on pop culture as a model, actress, and singer, and she is still considered one of the most fashionable and sensual women, all thanks to her personality and style.


I am sure you must have seen her face somewhere on the internet because she is still a very relevant part of pop culture.


If you are looking for a vintage fashion vibe, you can take inspiration from Marilyn Monroe.


Not only in fashion but as a crossdresser, you can also try to adopt her sensual voice, alluring charm, and hypnotic style.


I would say watch her movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” to witness the magic of Marilyn with your own eyes.


Sarah Jessica Parker


Crossdresser guide 


The star of the American sitcom “Sex and the City,” Sarah Jessica Parker, is still a part of fashion conversations.


If you are above 35, you should look into Sarah’s wardrobe for fashion inspiration.


She was flawless and amazingly stylish back then and even now.


Whether it’s her big maxi skirts, beautiful pink dresses, or stylish heels, she has always brought her A-game in fashion.



She is an inspiration for all you fabulous cougar crossdressers reading this.


Kim Kardashian




OMG, here comes my personal favourite, Kim Kardashian.


You are living under a rock if you don’t know Kim.


She is truly an inspiration for everyone enthusiastic about fashion and style.


Kim’s look inspires many crossdressers, and you can be too!


She is the one who made big booties and curvy figures trendy again, all while setting fashion trends worldwide.


If you love Kim’s looks and want to don sexy costumes like her as a crossdresser, you know what to do.


Buy a pair of G cup silicone breast forms and super-strong hip pants from Roanyer to get those curves like Kim.


And don’t forget to check her social media for fashion-related knowledge. Kim is a diva and an inspiration for lots of CDs.




 Dressing Like Popular Female Celebs  


Oh, Mama Beyonce, where do I even begin?


She’s the ultimate Queen, ruling the hearts of absolutely everyone!


With her curvy figure, top-notch fashion sense, and impressive hair, she’s the definition of feminine styling goals.


I mean, seriously, she’s gone from being a sexy music superstar to becoming the epitome of sophistication and elegance.


She has this strong, empowering feminine energy that radiates grace and class.


And let me tell you, as a crossdresser, there’s so much you can learn from her about fashion and embracing feminine beauty with confidence.


Princess Diana


Dressing Like Popular Female Celebs as a Crossdresser 


If you adore royal feminine fashion, look no further than the beloved and world-famous Princess Diana.


It’s undeniable that she’s one of the most fashionable women ever to grace this world.


She was a style icon known for her elegant and classy royal fashion.


And hey, if you happen to be a petite crossdresser who rocks short hair, Princess Diana should be your go-to inspiration!


Lady Gaga


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Lady Gaga, what a multitalented inspiration she is!


She inspires those who embrace femininity and feel empowered to express their true identity, no matter what society says.


She’s a rule-breaker, challenging traditional norms with fashion, music, and political stance.


If you’re a crossdresser who loves rocking hyper-feminine looks like drag queens, Lady Gaga is the perfect muse.


You can learn valuable performing skills from her to boost your career in performing arts as a crossdresser.


Britney Spears


Get now! 


Britney Spears is the ultimate favourite pop star in the LGBTQ community!


I mean, who hasn’t danced to her songs in their childhood?


I still find myself doing that when I’m all alone.


And let’s not forget her iconic sexy schoolgirl look!


We’ve all tried to recreate it behind closed doors – folding the shirt into a crop top, leaving a few buttons open, and sneaking our sister’s school skirts.


Ah, the excitement of those days!


Believe me, that schoolgirl look is still a hit among crossdressers.


Whenever you’re bored while cross-dressed, just play a Britney song and bam!


You’ll instantly feel feminine and fabulous.


It’s like she’s got this magical influence over all of us crossdressers!




madonna crossdress 


Madonna is a star who empowered a whole generation to embrace femininity.


Her impact goes way beyond music, as she became famous for her iconic costumes and styling, making her a huge inspiration for many crossdressers.


She created iconic styles that are still copied today.


And suppose you can successfully adapt her signature style, trust me; in that case, you’ll turn heads and get loads of attention on social media!


Wonder Woman


See now 


Wonder Woman is one of the most popular and feminine characters out there!


As a crossdresser, you’ll love her look because it’s incredibly feminine.


Her style just oozes sexiness, and with her popularity soaring, it’s the perfect time to dress up as a sexy superhero.


Or rock that Wonder Woman look in the next comic con or social media photoshoot.


The costume includes a red leather bodice adorned with a golden eagle paired with a sexy blue leather skirt; all cinched together by a golden belt in the shape of a ‘W’.


This look is the perfect blend of sexiness and elegance, and you’ll look amazing in it!


Benefits of Dressing Up as Female Celebs


Reignite Passion in Cross-dressing


Crossdresser guide 


Even as a seasoned crossdresser, you might hit a point where you run out of fresh fashion ideas and lose interest.


But fear not! Looking up to popular female celebs can reignite that passion for cross-dressing.


They constantly provide new and exciting fashion trends to experiment with, and that’s exactly what you need as a crossdresser.


Elevate Makeup and Feminine Fashion


Dressing Like Popular Female Celebs as a Crossdresser 


Female celebs often showcase advanced levels of fashion and makeup looks since they are always in the public eye.


As a crossdresser, learning from their styles and techniques can elevate your fashion game and make you an expert in all things feminine, including makeup.


More Popularity Online


Dressing Like Popular Female Celebs  


Aim to gain popularity online as a crossdresser?


Copying the signature looks of female celebs can be a fantastic strategy.


Embracing unique and creative styles will make you stand out, and the cross-dressing community will adore you.


Like Violet Chachki, who draws inspiration from vintage feminine fashion, creating your distinctive wardrobe can make you a hit on social media.


Understanding Femininity from Different Perspectives


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Admiring women as a crossdresser can be a transformative experience.


It offers a unique perspective, allowing you to embrace womanhood from a feminine standpoint.


You’ll learn to carry yourself gracefully, behave in public, master feminine body language, and refine your speech.


It’s a journey towards perfection in femininity, and drawing inspiration from female celebs can be a significant catalyst in this process.






Getting inspired by strong and beautiful feminine celebs can tremendously impact your crossdressing journey.


Dressing up as popular female celebs can empower you as a male-to-female crossdresser and help you embrace your femininity.


By taking cues from these amazing women, you can elevate your fashion sense, improve your feminine behaviour and body language, and ultimately become more girly and feminine.


It’s a beautiful process of self-expression and self-discovery.


Now, I’d love to see your cute femme looks as your favourite celeb or superhero!


Share them with us, and let’s slay together!


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