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Fashion Faux Pas: Easy Ways to Avoiding Outfit Mistakes as a Crossdresser





Won’t it be great if you can save some time by knowing how to prevent the common fashion faux pas?


Picking the appropriate outfit for getting out as a crossdresser can be so much fun.


This article offers you valuable, practical, and easy-to-implement solutions.


What’s more, these tips are tailored not just to help you fit in.


They also make you confident on the runway of life.



A Bit About Crossdressing Fashion




We all think about what we wear before stepping outside the house.


When you’re a crossdresser, this only becomes more evident.


After all, there are many things you have to think about and double-check.


Why – you may ask – is crossdressing a different ballgame altogether when it comes to daily wear?


Think back to a time when you spotted a piece of clothing that you really, really liked.


It has the sparkle, the draping – you just know it’s something that you should get your hands on.


But then you doubt if it’ll even fit you. So you just give up. It doesn’t feel good to have that sinking feeling, yes?


To give up even before you try it on?




The uniqueness of crossdressing fashion lies in just that.


It requires knowledge and understanding of femme and masc wardrobes.


When we’re dressing as a different gender, we’re creating an illusion.


This ability to mimic the body of the opposite sex is a crossdresser’s goal.


Crossdressers are artists. The canvas? Your clothes. You paint femininity with your own brushes.


Rest easy, though. Crossdressing doesn’t require you to be da Vinci.


With the basic know-how, you can work on mastering the craft, one fabric at a time.


Common Mistakes




Let’s now move on to the heart of the matter – the common pitfalls that you, as a crossdresser, often encounter.


Many have faced these issues before, with thumbs twiddling, trying to figure out just what went wrong.


Unflattering Cuts


It’s impossible to stress this enough: it’s crucial to pick clothing that complements your body shape.


There are general body shapes, true, but you must focus on your unique shape.


Just think of it – you might be drawn to a bodycon dress that looked fabulous on a celebrity you follow on your feed.


Then you try it on and you’re hit with the reality. Not because you have an ugly shape, no.


It’s because it’s not flattering for your body shape.


Always note that what works for others may not work for you. This is also true vice versa.




Tricky Sizes


For sure, you’ve seen your share of crossdressers in fits that are either too loose or too tight.


There’s this assumption that you need to wear a smaller size to make you look slimmer.


Meanwhile, larger sizes will hide any flaws.


At times, these are true – but wearing the wrong size can also distort your proportions.


Outfits then will look less polished. At worst, lazy.


Just Whatever Accessories


Another frequent slip-up?


Not really minding the importance of suitable accessories.


Often, we see people who just put on whatever accessories they have, without thinking twice about how it’ll affect their fit.


In reality, accessories can make or break an ensemble.


Here’s the golden rule: accessories should complement what you wear – not compete with it.


Easy Ways to Avoid or Fix Them




After discovering the common no-nos, it would be cruel to not reveal the solutions.


As the Romans say, amat victoria curam — victory loves preparation.


Nothing can defeat you when you’re ready for whatever you might encounter.


Understand Your Body Type


When you’re a crossdresser, the foundation of a great presentation is knowing how your body works.


When you know what fits your body type, it’ll be easier to dress right.


There are specific types that flatter your type the most. Invest the time in grasping your body type’s style.


Experiment and see what complements you the best.


Choose the Right Undergarments


What you wear under your clothes is the secret to whatever shape you want to have.


Sure, the best thing you can do is to exercise and eat well to achieve your dream body – but in the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with taking full advantage of body shapers and corsets.


Choose garments that support your final look.


They should also fit properly so you don’t sacrifice being comfortable.


Shape-wears are a game-changer for a sleek silhouette.




Mind the Size


As we previously discussed, picking clothes that are in your size is necessary.


Too tight and you might look like a sausage. Too loose and you might look like a sack.


You throw money at clothes that’ll make you feel and look like a pretty femme – you owe it to yourself to pick ones that will help you achieve this endeavor.


The right size will flatter your body.


It will boost your self-esteem. It will elevate your style quotient.


Balance Colors and Patterns


If you’re after the petiteness of a femme, then you need to know how to balance your colors and patterns.


Aside from black, darker shades work well too. Add some brown, dark blue, and purple for a slimming illusion.


If you’re on the slim side and want to appear to have a bosom and a butt – go for lighter colors.


White and khaki are good picks. A tip to remember is that bright colors draw attention to the area the fabric sticks on.


For instance – Got a big belly?


Don’t wear a bright top then.


If you want to appear shorter, mix a light top with dark pants.


When it comes to patterns though, it’s best to not wear a continuous patterned theme.


(Flowered-printed blouse should not be paired with flower-printed slacks.)


Vertical lines may also appear as squiggles when you’re on the curvy side.




Accessorize Right


Rule of thumb: Simple outfit? Go for statement accessories. In contrast, elaborate fits require dainty accessories.


For curvy ones, go for medium accessories. Doing so will make you look more proportionate.


Think wide belts, medium-sized handbags, and big bracelets. For shoes, start with three-inch heels.


They will fix your posture and make you look more balanced.


Short divas should also pick pointy shoes to elongate their bodies.


Wear Confidence


What’s the most important thing to wear as a crossdresser? It’s confidence.


It won’t matter if you wear the most flattering, most expensive fit out there when you’re not feeling it.


You can wear the most unflattering, cheapest ensemble and it’ll still work if you carry yourself with pride and confidence.


Seek Feedback


Another important tip is to ask for feedback. You can prepare your fits and try them on before any occasion.


Use this chance to take a pic of yourself and ask your friends what they think about it.


You’ll need an objective, external perspective to see areas you need to improve on.


At the same time, receiving positive feedback can give you the confidence boost you seek.


Must-Have Crossdresser Essentials


There are many things you should consider when you’re a crossdresser. But what should you invest in first?




Body Shapers: These ones are the absolute lifesavers.


Body shapers (corsets, body-slimming undergarments, etc.) create a more feminine silhouette.


They intensify your curve lines, making your curves pop off where you want them most.




Accessories: We’ve already talked a bit about not going overboard with accessories.


But this doesn’t mean you should be afraid to experiment.


If you can, invest in luxury accessories with the right sparkle and glam.


You can also opt to search second-hand stores for treasured finds.


sissy clothes


Footwear: Shoes can be tricky – not just for crossdressers but for everyone.


For best results, try them first in-store. Then, you can order online.


And don’t forget to practice walking in them too.


You wouldn’t want to look like a newly born calf, right?


Try to strike that sweet balance between style and comfort.


sissy clothes 


Wigs and Hair Extensions: Looking for an easy (and fast) way to change up your look?


Then grab yourself some wigs or hair extensions.


Go for a chic bob or some flowing locks, ebony black or rainbow-colored – the choice is yours.


sissy clothes 


Makeup: Never underestimate the power of good makeup!


Invest in yourself learning the basics and in picking the right kits.


They highlight your best assets and hide any flaws!




sissy clothes 


As a crossdresser, fashion is one of your most important platforms.


It breeds your creativity and on it, you can show off your distinct style.


You can channel the real you and let your personality flow.


Here’s a reminder though: Fashion, for crossdressers, is not just about what you look.


More so, it’s about learning more about yourself.


The way you dress should, at least, make you feel confident and comfortable.


There’s no way to be invincible to all fashion faux pas – but you can handle them with ease.


While tips and tricks are helpful, at the end of the day, it’s about embracing your individuality.


Go forth and create a style that’s uniquely yours!


FAQs – Fashion Faux Pas:


sissy clothes


What are some common fashion mistakes made by crossdressers?


Dressing too much and inappropriate for an occasion! As a crossdresser, your goal is to blend in easily.


Do proper research and dress up based on your age and the event. It’s important to focus on a good, suitable fit.


How can crossdressers choose the right clothing size?


Know your measurements like the back of your hand.


Then, understand how women’s clothing (sizes, fits, etc.) works.


Be wary that they may differ from men’s unless the clothing line is an androgynous brand.


If possible, always try on clothing to see if they are flattering.


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