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Identifying If Crossdressing Is an Addiction for You


Wondering if your love for crossdressing is reaching unhealthy levels?


Have trouble socializing with others and prefer staying at your place so you can explore your fantasies?


Crossdressing is such an exhilarating activity that can be the source of a newfound obsession.


And like any other thing in this world, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.


Identifying If Crossdressing Is an Addiction for You


Because crossdressing is an activity mostly done in private and produces a lot of pleasure, it can become an unhealthy addiction.


That’s why in this article we are going to examine the whys and hows you can identify and start dealing with it.


Join me and let’s analyze together this great concern for many crossdressers around the world!



What Does an Addiction Imply?


Identifying If Crossdressing Is an Addiction for You


Having an addiction means not having control over one’s actions in relation to the subject that triggers it.


The number of addicted individuals in the world is far higher today than it was in past years, whether people realize it or not.


Anxiety is also ever more present in our daily life, making it easier for those who suffer to develop an obsessive-compulsive disorder (or OCD).


This situation can present itself, especially if you are having doubts about your identity or gender.


Because crossdressing causes a very strong emotional response, feelings can get you confused and lost.


Asking yourself all these questions is perfectly fine, like asking for help if you think you are in over your head.


But reaching a point where you don’t have control over your actions is a very dangerous place to be.


Why Crossdressing Is the Perfect Suspect?


Identifying If Crossdressing Is an Addiction for You


As I mentioned in the intro, crossdressing triggers powerful psychological sensations that may make it look like the answer to all your problems.


And because it is commonly done in secret, it shares a lot of aspects with drug addiction.


If you find yourself spending endless hours exploring your fantasies on your own and it’s causing you trouble functioning normally, it’s time to pull the brakes. Sit down, breathe in, relax, breathe out.


Identifying If Crossdressing Is an Addiction for You


It is imperative you identify what you are looking for when you put your clothes on.


Whether it is something sexual you do for fun, a moment when you feel comfortable with yourself, or combination of both, or something completely different.


Many come to realize later in life that crossdressing helped them realize they were trans all along.


Don’t be afraid to explore your thoughts and feelings! They won’t go away if you simply ignore them!


The Depths of Crossdressing


Identifying If Crossdressing Is an Addiction for You


A quick search on any browser is enough to find thousands of posts asking if it is possible to crossdress.


Though I’m not an expert by any means, crossdressing is deeply rooted in ourselves.


The vast majority of crossdressers, including myself, experience their first desires for femininity at an early age.


Due to the biased gender ideology that has ruled the world for many years, and still seems to do, biological males are conditioned to hide their feminine side.


Thanks to bad publicity, crossdressing has quite a bad reputation, which aggravates the previously mentioned consequences.


It is not healthy to repress any feeling. Most, if not all, crossdressers have a feminine personality.


And because sensitivity is a trait often associated with femininity, this often means that we tend to feel emotions very strongly.


Be this for better or for worse, it is the card dealt and we must do the best out of it.


Giving Your First Steps on Your Own


Identifying If Crossdressing Is an Addiction for You


There are quite a few things you can start trying while you think about what steps to take next.


Be warned that if you have been having these thoughts for a while, they won’t go away overnight.


The first thing to take the notion of is separating the idea of crossdressing from being something shameful.


Because of the outdated gender ideology that we are accustomed to, our desires of being feminine are constantly clashing against the guilt produced by being a nonconformist.


It can be a hard process to undertake on your own, so don’t have to fear consulting a psychologist that specializes in gender issues.


If you don’t know where to start looking for one, I wrote this other article in which you will find a community ready to tackle all of your concerns.


Be sure to check it out!


Getting On with Your Life


Identifying If Crossdressing Is an Addiction for You


Every member of the crossdressing community is unique and beautiful in its own way.


And the reasons why each of us crossdresses are a mere reflection of our uniqueness.


The main point of this article is to help every reader out there identify the reasons why they crossdress and remind them to have an eye out to identify dangerous behaviors.


If you think this is getting out of your control, get in touch with any of the centers listed in the previous link.


You will find the information you need there to help you get in touch with a specialist in your area.


You are worth it. Time to break out of any vicious circle that is destroying your productivity and provoking mental burnouts!


You can do it and will be able to explore femininity healthily!


Identifying If Crossdressing Is an Addiction for You


That’s all for today, gals!


I hope this little post has helped you identify whether crossdressing is becoming an obsession or getting in the way of your daily life.


Whether coming out as a crossdresser, transitioning, or finding a disciplined way to enjoy your femme time, it is a decision that’s up to you.


Don’t hush too much and take the time you need.


Remember to consult professionals if you can’t figure it out on your own!


I really hope you are all doing great and that you keep it like this! Take good care!


Written by Tina Munova.

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  1. I love putting lingerie on my body, been at it since I was very young. In Kindergarden I saw a girl wearing white panties with the lace ruffles across the back, I was mesmorized and aroused….
    Dressing up feels normal to me, I hope all who seek peace with this issue find it.
    Rock on Girlfriends!

  2. My stepmother was a beautiful woman..when she dressed and undressed I would make sure I was with her just as often as possible when younger, and I know she enjoyed the admiration ..only when I was twelve did she decide to be discreet and cut back on some of the more luscious moments..especially the stockings being slowly rolled up the long shapely legs while she leant over with often only a thin light blue camisole top covering her gorgeous heavy breasts, while she smiled at me as if to say Are you liking what you see!

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