Mtf Hair Growth: Tips for Full Feminine Hair

03/05/2023 BY Humphrey

Do you ever dream of long, luscious locks like those seen in movies and on Instagram models? For MTF crossdressers who feel their hair doesn’t quite measure up, it can be frustrating even to imagine achieving that look. But there is hope – with the right techniques, you can work towards having full feminine hair regardless of your starting point or current constraints.


Roanyer Blog - Mtf Hair Growth: Tips for Full Feminine Hair


In this blog post, I will provide expert tips on how MTF crossdressers can encourage natural hair growth with hairstyle changes, nutritional approaches, and other lifestyle habits. Let me show you how!



Start with a healthy diet


Mtf Hair Growth: Tips for Full Feminine Hair


A healthy diet is vital for fantastic hair growth, especially for us as MTF crossdressers. A balanced diet with plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals will help keep your locks looking luscious. Eating foods loaded with Vitamin C, iron, and zinc will help nourish your hair and make it look as fabulous as ever.


My diet comprises oats, almonds, eggs, fish, fruits, and vegetables. For extra protein, I take a whey protein supplement. These foods ensure I get the nutrients I need for healthy hair growth.


You can consult your hair specialist for more specific advice on what your diet should look like.


Manage Stress


Mtf Hair Growth: Tips for Full Feminine Hair 


As an MTF crossdresser, stress can considerably impact how quickly your hair grows. This is because stress hormones can damage the scalp and slow hair growth, so managing your stress levels as much as possible is essential.


Some great ways to manage stress include regular exercise, yoga, deep breathing exercises, and spending time in nature or with friends. All these things will help reduce stress levels and create an environment for your hair to thrive.


Use natural oils


Mtf Hair Growth: Tips for Full Feminine Hair


Natural oils are a great way to nourish your scalp and promote healthy hair growth as an MTF crossdresser. Coconut oil and avocado oil are popular for MTF hair growth. Simply massage the desired amount of oil into your scalp before you go to bed, allowing it to be adequately absorbed overnight.


Also, avoid using harsh chemicals and styling products on your hair, as these can damage it. Instead, opt for natural products, such as natural shampoos and conditioners.


Massage your scalp regularly


Mtf Hair Growth: Tips for Full Feminine Hair


As an MTF crossdresser, how often do you massage your scalp? Massaging your scalp is a boundless way to stimulate blood flow and promote hair growth. You must rub your fingertips in circular motions around your scalp for a few minutes each day. Not only will this help increase blood flow to the area, but it is also incredibly relaxing!


I love to massage my scalp with essential oils such as lavender or rosemary. They are incredibly soothing, and the smell makes me feel relaxed.


Get your hair trimmed regularly


Mtf Hair Growth: Tips for Full Feminine Hair


Regular trims will keep your hair healthy and ensure it grows out evenly. Make sure to get a trim every 6-8 weeks, and avoid over-styling your hair to keep it looking its best.


Trimming is a good way of taking care of your hair because;


Mtf Hair Growth: Tips for Full Feminine Hair


  1. It removes split ends, which can damage your hair if left unattended. The split ends can further breakage and prevent your hair from growing.


  1. Trimming helps eliminate any build-up on the scalp, which can clog up the follicles and inhibit hair growth.


  1. It helps maintain uniformity in length, giving you a polished look that is easier to style. If you prefer to keep your hair long, regular trims will help ensure it remains healthy and strong.


When selecting a hairdresser, choose a professional who is experienced in cutting MTF hair. This will ensure that your hair is treated with respect and looks its best!


Use a quality shampoo and conditioner


Mtf Hair Growth: Tips for Full Feminine Hair


Using quality shampoo and conditioner is essential for healthy hair growth. Select products specifically designed for your hair type, as these will more effectively nourish the scalp and stimulate hair growth.


Look for shampoos free of sulfates and parabens, as these chemicals can damage your hair. Also, look for products rich in proteins and vitamins to help keep your hair healthy and strong.


Get enough sleep


Mtf Hair Growth: Tips for Full Feminine Hair


Sleep is another essential factor when it comes to healthy hair growth. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night, as this will help to reduce stress levels and provide your hair with the nourishment it needs.


Also, ensure enough vitamin D each day – a lack of this essential nutrient can cause hair loss. So go out in the sunshine whenever you can!


Avoid using heat styling tools


Get now!


Heat styling tools can cause harm to your hair, so it’s best to avoid using them whenever possible. If you need the heat on your hair, try not to exceed a temperature of 240 degrees Celsius and always apply a heat protection spray beforehand.


I prefer styles that don’t require heat, such as air-dried waves or an updo. These are easy to create and look great without any additional heat styling!


Occasionally, I also wear wigs. Wearing a wig is an excellent way to give your hair a break from constant styling, and it can also add length or body to your hair.


Try natural remedies


 Full Feminine Hair


Have you ever tried natural remedies to help promote hair growth? Some of my favorites include using aloe vera gel as a leave-in conditioner or massaging coconut oil into your scalp.


These natural treatments can work wonders for your hair, so why not try them? You may be pleasantly surprised!


Consider a new hairstyle


 Full Feminine Hair


Sometimes, our hair is already growing; we just don’t realize it! If you want to accelerate your hair growth, ask your stylist for a new style that will help show off the length and volume of your mane. You can also use extensions or wigs to add instant thickness.


I like being playful with my hair and have found that opting for a shorter style (think a pixie cut) was the best way to show off my hair’s natural growth pattern. It also broke the monotony of having the same style daily.


Experimenting with hair is always an excellent option for MTF crossdressers who want to maintain a fresh, feminine look.


Avoid water all the time


 Full Feminine Hair


This is one of the most controversial subjects in the hair world, but I firmly believe that water is not always your friend regarding hair growth. When you shampoo your hair, water strips away the natural oils that help to keep your scalp and strands healthy.


If you can, try to avoid washing your hair every day. Instead, opt for dry shampoo or co-washing (cleansing with conditioner) to keep your hair looking and feeling great.


Invest in MTF hair growth products


Mtf Hair Growth: Tips for Full Feminine Hair


Finally, several products on the market are explicitly designed for MTF hair growth. Many of these products contain natural ingredients like biotin and zinc, which can help promote healthier, faster-growing hair.


These treatments can be smeared directly to the scalp or used in conjunction with other styling techniques. Whichever route you take, it’s essential to use products designed explicitly for MTF hair growth, as they generally contain the most effective ingredients.


Healthy hair is something that we should all strive for. By following these simple tips and using natural remedies, you can help to promote healthy hair growth and achieve the style you desire.





Full Feminine Hair 


Following these tips will result in fuller, more feminine hair that will add to your crossdressing experience and make you look and feel great! Just remember to be patient, as growing out your hair takes time. But it’ll be worth the wait when you see how fabulous you look with a head full of gorgeous locks! Enjoy.

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