Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


Glamorous sissies, are you ready to unleash the ultimate pleasure? The thrill of a sissygasm is like nothing else, a full-body experience achieved through the tantalizing stimulation of the prostate. It’s time to take your sissy play to new heights and reach the peak of ecstasy.


Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


From prepping your body and mind to finding the perfect toy and position, these simple steps will guide you on the journey to sissygasm heaven. So, get comfortable, let your hair down, and get ready to surrender to the seductive sensations of embracing your feminine side.


Listen closely as I share the simple steps to achieve this delightful and euphoric experience with you.



10 Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


Avoid Touching


Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


To increase sexual buildup and enhance your sissygasm experience, consider refraining from touching yourself for a week. I know it’s tough for us, but sweetie, the reward for discipline is ultimate pleasure! Try this little tip I learned on my journey as a sissy. I found that refraining from touching myself for a week or so not only built up my desires but also intensified my urge for release. To help control these desires, I started using a chastity cage.


Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


It was a game-changer for me, as it allowed me to focus all my attention on the stimulation from other sources. And let me tell you, the wait was well worth it when I finally let myself go and experienced the most intense, full-body orgasm of my life. So, if you’re looking to take your sissygasm to the next level, consider this hand discipline technique and feel the ultimate pleasure of embracing your feminine side.


Physical Preparation


 Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


As a sissy, taking care of your body is essential to prepare for the ultimate sissygasm experience. This routine includes a luxurious bubble bath and a thorough douching session for ultimate cleanliness. I also like to take care of excess hair to ensure a smooth and silky sensation during playtime. Additionally, exfoliating my skin and moisturizing it with my favorite lotion leaves me feeling refreshed and ready like a lady. Remember, taking care of your body is a crucial step in the journey to a sissygasm, so don’t skimp on the pampering!


Sissygasm Scenario


Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


Set the mood by dressing in your most comfortable and sexiest attire. To set the mood even further, indulge in a face mask, manicure, or even a full-body massage to help you fully embrace your feminine energy. Take the time to do your hair and makeup just how you like it. And, if you have a favorite piece of lingerie, now is the time to break it out.


You can light some candles, play sensual music, drink, or even smoke a joint if that’s your thing. The goal is to feel relaxed and pampered. The more you embody your feminine identity, the more likely you will experience a fabulous orgasm. Remember, it’s all about feeling confident, comfortable, and sexy in your skin. Think of it as the ultimate way to pamper yourself and fully embody your sissy identity.


Go Slow


Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


I know it can be difficult to quiet your mind and let go of distractions, but trust me, it’s all worth it in the end. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let yourself be fully present in the moment. Focus on the sensations and let your body lead the way. I remember one time, I set the mood just right with some seductive lingerie and some sultry music.


Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


I poured myself a glass of wine and applied plenty of lube. As I slowly massaged my p-spot with my favorite toy, I couldn’t help but get lost in the moment. Each thrust became more intense, and before I knew it, I was on the brink of the most explosive orgasm of my life. So, let yourself surrender to the moment and bask in the euphoria of a naughty sissygasm.


Toy Selection


Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


Choose the right toy for you. Think about the different sensations you’d like to experience during play. Do you want a toy that stimulates your prostate and perineum or focuses solely on your prostate? Experiment with different toys and techniques to find what works best for you. And don’t be afraid to get creative with your play. Perhaps, you could even incorporate some fetish elements like ropes or blindfolds to add an extra element of excitement to your experience. Remember, the goal is to feel sexy, and ultimately surrender to pleasure. So, close your eyes, let yourself be fully in the moment, and enjoy the journey to your sissygasms.


Comfortable Position


Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


Finding the right position is key to a successful sissygasm. Try starting on your side, using pillows to support your body, and then explore other positions like cowgirl riding. You want to be comfortable and relaxed and easily access your p-spot.


Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


I remember the first time I tried to achieve a sissygasm. I was nervous but also incredibly excited. As I experimented with different positions, I discovered that being on my side with a pillow propped up behind me was the most comfortable and accessible position. I could easily reach my sweet spot, and the sensation was incredible. As I rode my toy to the ultimate climax, I felt like I was on top of the world. The pillows provided just the right amount of support, allowing me to completely surrender to the moment and let go of all my inhibitions. So, my dear sissies, I encourage you to try different positions and find what works best. After all, the journey to the sissygasm is just as exciting as the destination.


Patience is Key


Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm 


Don’t be discouraged if it takes time to find what works for you. Remember to listen to your body and trust your instincts. Don’t hesitate to communicate with your partner or take breaks if needed. This is all about exploring and finding what feels good for you. And most importantly, don’t put pressure on yourself. Sissygasm is a journey, not a destination, so relax, have fun, and let the sensations take over. Every sissy’s journey to orgasm is unique, and there’s no right or wrong way to get there. So embrace the experience, be kind to yourself, and enjoy the ride. You deserve all the pleasure and bliss of embracing your sissy identity.


P-spot Location


Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


Know exactly where your p-spot is located. It’s approximately two inches inside the rectum, up to the first knuckle of your finger. Being familiar with its location will help you focus on the right stimulation.


I remember feeling excited as I explored my body and found my p-spot. I took my time and let my fingers talk, exploring different pressures and sensations. It was a naughty and thrilling experience that I will never forget.


External Stimulation


Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


Indirect stimulation of your p-spot can be highly effective. Try playing with your taint (the area between your anus and scrotum), rubbing it gently, or lightly scratching or tickling your nipples while stroking your p-spot. This added stimulation can help heighten your arousal and increase the intensity of your orgasm. Another way is to involve your partner in the experience. Have them kiss you, nibble your earlobes, or whisper naughty things as you pleasure yourself. This intimacy can take the experience to another level and add to the overall excitement.


Enjoy the Ride


Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


Lastly, relax and let yourself be carried away on the journey to the elusive sissygasm. Trust yourself, trust the process, and simply enjoy the ride. Don’t be afraid to make noise! Moan, sigh, and let out girly giggles as you explore your sensual side.


The more expressive you are, the more intense your orgasm will be. Follow these steps, my sweetie, and you’ll be on your way to experiencing the ultimate sissygasm. Happy exploring!





Roanyer Blog - Simple Steps to Achieve Sissygasm


Ladies, there you have it! The simple steps to achieve the euphoric world of sissygasm. Remember, every journey is unique and personal, so don’t be afraid to explore and discover what works best for you. The most important thing is to relax, surrender to the moment, and allow yourself to fully embrace your feminine desires. And always remember, darling, to never judge or shame yourself for your sissy desires. Embrace your true self and revel in the blissful experience of sissygasm. So go ahead, my loves, and let your sissy goddess come alive! xoxo.


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