Steps to Becoming a Femboy

03/30/2023 BY Humphrey

Now is the time to start if you’ve been thinking about embracing and honing your femboy style! Whether it’s just a few subtle tweaks or an all-out transformation, we’ve got your back. From skincare regimens to clothing choices to pick the right makeup products and hairstyle, this blog post will provide you with everything you need to know about becoming a confident, stylish femboy.


Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


So take a deep breath – it will be a fun-filled journey driven by self-expression!



What is your reason?


A femboy also spelled femboi, is a male or non-binary individual who expresses themselves with traditionally feminine behaviours. These behaviors may be through the use of jewelry, wearing feminine clothing and makeup, or expressing feminine behavioral qualities. Femboy can be used as both a sexual and non-sexual term; it does not denote a specific sexual orientation or gender role, but instead marks a form of gender variance.


Many individuals are drawn to femboy identity as a means of expressing themselves authentically. They may feel more comfortable and confident presenting themselves in a feminine manner, embracing aspects of both masculinity and femininity.

Some of these reasons are:

Gender Identity Exploration

Aesthetic Appeal

Sense of Community

Sexual Expression

Emotional Comfort

Social and Cultural Influences


Start by wearing clothes that make you feel good


 Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


Finding the right clothes for your femboy look is essential. Aim for garments that fit correctly and show off your curves, or lack thereof. You don’t have to go out and obtain a new wardrobe; incorporate pieces that make you feel comfortable and confident. Mix traditionally masculine items with softer, more feminine pieces for an exciting look. Think fitted t-shirts paired with skirts or dresses and sneakers paired with bright socks – the endless possibilities!


Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


I started by buying a few items I felt comfortable in – a pair of skinny jeans, some collared shirts, and a trench coat. From there, I started experimenting with different silhouettes and textures. Soon I felt more confident in my selected clothes, which made putting together my outfits much easier!


Understanding my body was crucial in finding clothes that looked good on me. I started to look for items that balanced out my proportions and accentuated the parts of my body I felt most confident.


Explore makeup and skincare


Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


Once you’ve sorted your clothing, it’s time to move on to the fun stuff – makeup and skincare!


When it comes to makeup, you can go for a subtle, natural look or a bold statement. Whatever style you choose, ensure that your products are suited to your skin type and tone. Test out different looks, and don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work out as you expected.


It’s also essential to have a good skincare routine. Cleanse your face regularly, use gentle exfoliators, and apply moisturizers and serums tailored to your skin type. Glowing skin will help you look and feel more confident when wearing makeup or going bare-faced!


Experiment with different hairstyles and colors


Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


As a femboy, I soon found that one of the best ways to express my style was through hair. I started by changing my hairstyle, opting for shorter cuts and bright colors. After a few months, I opted to plunge into full-on wig styling!


If you want to go this route, find a wig or toupee that fits comfortably and securely. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you get started – a few YouTube videos later, I was able to perfect my own look!


Experimenting with different colors and styles is a great way to express yourself and can be tailored to suit any occasion. For instance, my go-to look consists of a long, rainbow-colored wig with an undercut.


Find your tribe


Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


The most important thing about becoming a femboy is finding your community. Look for others who have similar interests and styles as you. Maybe there’s an online group for femboys or a local bar with queer-friendly nights. Whatever it is, find the people who make you feel comfortable and supported.


My journey to becoming a femboy was exciting and full of self-discovery and support from those around me. I hope my tips also help you on your path to embracing your true self.


Be self-confident in who you are, no matter what others may say


Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


Self-confidence is critical – you’re in control of how you want to present yourself, and no one can take that away from you. Don’t be discouraged by the occasional negative comments – stay strong and keep showing off your style!


I’m confident in my body and style – I no longer care to hide who I am. If you’re still on your journey, that’s perfectly okay too. There’s no rush – take your time to discover what works for you. No matter where you are on the range, remember to be delighted with who you are and to embrace your femboy identity.


Embrace your femininity and enjoy the journey!


Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


No matter what society tells us, femininity should be celebrated in anyone. If you’re a femboy looking to embrace your inner girl, don’t worry – it can take some time, but with the right attitude and confidence, you’ll soon be strutting the catwalk!


From finding clothes that fit your body shape to experimenting with makeup and hair, there are many ways to express yourself as a femboy. Be confident in who you are, find your tribe for support, and enjoy the journey along the way. There’s no wrong way to embrace femininity – just be yourself!


One way I embrace my femininity is by taking the time to do my makeup and hair – it’s a special moment just for me. So, go ahead and give yourself some pampering. You deserve it! I like looking good, and hair, makeup, and clothing play a significant role. Enjoy the journey of becoming the femboy you’re meant to be, and don’t forget to have fun along the way.


Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


Another way I express my femininity is by being true to myself. I don’t let the opinions of others define me, and neither should you. You are you, and that’s the most beautiful thing in the world. Be brave and express yourself however you choose!


Finally, take care of your skin – it’s the foundation of any beauty look, femboy or otherwise. Invest in good skincare products and make sure to get enough beauty rest. You’ll look and feel amazing in no time!


Invest in feminine perfumes


Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


Last but not least, I always invest in great feminine perfumes. This is an exciting and easy way to show off your femboy style. Choose scents that appeal to you – there are plenty of options!


Femboys don’t have to stick with masculine fragrances; think floral notes, musk, and fruit-inspired fragrances.


Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


I love experimenting with different scents and finding the perfect match for my look. For instance, I recently experimented with a light and airy scent that goes perfectly with my pastel pink wig.


Looking good is all about feeling great in your own skin – so be kind to yourself and enjoy the journey of embracing your femboy identity!


Adjust your voice


Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


Another thing that makes me feel more confident is adjusting my voice. As a femboy, I must be conscious about how I speak and make sure I sound as feminine as possible.


I practice speaking in a higher pitch and using softer words. For example, I might replace ‘cool’ with ‘lovely’ or ‘awesome’ with ‘amazing.’ A few simple changes like this can help me feel more confident and comfortable expressing myself as a femboy.


Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


So, be brave, and don’t be afraid to adjust your voice to feel more confident. Whether it’s a higher pitch, softer words, or even adding an extra touch of femininity to your sentences –do what makes you feel good!


Cross your legs


Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


My last tip for embracing your femboy identity is to learn how to cross your legs. Crossing my legs more femininely helps me feel more confident and stylish.


It’s easy to learn – just sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor, then tuck one foot under the other leg. With practice, it will become a natural movement you do without thought!


Roanyer Blog Steps to Becoming a Femboy


Crossing my legs this way makes me feel more feminine, and I love it. I’m sure you will too! Jerk by practicing in front of the mirror; soon enough, it will become second nature.




Thanks to my femboy style, I’ve found a newfound confidence, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Whether you are just commencing your journey or have been living in your femboy style for a while, embrace yourself and your identity.


Be proud of who you are, take care of your skin, adjust your voice, invest in great fragrances, and learn to cross your legs – these small steps will help you embrace your femboy identity.


Don’t compare yourself to others; remember that you are beautiful and worthy of love.

The femboy community is a fantastic place to find inspiration, support, and acceptance. Welcome to the femboy club!


Stay true to yourself, be kind, and never stop believing in your potential. I believe in you!

Happy femboying!

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  1. Thank-you for the info. Awesome. We are not alone. Maybe ease into it. But
    I don’t want to repress feelings. Thanks for sharing some lantern flashes for your comrades who are trying to keep from being lost. You are positive and a team player. A double hug, double
    air kiss. Love you. Mean it. Thanks.

    1. You’re welcome! It’s always great to know that we’re not alone in our experiences and feelings. Taking things at your own pace and not repressing your true self is important, but it’s also important to make sure you’re comfortable and safe. I’m glad to hear that my advice has been helpful for you and your comrades. Remember to always prioritize self-care and surround yourself with positivity and support. Sending virtual hugs and kisses your way!

  2. When you are here. just listen to this music to make it feel better : Cover by Basement

  3. I have wanted to act more lady like since my 1st gay encounter. Thank you for examples to give this 63yo male the confidence to at least show my lady side. If only part time.

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