Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


There are some days that the weight of the world feels like it’s on our shoulders. No one is safe of having days, even weeks or years with this on their minds. Especially if you don’t abide by society’s so-called standards. It is becoming better in most parts of the globe, but not in all, and there’s a lot to do yet. Nonetheless, you are not alone and you should know that.


Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


Even though the internet is a tricky place, there are a lot of good people struggling with the same feelings as you. And you can find them and be part of a much larger community if you have the necessary precautions. There are plenty of websites that can help you find the support you need online if you can’t anywhere near you. In the following article, I will try to present to you some websites where you can find people that can help and accompany you on a rainy day.


This time of the year may be hard for some but you are not alone. Don’t waste time being unhappy, life’s too short for that. Seek the help and support you need following these simple tips.



1. Trans Lifeline



Trans lifeline is an organization made, run and supported by trans people with the goal to provide support for non-binary/trans/crossdressers people in order to develop a more inclusive world. They offer support through a hotline if you live in the US or Canada, but you can contact them through their website. They are all part of this big community and defend it with passion and love.


 Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


Their goal is to connect everyone in the community to others and resources to thrive as individuals. They also have a program for financial assistance to aid trans and non-binary people with all kinds troubles they might have. This program goes by the name of Microgrants and also offer legal support in case you need it. I recommend that you reach out to them if you are in need of support and don’t know where to find it.





Another website that has an impressive international community is GLAAD. GLAAD is an organization that has been advocating for LGBTQ+ for over 30 years. Accelerating the acceptance of well-deserved rights that were (and still are) denied.


 Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


You can find stories, testimonies and a lot of resources to help you find your place in the world. There you can also share your story for others to accompany in your journey of self discovery.


3. The Trevor Project


 Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


The Trevor Project began as a project upon the realization that came when the movie was finished. The immersion in the production of the film made the directors clash with the reality and the necessity of a heart-thought resources for all the LGTBQ+ community. Although it has begun as a hotline crisis line, it has evolved into so much more. This website provides the young with specialists in the area to satisfy all your inquiries. Note that this foundation specializes in under 25 people. You can easily reach a counselor online on their main page if you need one.


They also function as a support group for friends and allies of anyone in the spectrum. Don’t be shy to contact them or share this information to anyone that thinks that can find it helpful. Among the variety of resources that this foundation provides, you can find educational resources for dealing with the young. Providing them a safe and understanding environment is key for the development of a more inclusive world.

4. Crossport


 Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


Crossport is an organization located in the Cincinnati area, but offers overall support for everyone that feels identified in the LGBTQ+ community. They also provide educational resources and companionship for family members to create an inclusive and supporting environment. They have a strong emphasis on providing information and tools to attend to all kinds of needs from part of the family or teachers. Crossport also has an extensive library that you can consult.

5. Crossdresser Heaven


Crossdresser Heaven is one of the most complete sites regarding this matter. They are a supportive community that welcomes crossdressers from all around the globe. Here you can meet with people that enjoy crossdressing and share their personal experiences. You can find a lot of interesting links, resources, and information on this site. This site also has a forum that lets you interact with other caring members of the group.


 Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


Crossdresser Heaven also provides support and information for crossdressers and partners alike. They also organize meetings that you can attend and rest assured that you won’t have to worry about a thing. There are many tutorials to help you crossdress and make you feel more confident and happy with your looks. In this website you can find a very complete compendium of support groups from all over the world. If you follow this link you will find an extensive list of foundations, organizations and support groups at a global scale.


 Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


In this index you can locate a nearby place that can help you in your journey of self-discovery. To help your social circle understand what you are going through may not be an easy task, but it is sure worth it. Crossdresser Heaven has lots of material and resources on their website for that matter. You don’t have to go through it alone and blind-folded.


On any of these sites, you will come across a wide variety of resources and supportive people.


6. Other Sites that Offer Support


Reddit is a forum-like site where all kinds of communities gather around a very particular theme or not. It is runned by moderators of that particular community to ensure a respectful environment to engage with other people. I’m quite sure that you will be able to find a group that fits your needs. There are groups for everyone in the gender spectrum and their family members like r/crossdressing, r/transsupport or r/mypartneristrans.


 Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


There’s other more private groups that require verification for entering like r/cdsafehaven to ensure admirers and outsiders from entering. A place run by and for crossdressers with many posts of interest. In all of these you can find a lot of testimonies and stories about people in the same or very similar situation as you are.


You will soon realize surfing through these pages that you are not alone and even though you may not be feeling well right now, you can and should be happy. Having people around you that support you is essential for enjoying life at its fullest.



● What Does it Mean to Be a Crossdresser?


 Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


A crossdresser is a person that finds comfort in wearing clothing designed for the opposite gender that was assigned at birth. This doesn’t imply the willingness to go through sexual reassignment surgery. Crossdressing is a form of transgenderism.


● What Do Crossdressers’ Support Groups Offer?


 Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


Support groups for crossdressers/transgender offer many kinds of services as you can see. They range from educational resources to spouse or family tutelage and companionship. Depending on the group, you can find lessons to look better and support from pairs and professionals. Their mission is to help you feel happy about yourself and give you tools to cope when things aren’t looking so bright.


● Why Do Crossdressers Have an Increased Risk of Developing Mental Health Problems?


Even though there’s nothing wrong with crossdressing, not feeling identified with the gender stereotype society expects from you may be very troubling. There’s no need for you to change your tastes or habits but find love and acceptance within yourself.


 Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


Only then you will be able to project that onto your social circle. Finding support will help you with that so you can be happy with yourself and others.  Remember there’s always someone around willing to help find your place in this world.


● A Word of Advice on the Internet


 Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


The web gathers everyone around the world in one very big place. Being that way, you can find all kinds of people while surfing the web. That’s why I can’t recommend enough that you are mindful of the personal information you share on any website. You have to be very careful in case someone is trying to scam you. Beware of any shady sites that charge you anything.  Lastly, as well as in the “real” world, there are some that can’t keep their bullying to themselves. As in a reflecting mirror of society, which it is. But there are also good people on the internet, willing to listen and support you.


 Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


As you can see, the internet brings us all together. With the pros and cons that it brings. With some precautions, you can find an unimaginable amount of support and resources from loving people around the world. You are not alone and never were. You can reach out to seek help from anyone if you have access to the internet. Don’t be shy about your feelings and seek support and help from anywhere.


 Where to Find Support and Help for Crossdressers


Either it’s from your partner, family, friends, professionals or some loving human being on the internet you will find your path. And you will enjoy walking it down. Take very good care of yourself and those around you.


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  1. I started wearing my sisters clothes when I was the age of six I put on a pair of panties and took me three days to get them off is my sister group so did I mostly in the closet now that I’m older considerably it’s hard to get to look I want I need help with my make up at the age of 50

  2. Brandon im the same way. Im from San Jose,Ca. And I been dressing up in girls clothes all my life. And your right its hard to do our make up now at 50yrs old isn’t it. Take it from me Efren Loredo dont give up on crossdressing. The best years are yet to come.

    1. It’s great to see that you have found joy and fulfillment in this aspect of your life, and I hope that others can also find acceptance and happiness in expressing themselves authentically. Best wishes!

  3. Am looking for someone to help me with wearing girls clothes so that I’m presentable in public

  4. I started cross dressing at a very early age, once I started it was full speed ahead. I would take my older sister’s dresses, skirts, tops, heels, makeup, nail polish & perfume & after everyone went to bed, I would get dressed up & go out & walk around our town, I loved having people seeing me & thinking I was a real girl. My dressing progressed to the point where I wanted to have a man make love to me as a woman. When it did happen, I knew I was supposed to be born a girl, I loved being with men. I tried getting married, thinking that would stop my desire to be a girl but with all of my wife’s clothes & makeup, I began being Joanne every single day. My wife hated my dressing up but when she came home from work one day & seen that I had my ears pierced & my eyebrows plucked super thin & arched, she threatened to show all of our family & friends all of my pictures of myself as Joanne. The very next day, my wife caught me kissing a man while I was dressed as Joanne outside the entrance of the local mall, needless to say, she showed everyone my photos & told them that I wanted a sex change & to date men.

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