The Appeal of Impregnation Fantasy

04/02/2023 BY WR3N

Kinks and fetishes are shared among the LGBTQ community. Many of us get used to them through self-discovery, as well as through contact with other people. But the point here is that we all have unique fetishes and ways of exploring them. Yet sometimes, other people may feel attracted to the same thing. Pregnancy is a kink that seems popular nowadays, But why is that?


The Appeal of Impregnation Fantasy


It turns out that it’s a rather appealing fetish since it has some interesting features. It allies our sisters to understand a new aspect of femininity and helps them discover more about themselves. This exploration may also prove beneficial for your relationship and sex life. If you want to learn more about it, this article is for you!



It helps us to rediscover something important


 The Appeal of Impregnation Fantasy


No one is born with a list of defining features. We get to know ourselves better once we start to grow up, and sexuality plays a decisive role in it. That’s why some of us feel afraid of what we don’t understand. Deep inside, we may not even know who we are. Discovering and accepting It takes time and patience, but we must make an effort to start. Fetishes are seen as taboo in many countries, but most of them are harmless and nothing to be ashamed of. And that’s the case with impregnation and breeding fetishes. They help us to rediscover one of the most natural things in life: reproduction.


Every living being is familiar with this concept. But in our society, bearing a child is complicated. There are many social and economic variables for us to worry about. In the end, it pushes us away from such a basic thing in life. Some people believe that this is one of the main reasons pregnancy fetishism is so popular, and some studies support this theory. They say that men start to become attracted to pregnant women because they would be willing to reproduce. This is a psychological side effect of the way we treat sex and parenthood in our society. But it is also proof that no matter how difficult things are for us as a species, nature always tries to come up on top. To quote Dr. Ian Malcon, “Life finds a way”. But as cool as this scientifical explanation sounds, there’s still more to talk about.


It increases our femininity


The Appeal of Impregnation Fantasy 


Fetishes, sexual orientation, and gender identities aren’t limited to biology. Reproduction instincts may cause men to develop pregnancy fetishes. But how does it affect cross-dressers? The whole LGBTQ+ spectrum is an exception when we try to use instincts as a base for anything. But we can find a satisfactory explanation somewhere else. When it comes to MtF cross-dressers, it’s not even complicated. All we have to do is revisit the basic reasons and motivations for cross-dressing.


The Appeal of Impregnation Fantasy


Although we have a lot in common with our sisters, we aren’t the same people. Experiencing femininity is thrilling for us, but we have unique ways of doing it. For some cross-dressers, wearing feminine clothes is enough. Others will try to achieve passability and spend hours perfecting their techniques. But some of us are even more demanding and want to experience all aspects of femininity. And here, once again, I’ll make a nod to society. The traditional conservative role of the woman was to bear children. After centuries of this imposition, being pregnant became a symbol of femininity. As such, some cross-dressers feel they need to incorporate it into their sessions. In addition to all of the mannerisms and accessories, a fake pregnant belly is a common thing for a cross-dresser to own.


Exploration is beneficial


The Appeal of Impregnation Fantasy


It’s impossible to talk about kinks and fetishes without talking about our sex life. In every kind of relationship, we must know how to make things interesting while respecting our partner’s boundaries. And we must all agree that coming out as a cross-dresser is quite a huge step. But things don’t end here. It’s okay if cross-dressing is a fetish for you, but in most cases, there’s even more to discover. And those who cross-dress for other reasons may be yet to discover something that makes them more excited in bed. Nonetheless, this kind of exploration is beneficial. It allows you and your partner to understand what the other likes and dislikes, leading you towards a merrier relationship.


The Appeal of Impregnation Fantasy


This logic is also present in breeding kinks and impregnation fantasies. And it’s all about the risks and the adrenaline. Trying out this fetish is something that plays with our fear of getting someone pregnant or bearing an unexpected child. There’s a lot of pressure on us to be careful and avoid unprotected sex. But some people find it thrilling to “disobey” the norms and risk it anyways. Since doing that may have consequences, I recommend some roleplay to get things running. Pretend to be pregnant to your partner, or ask them to do the opposite. It may turn you on and improve the experience.


When it comes to MtF cross-dressing, we have the advantage of not having a uterus. We can’t get pregnant, but we may still pretend. Talk to your partner and set up a scenario, as it may help them with this fetish. If you’re the one with the breeding kink, you may use a few extra accessories. A fake vagina pant and a silicone belly may help you bring your fantasies to life.


Not everyone is attracted to the same thing


The Appeal of Impregnation Fantasy


Sometimes, kinks and fetishes are simply a matter of preference. I know a lot of cross-dressers with a bunch of different tastes in women. Each one of them is attracted to a different aspect of femininity. As expected, some prefer boobs, while others are more attracted to butts. But there are also a few who prefer feet, elbows, knees, or even lingerie. With that in mind, getting turned on by a belly is far from uncommon. After all, pregnancy is also a symbol of femininity.


As cross-dressers, we try to replicate these aspects so we can look attractive and feminine. Following the same logic, a cross-dresser may focus on replicating their favorite feminine feature. While some will buy silicone breast forms and butt enhancers, others will get a fake pregnancy belly. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you have some specific kink. Our particular tastes and opinions are what make us unique and special.





The Appeal of Impregnation Fantasy


Breeding is a part of the natural circle of life. And we can’t talk about reproduction without sex! With that in mind, having a breeding kink or an impregnation fetish is something far from rare. Biology, society, and our instincts worked together to make it possible. It’s beautiful and intriguing, to say the least. And, of course, as a cross-dresser, you can try it too! We at Roanyer will be glad to help. Do you have a breeding kink? Tell us more about your fantasies in the comments!

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  1. I LOVE your pregnancy tummy. I wear mine regularly. Love to watch people as they smile at me and open doors for me. Shopping at Motherhoodmaternity is so much fun. The girls there think I’m real,y pregnant. They don’t know I’m trans. Love mt baby doll tops and maternity skirts and dresses. I love being knocked up.

    Due soon. Donna

    Guess my boyfriend will have to put another one in me. I hope.

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