The Top 7 Trans Women Personality You Must Know



he Top 7 Trans Women Personality You Must Know


Over the years, I’ve come to learn that there’s no single way of being a trans woman and showing your personality.

I used to think that I had to act fragile and delicate so that people would see me as a woman.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that there are several trans woman personalities that I can adopt.

And as your big sister, I’ll share these with you. In today’s article, we’ll discuss the 7 trans women personalities that you should know.

I’ll give you examples of trans women with these personalities and share tips on how you can embrace these personalities too.

Are you excited yet? Let’s get started.



The Siren Trans Woman


he Top 7 Trans Women Personality You Must Know 


The name siren comes from a famous Greek mythology.

Sirens were creatures that were half woman and half birds.

They were famous for having an enchanting voice that lured sailors.


Not surprisingly, the siren trans woman is powerful, sensual, and seductive.

She has the power to make people turn their heads each time she walks past them.

And they keep following her with their eyes until she is out of sight.


The siren trans woman fully embraces her femininity and finds power in it.

She’s cast aside all masculine traits such as using a deep voice and instead,

she speaks with a soft breathy voice.


he Top 7 Trans Women Personality You Must Know 


A great example of a siren trans woman is the model Valentina Sampaio.

She is sensual, and she’s often seen in sexy bathing suits and tight dresses that show off her beautiful curves.


If you can relate to this trans woman personality or you’d like to embrace it, here’s what I recommend:


  • Learn how to slow down instead of rushing everywhere you go
  • Invest in a good pair of hip pants and swing your hips when you walk
  • Wear red lipstick
  • Take your time to eat a delicious treat and savor every bite
  • Get comfortable exploring your sexuality
  • Don’t be afraid to be the center of attention


The Mysterious Trans Woman


he Top 7 Trans Women Personality You Must Know


The second personality is the mysterious trans woman.

She is considered mysterious because she has mastered the art of letting people in,

without revealing too much about herself.

Most of the time, people can’t tell that she’s trans until she brings it up.


You can even have a conversation with her for hours,

but you’ll still feel like you know nothing about her.

That’s because she leaves people curious about her and they end up thinking of her even when she has left.


he Top 7 Trans Women Personality You Must Know


The mysterious trans woman is introverted and she lives a drama-free life because she prioritizes her inner peace.

When you’re around her, time seems to slow down since she feels like a warm cozy fire.


An example of a mysterious trans woman is the trans artist and writer Juliana Huxtable.

She is famous for her winged eye look and her colorful hair that makes you want to dissect who she is underneath everything


Here’s how you can embrace the mysterious trans woman personality:


  • Practice meditation so that you can be in touch with yourself
  • Spend quality time alone to reflect and journal
  • Be more present
  • Resist the urge to tell people too many details about you, and only open up to those you can trust


The Damsel Trans Woman


he Top 7 Trans Women Personality You Must Know 


Have you ever seen a trans woman and immediately wanted to

help her either carry her groceries or even open the door for her?


This is the damsel trans woman personality.

She portrays herself as a vulnerable (not weak) trans woman who needs help from a masculine man,

like Cinderella who needs her prince.


She’s not afraid to embrace her beauty and she’s very delicate and graceful.

She also has a child-like innocence and a youthful personality that inspires men to protect and take care of her.


he Top 7 Trans Women Personality You Must Know


A perfect example of a damsel trans woman who gives off that princess vibe is the Australian internet personality, Grace Hyland.

If you want to embrace the damsel trans woman personality, here’s what I recommend:


  • Say yes and accept help as often as you can
  • Let other people take care of you
  • Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner child and be as playful as you want your inner child
  • Feel and embrace your emotions fully


The Carefree Trans Woman


he Top 7 Trans Women Personality You Must Know 


The fourth trans woman personality is the carefree trans woman.

Basically, she is warm, happy, cheerful, fun and curious.

The people around her can describe her energy like warm sunshine and she always wears her heart on her sleeves.


When she visits a transgender bar, she’s the life of the party and she can dance all night long.

Most of the time, men are attracted to her because she brings joy and fun into their serious lives.


he Top 7 Trans Women Personality You Must Know


A carefree trans woman doesn’t care so much about meeting society’s expectations,

but she lives in the moment and does exactly what she wants with who she wants.


A great example of a carefree trans woman is the runway model Aj Clementine.

Here’s how you too can embrace this carefree trans woman personality:


  • Practice expressing your thoughts freely without fearing being judged by other people
  • Be spontaneous every once in a while
  • Make time for care-free activities like going to a comedy show
  • Try and find fun things to add to your daily routine like dancing


The Nurturing Trans Woman


the crossdressers today 


Has anyone ever called you the ‘mother hen’ of your friend group?

If that’s ever happened, then you probably have a nurturing trans woman personality.


But let’s get into more details. If you tick most of these boxes, then you have this  trans woman personality:


  • You love children
  • You enjoy cooking for others
  • You feel needed when people rely on you
  • You’re the ‘mom’ of the friend group
  • You make people feel safe
  • You’re gentle and soft but you can be fierce as well.


he Top 7 Trans Women Personality You Must Know 


A great example of a trans woman who has this personality is actress Laverne Cox.

To embrace the nurturing trans woman personality, here’s what you can do:


  • Nurture and comfort others
  • Cook new recipes for your friends and family
  • Take care of a plant or a pet


The Queen B Trans Woman


he Top 7 Trans Women Personality You Must Know 


When we hear the word queen, most of us think of royalty and leadership.

The Queen B trans woman is a natural leader who is not afraid to speak her mind and take charge.

As a trans woman, she doesn’t lead with masculinity and dictatorship but with effortless grace.


Most people can assume she doesn’t have time for a relationship, but she craves this connection.

However, she has high standards and will only settle for a partner who is a leader as well.


Crossdressing sissy


A perfect example of a trans woman with this personality is transgender activist and movie director Janet Mock.

Here’s how you too can embrace the Queen B personality as a trans woman:


  • Don’t be afraid to take charge
  • Walk with confidence and always keep your chin up
  • Volunteer for leadership positions and roles in your community
  • Host events that bring other trans women together to fight for our rights
  • Dress in elegant fabrics like silk and cotton


The Down to Earth Trans Woman




The last personality type is the down-to-earth trans woman.

She always stops to smell the flowers, she loves nature and most of the time, you’ll find her in long flowy floral dresses.

She doesn’t mind being called ‘traditional’ because she’s comfortable in her own skin and at ease with herself.


crossdressing sisters


A great example of a trans celebrity with this personality is the Euphoria actress Hunter Schafer.

Most of the time, she rocks the famous ‘no-makeup makeup look’ where she doesn’t overdo it but only enhances her natural features.


Here’s how you too can embody this graceful down to earth trans woman personality:


  • Spend Time Connecting With Nature:Go outside as much as you can. You can garden, go for a walk or even sit in a park and read a book. During this time, try to avoid scrolling on your phone and just enjoy the scenery
  • Embrace Simplicity:A simple life doesn’t mean that you don’t go after your goals. It just means that you let go of what doesn’t matter and only put your energy into what’s best for you. You can do this by feminizing your closet and decluttering clothes that don’t flatter your body.
  • Practice Gratitude:Take a few minutes each day to journal and be grateful for the simple blessings in your life. This will also help you be more present.


Final Thoughts


That’s it for today, and as I conclude, remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to only one personality type.

Honestly, most trans women fit into at least 2, so feel free to bookmark this article and come back whenever you need it.

So tell me, which of the 7 trans woman personalities do you connect with most?

Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, stay feminine, stay safe. Cheers!

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