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How to make your crossdressing sessions more comfortable

Crossdressers can spend hours preparing themselves with makeup, shapewear and training feminine mannerisms and practicing their voices, all of that only to pursue their dream of looking and feeling like a charming girl or woman. One thing that often comes to mind, however, is that during those sessions of makeup and dressing up, those crossdressers are not always too comfortable, and properly dressing up to resemble a woman can be quite challenging in those circumstances. With that in mind, I wrote this article with the intention of helping other crossdressers to turn their session into a more comfortable experience, so they might complete their transformations without suffering.

1- Room temperature and ventilation

First of all, I want to address the lack of proper ventilation as the main cause of complaints for lots of crossdressers, this being mainly because of the shapewear and/or the silicone breastplates or bodysuits causing them to sweat. Keep in mind that any kind of shapewear and undergarments that you wear are going to make you feel hot and increase your body temperature, so it's important for you to make sure to let your room well ventilated and drink a lot of water. Turning on the air conditioner is great, so you'll be able to dress up in a better temperature and avoid feeling too hot and sweating too much. Drinking water is also great to prevent you from losing too much liquid on hot days or when you plan to go out dressed up as a girl. Water also helps you to train your feminine voice without getting a sore throat from practicing.

2- Dress up in the proper order

If you put on all of your shapewear and clothes before putting on the makeup, you'll have to deal with those things for a longer time, so the recommended is to do your makeup first, so it will be more comfortable. If you are going to use silicone breastplates, masks, bodysuits or anything that could damage your makeup, put them on first, but finish to dress up after your makeup is done. It prevents you from getting tired while you do your makeup, as it's a process that usually takes some time and feminizing your face requires focus and patience. By doing your makeup before putting on your shapewear, you'll be able to pay full attention to your face and on your makeup techniques, focusing as much as possible and achieving better results with more comfort.

3- Posture and illumination

This is valid especially for the process of putting on your makeup, as it might require you to stand still for quite a few minutes, and it can get you tired if you aren't in a comfortable position. This way, you'll barely be able to go out, pose for photos or even finish dressing up. The best workaround is to prepare your workspace properly, so you can be comfortable during the whole process. To do so, try to get a mirror as big as you can fit in the room you use to dress up, and choose a comfortable chair that is high enough to let you see your whole face in the mirror. Illumination is also important, because it allows you to see properly and notice every detail of your face and makeup without the need to make a lot of effort. Avoid at all costs dressing up and doing makeup on the bathroom, because it means that you'll need to stand up and maybe curve yourself to see your reflection properly. Maintaining the right posture is crucial to avoid getting tired and ruining your crossdressing session, so pay attention to those details and you'll be more comfortable. 

4- Take a shower before you start

Taking a shower right before you start your crossdressing session is one of the most helpful tips anyone could ever give you! It helps you to get rid of all the stress and tiredness of your day, preparing yourself to start a new page as your crossdresser persona! You'll be a lot more comfortable if you take a shower before doing makeup and dressing up, and it's also very useful for your skincare routine, as you'll be applying makeup to a clean skin. It's also a good opportunity for you to shave any body or facial hair that could bother you and that would make it harder for you to properly feminize yourself and pass as a woman! Just make sure to blow-dry your hair if you are planning on using a wig, to keep both your scalp and natural hair healthy!

My conclusion is that, the more comfortable you are while you dress up in a crossdressing session, the better your results are going to be, making it a lot easier for you to achieve your desired appearance!

Written by Elise Wren

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