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How to make your waist look smaller when you crossdress?

As you love crossdressing, you would begin to notice the amount of work that goes into dressing sexy and being feminine. A slim waist is an important symbol of feminine beauty, but most of mtf crossdressers have no waist. Creating a slim waist can be a challenge for us, but it can be done. Here are some tips to make your waist look smaller.

#1 Wear a waist cincher

If you're looking to flatten your tummy and carve out your waist, the waist cinchers are an instant solution. They slim the waistline and help people achieve an hourglass figure. For the best results, your waist cinchers should fit like a glove and should not cause any discomfort. Remember to find the right size waist trainer for your body to create the most dramatic and most flattering results. When your waist cincher first arrives, wear it loosely a couple of times for an hour or so before you start increasing the length of wear, but don’t overuse.  


#2 Wear a corset

Wearing a corset helps accentuate your curves and reduces the size of your waist. Corsets have come a long way, and they continue to be stylish and practical well into the 21st century. The combination of tight laces and steel boning create firm compression around the midsection, which can slim your waistline by several inches. Lace-up corsets create a signature “cinch,” resulting in a classic hourglass curve. As an old saying goes, " Going beyond the limit is as bad as falling short." The long-term use of corsets may have some negative effects on a person’s overall health, so control the time of using it.


#3 Put on a belt

Belts, especially if they are wide, can act as waist cinchers if you wear them tight enough. Just not too tight! There's nothing worse than seeing two big bulges of fat being squeezed out the sides of your belt. Belts also define your waist by drawing the eye inward, creating the illusion of having a smaller waistline. Try sticking to black or brown belts since dark colors also make an area look smaller. Try it with any dress, from fit-and-flare styles to free-flowing shifts or sheaths.


#4 Make your hips look wider and bigger

The size of your waist isn't as important as your overall proportions. The bigger your hips, the smaller your waist will appear. Padded panties or hips pads can give you extra curves, and you can also make your hips look bigger by wearing a full skirt. Look for skirts with pleats or gathers around the hips to balance your proportions and make your waist look smaller in comparison.

Transforming the straight lines of a man's body into the graceful curves of a woman is essential to succeeding as a mtf crossdresser. Hope the above several tips can help you get a slimer waist when you crossdress. If you have a beer belly or your waist is larger than your chest, it maybe very difficult to create a defined waist. But please don't be discouraged, we can use some dress skills to hide fat under clothes.

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