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Penis Prosthesis
The Roanyer penis prosthesis is a flexible and anatomically accurate item that can create a masculine bulge in your pants and help you feel more like a man in intimate moments.

Penis Prosthesis

-If you want to feel like a man in your intimate moments, or just want that masculine bulge in your pants, try a Roanyer penis prosthesis.

-They are anatomically accurate and flexible, allowing you to take on the role you want in bed!

Silicone Dildo Pant for ManSilicone Dildo Pant for Man

Silicone Dildo Pant for Man

$231.15 $335.00 Sales: 94

Dildo Pant for Women-Enhanced ThicknessDildo Pant for Women-Enhanced Thickness

Dildo Pant for Women-Enhanced Thickness

$238.00 $340.00 Sales: 45

Dildo Pant for Women-Large SizeDildo Pant for Women-Large Size

Dildo Pant for Women-Large Size

$241.40 $340.00 Sales: 37

Dildo Pant for Women-Small SizeDildo Pant for Women-Small Size

Dildo Pant for Women-Small Size

$218.46 $320.00 Sales: 29

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Empower Your Confidence: Roanyer's Functional Penis Prosthesis

Convenient and Discreet Design for Easy Usage

Roanyer's Silicone-based Penis Prosthesis offers individuals a unique solution to enhance their confidence and embrace their sensuality. With its convenient and discreet design, wearing and removing the prosthesis is as effortless as putting on underwear.

Aesthetically Pleasing with an Uplifted Buttocks Appearance

Designed to resemble regular underwear, Roanyer's Penis Prosthesis provides a larger penis appearance and enhances the overall aesthetic by giving the wearer a visually appealing and sensual uplifted buttocks appearance.

Addressing the Needs of FTM Individuals and Desire for a Larger Penis

Roanyer's Penis Prosthesis is inclusive and caters to the needs of individuals who identify as FTM (Female-to-Male) transgender individuals. It is a temporary solution during their gender transition journey, allowing them to achieve a more masculine appearance. Additionally, the prosthesis satisfies the desire for a larger penis, promoting confidence and satisfaction.

Realistic Feel and Texture for Enhanced Intimate Moments

Beyond its visual appeal, Roanyer's Penis Prosthesis prioritizes functionality. The prosthesis is meticulously designed to provide a realistic feel and texture, offering a more lifelike experience during intimate moments. This attention to detail ensures the wearer and their partner a heightened sense of pleasure and satisfaction.