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Hire Writers:

In order to help more transgenders and crossdressers to complete their transformation more confidently, we are aiming in finding a professional writer who is professional in crossdressing experience and technique, please reply if you fulfill the following:

1. First, you are in love with being a transgender or crossdresser, with a lot of experience in this area, own a professional technique and experience

2. Love writing, with a extremely good writing skill, knowing the demands of trans and crossdressers, be good at collecting information, familiar with content marketing

3.The article should be original, the basement should be useful, close to social life, clear, easy to understand, detailed, also we need native English speakers

4. The words of article should be 1000-1500

5. Can finish the article in limited time, if you have outstanding ability, we will give some level of creative freedom

If you are interested in our offer, please send the email to, also please attach the questions and answers as follows:

1. Which crossdressing website you usually surf? Please named 5 sites

2. Have you ever published the articles before? If yes, please attach the links, if you have a lot of great works, send us 3 articles which you are most satisfied with

3. Can you send us a link of your blog/Reddit/Quora?(in case you have one)

4. What do you think about articles on our site? We need your honest opinion. Pick a few articles and tell us what’s good/bad about them

5. How much time do you need to finish a crossdressed article? Tell us the words you need and how much salary you are expected

Job opportunities: Modle

In order to make more crossdressers realize our products, to help them crossdress better, we need to show our products more, so we are looking for a model who has English as mother tongue


1. First, you must be a confident transgender/crossdresser, with years crossdress experiences and professional makeup technique, can do male to female independently.

2. With shooting experience and dramatically expression, be good at interacted with camera, cooperated, can finish the job as request.

3. The working place will be located in China, and we need you work here for a long term, and we can offer working passport and airplane tickets and living place.

If you are interested in, please send the title of “Job request: Model” to the, and also attach your video, pictures, and your expected salary, we will contact you if you are qualified for this job.

Products designer wanted:

Mainly responsible for:

1. Designing the products for the company

2. With a strong hand-drawn ability, can design the products by oneself, also can skilled use the design software

3. Realize the character of customers

4. With great ability of communication , efficient, passionate. And also has a great aethestic perspective.

5. Take part in each part of studying the products

6. Also can take part job

Contact email


We are a professional silicone crossdresser products manufacturer. If you want to be our districutor or visit our factory, please contact

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