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  • Small Super Strong Hip Pants
  • Small Super Strong Hip Pants
  • Small Super Strong Hip Pants
  • Small Super Strong Hip Pants
  • Small Super Strong Hip Pants
  • Small Super Strong Hip Pants
  • Small Super Strong Hip Pants
  • Small Super Strong Hip Pants
  • Small Super Strong Hip Pants
  • Small Super Strong Hip Pants

Small Super Strong Hip Pants

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Our hip-enhancing pants provide cross-dressers with a way to feminize their lower body. This product aims to give you close-fitted feminine curves. It also replaces your masculine genitals with something more feminine. This smaller version better represents feminine curves and is lighter in weight than those made of solid silicone. The effect is seamless, making your transformation even more convincing.

As always, we use our high-quality, medical-grade silicone. It is stretchable and durable, making the product suited for many different body types. It is also soft and texturized to resemble natural skin, blending seamlessly with the rest of your body and granting it a natural look.

The main feature here is the interior honeycomb structure, which includes many benefits. First, it helps create the required volume for the desired thickness of the fake butt and allows the movement freedom to make it look natural. Besides, the open area in such a structure makes it much lighter than conventional solid silicone, so it's easy to wear and endure. The honeycomb also improves the airflow, dissipating the heat and allowing your skin to breathe underneath.

This product also includes a realistic belly button and a replica of feminine genitals. As for personalization, you can add pubic hair, include a urination pouch, and make the vagina penetrable. Our mold line removal service is also an option for more realistic results. These pants are available in 4 different colors for you to choose from.

It is suitable for cross-dressers who want a very feminine lower body. Some may use it for sexual purposes since the vagina is penetrable, and the urination pouch allows full-time cross-dressing. The overall size of these pants makes them easy to wear, and It’s an excellent option for those who don't want a full bodysuit.

Matching these pants with other roanyer products will let you feminize your whole body. Breastplates and masks can take care of your upper part, completely turning you into a woman. I also recommend lingerie to match your new genitals and pantyhose to highlight your improved silhouette.


Small Super Strong Hip Pants is a product that turns everyone's lower body into a sexy, curvy woman. We designed it to give the wearer a nice curve and, most importantly, a very thick and beautifully shaped butt! Since they are smaller, they are more suitable for most body types and fit well!

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