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  • Small Silicone Hip Pads
  • Small Silicone Hip Pads
  • Small Silicone Hip Pads
  • Small Silicone Hip Pads
  • Small Silicone Hip Pads
  • Small Silicone Hip Pads
  • Small Silicone Hip Pads

Small Silicone Hip Pads

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1. Introduce the material

Are you looking to upgrade your femininity and have all of your female wardrobe fit and look better? Roanyer’s Silicone Hip pads are an essential item for any crossdresser, female cosplayer or impersonator. Adding these hip pads to your shapewear wardrobe will upgrade your ability to attain feminine curves at an instant. You can feel absolutely feminine by attaining the shape you’ve always wanted.

2. Product features

Roanyer’s silicone hip pads are made with a strong durable material ensuring that you can use your hip pads again and again for years. Also, the pliable flexible material is sure to mould to your figure and seamlessly upgrade the contours of your desired feminine look.

2 colors are available to match with lighter and darker skin tones. When wearing the hip pads under a pair of tights any difference in skin tone between your natural skin tone and the hip pads will be negligible.

Each set of hip pads comes with both a left and right sided pad. The inner part of the pad is melded with a fabric for increased strength and comfort.

3. Suitable for people

These hip pads are an excellent choice for anyone looking to achieve a curvier, more feminine shape. Once you try your favorite dresses or leggings with them on, you will never go back. Any crossdresser looking to improve their shape by achieving feminine hips would love to have a pair of Roanyer’s top quality hip enhancing pads.

They are a must have for any crossdresser or cosplayer who enjoys wearing a tight dress or yoga pants while being their feminine self.

4. Product matching

Match these hip pads with any number of outfits; they are suitable for so many of your favorite ensembles! Tight dresses, pencil skirts, jeans, yoga pants or leggings, your shape will be noticeably enhanced in any of these outfits.

It is essential to match these with a pair of tights; the style of tights is up to you. A sturdy pair of sheer tights is an excellent base layer and then you can add your fishnets or thigh highs on top!