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  • Pre-order G Cup Tube Top Breast Forms
  • Pre-order G Cup Tube Top Breast Forms
  • Pre-order G Cup Tube Top Breast Forms
  • Pre-order G Cup Tube Top Breast Forms

Pre-order G Cup Tube Top Breast Forms

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Made of 100% Platinum Silicone, the G Cup Tube Top Breast Forms are soft and bouncy, with plump and rounded breasts, realistic nipples, and they looks lifelike. This tube top is not only easy to wear, but can be worn with almost any top you own. And trust me, you'll love it!

Pre-orders are now open, order to enjoy the lowest price ever, buy early and enjoy!

User notice:

1. Due to the long time required for finished products, the delivery time is not fixed, I hope you can wait patiently;

2. If you can‘t wait for the order to be processed, you can refund directly. Please contact for refund;

3. Once the finished product is released, we will deliver the goods according to orders placement and payment. We will notify you by email, please pay attention to your email message;

The Latest Development Stage of G Cup Tube Top Breast Forms
2022.09 Sculpting Stage

When I sent out the design sketches last time, I received a lot of private messages and comments from y'all. Each and every on you sisters's suggestions are being taken in to considerstions. In fact, everyone is more concerned about the comfort of wearing the Tube top model. This is why we have introduced ergonomic design in development process, so that the upper edge of the chest fits the body better, so as to achieve that high level of comfort. With a perfect balance of authenticity and softness, the weight is more evenly distributed. The research and development is in progress and I'd like to share with you a sculpting photo. I hope you'll love it.

2022.08 Line Drawing Stage

I still remember seeing a message from a sister in the background some time ago saying, "Can you come up with a tube top-only breast form?". So I immediately started scheduling. At the beginning of the development stage, I just wanted to make it easier to put on and take off without losing the degree of simulation. However, we later found out that the tube top design also allows for better consealment and matches well with any outfit.

Release of the G Cup Tube Top Breast Forms

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