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My First Crossdressing Experience in Public – Part 2

Author: Miss Samantha Pink, own 40 years experience of crossdressing


My real name no one will ever know, but that’s my choice and want to keep my private and personal life away from prying eyes because of what I really am, a transsexual, crossdresser, whatever you want to label me. I am just a person like anyone else, only I’m different not normal but then who is normal, who in society has the right to tell an individual what to wear and he or she has to act. It’s not against the law for a male to dress as a woman or a woman to dress as a man as long as its not going into the verge of indecent exposure, which most people like myself don’t do and respect how they personally look and take their time to look stunning with what they can afford or own, buy, obtain, whatever the situation maybe. Society has certain rules but not everyone fits into that box and everyone on this planet is different, doesn’t make people like us monsters or freaks. We have a place on this planet too and everyone should respect that. If someone passing sees someone like me and judges them harshly, then shame on them, they don’t know what that person or persons have went through mentally in their live, without first living their lives in their shoes for at least a day, or heels lol.


Back to me sitting there in just a white cache sex deep in thought, quietly waiting, let’s get ready to become more lady like and see how it looks, you may love what you see, if you don’t love yourself then how can you expect anyone else to love you.


It felt like I was sitting there blissfully thinking happy girly thoughts for an eternity, but it was only 5 minutes, the lady’s voice brought me back to reality. She called out softly from behind the curtain, in the cubicle that I was in, asking if I was now ready. I told her from behind the curtain that the tights she gave me were ripped and the underwear that she picked for me were not the ones that I preferred, sincerely apologising, because I didn’t want to offend the lady at all. She said alright and asked could she have them and we both go out and pick the ones that I would like to wear. I said that I was only wearing the white cache sex thingy with nothing else on, and would she like me to wear the pink fluffy towel around my waist out of respect for her or others. She answered, “It’s up to you Samantha.”


With that I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror in the cubicle down at my front area and it was covered and nice and smooth, then I turned around and checked out my bottom and it had a nice thong effect, but it was also covered. I was fully smooth all over so no nasty male hair anywhere and my bottom and front looked feminine enough. I liked what I saw and knew things would only get much better, if I went with the flow and unleashed my inner woman that was being kept a prisoner inside a male human being. I have a choice and I made that choice I was not showing anything off down there so I folded up the lovely towel, picked up the two feminine items, put my back pack on and then slowly opened up the sliding curtain with a big smile saying thank you for your help and let’s go and get those things for me to wear please. The lady was non-judgemental saying when I was sheepishly walking behind, that she thought I had fantastic smooth shapely legs, loved that I put on the cache sex item correctly with a smooth feminine look and was glad that I came out as I was dressed. I felt a million dollars and I wasn’t even properly dressed yet, not by a long shot. I had 3 and a half hours left with my experience, 210 minutes to be precise. My watch was on a countdown timer since I was taken through the first curtain because I wanted to have the 4 hours that I paid for my first full transformation into a woman without hormones or surgery.


We got back to the lingerie room there was still no one around yet, only me and the lovely lady, so I was less stressed about things and in cloud nine knowing that I could wear any type of stocking, tights and underwear. So many to choose from but I knew what I wanted as I pictured in my mind before sitting crossed legged in the cubicle in the cache sex my manly bits tucked away for a while. They can be safely tucked for up to eight hours at a time or when you need to use the bathroom to powder your nose, so women say they do. Trust me they don’t powder their nose they go in there to gossip, which I love to do myself, I am a chatterbox and I accept that part of me too.


So we both found the items that I wanted to wear when I told the lady what I liked and choose the ones that I was drawn too in my mind. I was letting my inner womanly soul tell me what to wear on the outside, slowly releasing her piece by piece like a jigsaw puzzle. For years she was inside me in my mind, body and soul. What I saw in the mirror at home or getting out of a shower after my running session was not the person that was deep inside. I knew all my life that I should have been born a girl, even my father wanted a girl for his first born, but he got me instead and never really loved me because of it. I always felt the unwanted a reject but my dear mom loved me for me, which was a god send.


My father and I get on now but I will never tell him my true feelings, my dear mother knows and totally accepts me for who I am. That is unconditional maternal love. What an amazing woman she is. A very strong willed woman and got a heart of gold. Priceless is all I can say.


There was a comfortable fancy chair in the lingerie room and I asked could I sit down there and put on the items whilst the lady was there with me. It was nothing sexual in anyway at all, she was just helping me dress up as a woman and I was enjoying the unique experience. I would be a special lady with something extra but that was tucked well away, don’t touch that unless you ask me, even if you do doesn’t mean I will let you. She smiled and agreed chuckling like a little girl and I felt like a 16 year old girl when I was a 24 year old male. I sat down and put on the nice white thong it was delightful. I stood up and looked into a mirror at myself, as there was always a full length mirror in each room, sometimes two in a bigger one as I was about to find out later.

Yes the white thong was perfect for me and I turned around and checked my bottom, even much better with the thong on as it hid the cache sex underneath, so it looked like a had just a thong on and no manly bits on show below my waist.


“Nice Samantha Good Girl”, is what the lady helping me said to me. I agreed with her and then sat back down to put on the white sheer seamed stockings. They were so delicate being they were only 5 denier so I took my time putting them on one by one. Starting from my toes slowly sliding them up pasty knee and up to my thigh area, gorgeous, and the lady told me that I put them on gracefully like a real lady would do. It was the first time that I wore such thin fragile stockings and didn’t want to catch them on anything or damage them. I normally wear 40-150 denier black opaque tights as they are much more durable and less likely to snag or rip, machine washable so you get your money’s worth.


I was advised to put on the white suspender belt and clip both the sheer stockings to it back and front, then I could stand up and make sure that they were at the same level and smooth all over both my legs. They were and they felt so comfortable and made my already stunning legs look spectacular. My manly urges throbbed but that was taken care of earlier and it was well and truly tucked away for the next 205 minutes. I put on the waspie and was shown how to pull it by myself and got it smaller by 6 inches. I kindly asked the lady would she get it smaller another 2 inches please and she agreed helping me pulling hard and me almost out of breath. I had to swallow breath and control my heart rate as my insides felt they they gone to bust open. When you get your waist smaller by 6-8 inches untrained the first time it is a strange uncomfortable sensation. Not a nice one at all, because your insides have to go somewhere and they go down to your bladder area. I looked down and had a little pouch and could not see between my legs, but when I looked into the mirror, especially when I turned to the side the bottom part of me from my just below my chest was becoming much more womanly. I am being transformed before my very eyes, I was happy and I pushed the pain of my insides to a different area in my mind and tried to forget about It for now. I was starting to have a hot flush because I was breathing swallow and I could feel my pulse rising inside me, all the time I focused and listened to the lady telling me to relax and calm down, let your body adjust to it and down fight it. She put some soft soothing music on, there was a little pink tape deck sitting in the corner, that I never even noticed was there. It was classic music which I love, I think Mozart but I can’t remember what song it was, such a long time ago. As you get older you start to forget things, but they come back to you in the quiet thinking times. I like happy memories but bad memories are important to, because they remind you not to go there again and learn from them. No one is perfect we are only human beings, we stumble, we fall, but the ones that get up and keep going on, that’s the ones that survive in this cruel, unforgiving massive world.


I was asked to sit down and I gracefully sat down and adjusted myself and crossed my left leg over my right leg and controlled my breathing, it was getting easier and I was calming down a tiny bit. The lady asked me what size are my feet. I told her that yes my feet are size 8 but I can fit into some ladies size 7 or 6, depends on the style of footwear. She said what colour of heels would I like to wear, I said jet black without even thinking, my mind was of my true self Samantha, a girl who had been a prisoner in her own body, all her life.


The lady went away for a short time and I happen to look at my countdown timer on my watch, 180 minutes left, so 3 hours, great. She then came back with 4 pairs of heels all black and laid them out all in front of me. Two size 6 one 2 inch high the other 4 inch high and size 7 again 2 and 4 inch high as well. They were all a sexy jet black court style patent heel with a stiletto heel. I tried on the size 7 the 2 inch high. It was too loose on my foot so I told the lady, guess I’m a size 6 instead in these ones. She said they did have half sizes, which I have never heard of before so that they fit like a glove. I tried on the size 6 the 2 inch ones first to get used to them. They were a bit tight but I never said anything and just ate up the pain. The pain in my belly in the extra tight was pie was dulled down by the pain in my foot. But like anything with this new experience, I would have to get used to it. So I put on the other heel in same size and walked over to the mirror. They were nice on and easy to walk in but I wanted to wear the 4 inch ones. They did have 6 inch ones but they would be too high for the next 3 hours. So I gently squeezed the higher heels on me and stood up slowly getting used to the height difference, walking in them they give your calves a workout. My kegs looked stunning in them and more slender and longer and got used to walking around in them. Perfect, what is next to put on or happen in this beautiful experience.


To be continued...


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