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6 tips for choosing the perfect shoes

High heels not only can increase your height immediately,but also can make your legs look more slender and sexier.

Once you wear the high heels, you will naturally keep your butt back, chest out,and own the sexy curve.Furthmore, you will definitely become more confident, because people associate perked-up shoulders with strong self-confidence.

As heels are so essential to someone search for beauty, I'd like to share some tips about how to choose the perfect shoes, and hope that can help all of us, particularly for the Tansgender Women.

1. Classic black pumps

What could be more chic than a pair of classic black pumps? They add a polished look to any outfit. For the most mileage, choose a closed-toe, full back style with a heel that’s high enough to help loosen up your hips as you walk.

2. D’Orsay pumps

The d’Orsay is a beautiful and elegant pump style where the sides are cut away to reveal the arch of the foot. D’Orsay pumps are perfect for showing off shapely legs – an asset for most crossdressers and transgender women.

3. T-straps

T-straps add a sexy touch to pumps, high heel sandals, and flats. T-strap shoes have two distinct benefits:

The ankle strap offers extra support for your ankles, making it easier to walk in them.

The vertical line of the center strap balances the horizontal ankle strap and makes your legs look longer. (T-straps are more flattering than ankle strap shoes.)

4. Nude heels

If you’re on a budget, nude heels will give you the most mileage since they can be worn with literally any color of outfit. Choose a nude tone that blends in with your skin to make your legs look miles long – an added bonus!

5. Wedges

Still trying to master walking in heels? Then consider a wedge heel. Since the sole covers more ground, they’re much easier to walk in. One caveat: Wedges have a chunky look, they are best for girls with thin legs. Stay away from them if you have large or muscular legs.

6. Tall boots

Boots are sexy and sassy, so they’re a wardrobe must. Choose knee high boots for the most elegant look. Tall boots are more flattering and slimming than ankle boots or boots that hit the middle of the calf. Besides, toe is also a vital part to show your charm,so many girls like to paint their toenails, which can boosted their allure after they wear the high heels.

Wearing high heels is to add charm for your whole body, instead of only the feet part.So please choose the suitable shoes.

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