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6 care tips to own a pair of perfect female feet

Trans women pay more attention to the maintenance of the face and body. but feet care is also very important. which is very helpful for building your delicated and wonderful image

Wear high heels to a party with beautiful feet. which will make you full of femininity. Here are some tips to take care of your feet.

1.Indulge in a professional pedicure

While you can yourself a pedicure, I recommend going to a salon for a total pampering experience. Plus, it’s easier to maintain pretty feet at home after you’ve let a professional remove your calluses, trim your cuticles, and reshape your nails.

Many men get pedicures with clear nail polish, so don’t feel shy about going to the salon in male mode. (Though of course, it’s much more fun en femme!)

2.Banish foot odors

It’s hard to feel sexy and sensuous if you have stinky feet. The main cause of foot odor is sweat, so here are a few tips for controlling sweaty, smelly feet:

Try applying antiperspirant to the soles of your feet.

Take your shoes off when you’re at home to let your feet breath.

Wear cotton socks instead of polyester or nylon socks.

Put baking powder in your shoes. Sodium bicarbonate helps control the bacteria that causes foot odor.

3.Remove excess hair

I’m always surprised how many girls (including cisgender / genetic women) neglect to remove the hair from their feet. Talk about a distraction! When you shave your legs, don’t forget to include your feet and toes.

4.Get rid of calluses

Sexy feet are soft and touchable, so exfoliation is a must. Fortunately, there are some great tools that make the job of removing calluses much easier.

5.Do a foot soak

Soaking your feet is a great way to get that spa experience at home – plus it leaves your feet clean and soft. Simply fill a basin with warm (not too hot) water and soak your feet for 10 minutes. To make the soak more effective and enjoyable, add some Epsom salt or scented bath salts.

6.Use a rich foot cream

Feet take a lot of abuse during the day, so it’s important to care for them by applying moisturizer regularly. Feet require heavy duty moisture, look for a cream specifically designed for the feet.

Stick to foot care and show off your sexy feet with a pair of strappy sandals or high heels. you will become more confident.

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