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6 styling tricks for taking your buttocks from flat to fabulous

A good figure is largely determined by one’s buttocks. Even if you are fat all over your body, as long as you have raised buttocks and a curve, you will look pretty charming on the whole. Mtf crossdressers tend to have flat and narrow hips. Fortunately, we can get a bigger butt and thin waist within minute by using buttock enhancement pantiesThe way to flatter a fuller bum and hips is to know how to get your proportions right. By using these 6 easy styling tricks, you can take your butt from flat to fabulous! Here’s how.

#1 Wear a-shape or x-shape clothes

All X-shape clothes have good effects of shaping your waist, so they can not only provide you with raised buttocks, but also make up for other deficiencies in your figure.

#2 Select styles with waist-cinching silhouettes

You can create the illusion of a waist which will then help your buttocks. In other words, if you want your buttocks to look bigger, make your waist look smaller. To do this, choose tops that are belted at the waist, or choose a style that cinches at the waist ( like fit and flare). they will also make your waist look smaller and your bottom fuller.

#3 Put optical illusions to work for you with pocket

Play down the decoration on both shoulders and leave your lines of sight to your hip. When you are wearing a simple T-shirt or shirt, you may choose diversified styles for your clothes under your waist. For example, you may include the design of such details as pockets, falbala, or puckers


#4 Bold patterns draw attention to the hips

A graphic print or pattern manifested in a skirt or pants can create instant curves and instant hips, as it draws attention to the area you want to enhance. An added bonus? They’re never boring. So, don’t be afraid to go bold.

#5 Wear light/ bright colors on your bottom

Many women prefer wearing dark colors on their bottom half (to shrink their booty) and brighter colors up top. But, if you want to remind that you do indeed have a behind, it’s a good thing to wear lighter or brighter colors on your bottom half. Dark colors shrink the area they cover, while light, bright colors ( such as white) expand an area.


#6 Put structured pleats to work in widening the hips

We are all familiar with those tulip skirts and bubble skirts that pouf out and certainly add volume. But, more often than not, it isn’t the most flattering of ways. Instead, look to a skirt with structured pleating to add more figure-flattering heft. It’s important that the pleats are rendered in a fabric that’s sturdy enough to support them. Scuba fabrics work well for this. 

It seems that figure and clothes are always in a run-in period. No matter what you wear, it always seems to be one step away from a perfect relationship. However, we should not feel worried. We can surely get better in trial and improvement. Even if we do not have a perfect figure, we are also entitled to beautiful clothes and fashion. The most horrible choice is to limit ourselves with our figure.

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