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5 ways to make you look slimmer

If you give up enjoying life in order to be skinny, I don't think that's worth your "effort". Is there any ways for us to go for a  party with a perfect looking at once? So you do not need to worry about the pizza you ate or the wine you drank before,and also do not have to lose calories to make you slim. There are 5 tips for you and transgender near me, which will instantly make you look more stylish and graceful.

1.Wear clothes that fit right

The way your clothes fit has a huge impact on your appearance. This is especially true for crossdressers and transgender women. To look your best, avoid:

Clothes that are too tight – These highlight trouble spots and emphasize fat rolls.

Clothes that are too big – These add bulk and give your body a formless shape.

Instead, choose garments that skim along your body for the most flattering effect.

2.Go for V necks and open collars

V neck tops and open collars create flattering vertical lines down your torso, where most crossdressers and transgender women carry their weight. They also help draw attention to your face.

If you have large breasts (or wear large breast forms), you’ll want to stay away from high neck tops since these can create a matronly look.

3.Go for V necks and open collars

Accessories are a great way to direct people’s eyes towards your best features… and away from a beer belly or bulges.

Here are 3 suggestions:

Wear beautiful earrings to draw the focus away from your body and towards your face.

Wear long necklaces to create the illusion of a slimmer torso. (Remember, it’s all about those slimming vertical lines.)

If you have nice hands, wear bracelets and rings to bring attention to your wrists. This helps distract from big arms and/or broad shoulders.

4.Keep your chin up

A double chin can make even the thinnest girl look overweight. Keep your chin lifted to give your neck a more defined look. This is especially important in photos.

While you’re at it, check your posture! Good posture can instantly take 5 pounds off of your figure.

5.Try monochromatic colors

I’m sure you’ve heard that dark colors are slimming. While this is true, it can also look a bit drab.

Instead of limiting yourself to dark colors, try monochromatic tones instead. Wearing similar colors from head to toe creates an uninterrupted vertical line. This is more slimming than wearing contrasting colors. For example:

Pair a light cardigan with white pants.

Wear a matching top and skirt.

Add black pantyhose under a black dress.

After read, do you have any ideas about how to become more slimer in visual impact? Choose the right item, match them properly, so that you can make the best  figure and avoid your weaknesses.Not only life needs to be treated earnestly, dress collocation also needs! Owning the ideas for perfectly match is really important for fat sis.Find your own style, pursuit of beautiful and delicate life. Be the best!

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