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There are 7 ways to make you look more feminine

New styles of hair style and makeup, beautiful clothes and shapely figure will make you engaged with full charm, except that, details is quite important to change your appearance. Look pretty is depending on simple changes, how to make you feminine?  There are 7 ways to make change your look, hope will help crossdressers.

1. Groom your eyebrows

Your eyebrows literally create the frame for your face. For better or for worse, they have the power to transform your entire look.

The good news is that there’s a lot you can do to shape and feminize your eyebrows – even if you can’t pluck. 

2. Find your best lipstick shade

One of the easiest ways to improve your appearance is to wear lipstick.  women are perceived as more attractive when they wear lipstick – regardless of the rest of their appearance.

The secret is to wear the right shade of lipstick. Here are two quick tips for selecting your best shade:

Use your eyes as a guide. For the most flattering look, your lips should be the same intensity as the iris of your eye. (The iris is the colored part of your eye.) For example, if you have light blue eyes, wear a light shade of lipstick. If you have dark brown eyes, a deeper shade will be most flattering.

Do the fingertip test. To easily test lipstick shades, put different colors on your fingertips and hold them against your mouth to see which looks best.

3. Get rid of excess body hair

The truth is, physical attractiveness often comes down to good grooming. One of the keys to good grooming – and a feminine appearance – is to get rid of excess body hair.

You already know that your beard, chest hair, and hairy legs have to go. But don’t forget about the less obvious spots, including your:





4. Invest in a great bag

Women often judge each other based on their handbags. After all, why do women in certain circles pay thousands of dollars for the latest “it” bag?

 investing in a quality handbag will add polish and style to your appearance – while giving you fashionista status among other women.

5. Wear the right shapewear

The right shapewear can have a dramatic effect on your silhouette. It smooths out excess flesh and helps to feminize your proportions.

The best shapewear for you depends on your outfit and how much shaping you need. Consider investing in the following garments:

Control top pantyhose. Perfect for smoothing out your trouble spots, they also add polish and definition to the legs.

Waist cincher. Use this when you need extra shaping in the middle and want to carve out an hourglass shape.

Shaping camisole. Wear one under your everyday clothes to smooth your belly and love handles.

6. Get enough sleep

They don’t call it beauty rest for nothing. A lack of sleep shows up on your face – no matter how pretty and feminine you look. Make it a priority to plenty of sleep of night.

7. Whiten your teeth

Yellow teeth dull your appearance. Don’t underestimate the impact of pretty white teeth. A white smile brightens up your entire face!

I suggest using a whitening toothpaste daily and doing a whitening treatment every six months. 

he methods above are quite easy, little changes will make big affect!

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