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How to show confidence when going out as a crossdresser

The covid 19 pandemic caught everyone off guard, that's sure, and the much needed, yet long, period of quarantine and lockdown ended up making everyone stay at home, and as a side effect, chances are that you lost some of the confidence that you have built in the past years. Now, with the undergoing vaccinations, people are starting to go back to the streets and things are starting to stabilize in some countries. If staying home affects you, and you feel that you are not confident enough to crossdress in public again, I bring here some tips for you to feel better and to get more confident.

1- Things have changed, but not too much

The world is not the same it was before the pandemic. Some countries are still in need to adopt restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the disease, in order to save lives.  If you want to go out, crossdressing or not, chances are that you’ll have to wear a mask and follow other preventive measures. Yet, social relations are still pretty much the same as before, and you could talk to people and dress yourself just as you used to. If you have to wear a mask, don't think it would make you less beautiful or something like that. Remember that it can save your life and the lives of your loved ones, and note that it can also help you to pass better. Focus your makeup around your eyes and nose, feminizing those parts of your face while the rest is concealed by the mask. Speaking of masks, a crossdresser silicone female mask will blend better in your face while you wear a proper protective mask. So, even with new procedures and cares we have to take from now on, it's rather easy to re-engage in social relations if you are able to adapt to the details.

2- Remember that staying safe is the best for yourself

Don't be ashamed to follow the restrictions while going out. It's most likely that people will admire you even more for caring for your and everyone else’s safety. It shows that you respect society as a whole, and you will be respected back. Besides, if you keep crossdressing and being true to yourself while staying safe during those difficult times, it only shows that you are a strong person and still valid no matter what. It shows that you are who you are, and you should love yourself for that. So even if you can't show your whole face outside, stay strong and dress up as you would usually like to!

3- You are charming enough to dress in a fashion way (or any way you want)

Speaking of dressing as you want, remember that clothes still make a difference even if people can't see your whole face. The first part they pay attention to is your face, so some well-done eye makeup and a wig are surely going to help, but you can compensate and enhance your look with some clever dressing tricks. To highlight your femminine features, as always, make sure to grab a nice corset, but the best you can do to achieve a very femminine figure, is to get hip pads and silicone breast forms. If you combine your makeup and wig with a realistic cleavage and curves, no one will doubt that you are a girl!

Another trick is to draw attention to your femininity and charm is by choosing characteristic femminine clothes such as a round skirt and a pantyhose, or a  long dress with some accessories (Like earrings and a necklace). Your shoes can also play a part in complementing your overall look, so keep training on how to walk on heels or get yourself a pair of stylish feminine sandals. A pair of leggings combined with hip pads or silicone padded panties can highlight your curves if you go for a more casual look, and styling your nails is the final touch to look stunning as a girl.

4- Your posture and mannerisms help you to look more confident

Always keep your posture, and while practicing your girly walk and mannerisms, remember to stay up and with your head looking straight. This is a sign that you are feeling strong and confident, and it can actually help you to feel stronger and more positive. Avoid looking at your feet too much, and trust your walk. Occasionally, you’ll have to look down to see where you are stepping, and if you do so, play a little with your hair while getting your head back up. I also want to tell you to make sure to avoid looking people you don't know in the eye while walking, because it draws some unwanted attention and can end up being a problem if you are an introvert. Just face straight ahead to where you are going and everything will be fine!

I hope that those tips help you not only to be more confident out there, but also to stay safe and charming at the same time in those difficult days. Keep being true to yourself, follow the proper restrictions, and soon enough you’ll’ be back on the streets as the charming woman that you are supposed to be!

Written by Elise Wren

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