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To make you look more feminine in just 3 makeup steps

Makeup tips are quite useful for crossdreessers. makeup can promote attractiveness. or alterthe appearance without affecting the body's structure or functions. Using cosmetics and tools. with the correct steps and techniques.  will make your facial contours more feminine.

Contouring makeup basics

On faces with features deemed traditionally masculine vs traditionally feminine, light and shadows are cast on the face in different ways.

Through applying a highlight and a contour, you can manipulate the appearance of shadows and light on the face, thus transforming your features.

The key to contouring your face is to work with two shades of contour makeup:

A lighter shade for highlighting (i.e. bringing things forward)

A darker shade for contouring (i.e. setting back/adding shadow to)

Step 1: Complete your base makeup

Before applying contour makeup, follow these steps to complete your base makeup:

Apply a primer – Primer,  blurs and smooths any uneven skin texture, including pores, fine lines and beard shadow.

Apply concealer – Apply a concealer for any beard coverage.

Apply foundation – If you prefer a full coverage look, the last step is to apply foundation.

Once these steps of your base makeup are complete, it is time to move onto the fun part – contouring!

Step 2: Select your contouring palette

Next, you’ll need a contouring palette that contains:

A highlighter shade 1-2 shades lighter than your complexion

A contour shade 1-2 shades darker than your complexion

Step 3: Apply your contouring makeup

In order to achieve a natural looking contour, we recommend first standing in front of a mirror with natural daylight. Pay attention to where the shadows fall naturally on your face.

We believe personal preference is best to follow when it comes to any areas you’d like to exaggerate or soften, so think about what you’re looking to gain from this.

How to enhance your cheekbones

If you’re looking to enhance your cheekbones, contour just under the cheekbone – from the tragus to the side of the lips.

Start with a little bit of the darker contouring shade and map out the area you’d like to deepen.

Once this is symmetrical on both sides, you can blend it out using a beauty sponge – but be sure not to spread the contour too far outside of the line you have created.

Start with a small amount of product and build up.

Once this line is blended out, you can add a little bit of the lighter highlight shade above and below the line.

Again, you can blend this out using a beauty sponge.

How to feminize the forehead

Other areas people wishing to feminize with makeup often target are the brow bone and the forehead.

To shorten the forehead, you can apply some ‘of the darker contour shade where the brow bone protrudes on many faces. This will help push it back and will help draw attention to other areas of the face.

How to contour the rest of your face

This method of mapping out your contouring using the darker shade first and following with the highlighter shade can be applied to any other area on the face.

Be sure to only start with a little product at a time, and give yourself time to practice at home.

Makeup can express your personality and show off your charm. More than that, successful makeup can enhance self-confidence and refresh one's spirits,and make you feel like a new woman.

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