10 Must-have Lingerie Options for MTF Crossdressers


Wearing lingerie is one of the ways of making you feel feminine.


Moreover, this is something which you can indulge in on an everyday basis.


Our dressing, as crossdressers, mostly concentrate on what other people will see from the outside.


This includes makeup, outfits, and hair.



However, there is another way to achieve a more feminine appeal: using lingerie.


It will even make you feel sexier by creating a feminine look and is also a great way to enhance your style.


Best lingerie will not only improve your physical features but also boost your self-assurance and confidence.


Thus, what are the lingerie options that every MTF crossdresser should own?


We have a list of the 10 must-have lingerie options for MTF crossdressers.



10 Must-have Lingerie Options for MTF Crossdressers


Basic Black or Nude Bra




Some ladies prefer being braless after attaching their breast forms.


Others would like to improve their physique with a nice bra.


For us as MTF crossdressers, to add an extra bounce to our breasts, a basic black or nude bra is an amazing choice.


It holds your physique in place. A nude bra makes one feel comfortable. It also offers a natural silhouette and support.


This kind of bra is versatile, making it suitable for use with various outfits.


You can comfortably wear it under light-colored or dark-colored clothes minus being visible, hence giving you a seamless look.


 Must have Lingerie Options for MTF Crossdressers 


A nude bra that matches your outfits or skin tone helps in boosting your confidence.


This helps in creating a feminine and natural chest profile, thus improving your general look.


In addition, this bra features a see-through sheer front.


When the blouse comes off, your nipples can be seen, thus giving you a realistic and sexy look.


A black underwire bra gives you extra support since it will stay and hold the forms in place.


Furthermore, the underwire bra gives me extra cleavage since the outline is held tighter in place.


When choosing the right bra, always choose the right size, correct style, and right material.


Furthermore, choose that nude bra with adjustable straps and with a seamless design.


Slinky Nightie


Must have Lingerie Options for MTF Crossdressers 


Nothing feels good in your body like the slinky nighties on your skin.


This makes you feel and look sexy. To have an elegant appearance, you can choose to have a complete-length gown which is great to sleep in and is also slinky to show off.


Slinky nightie is made using a lightweight, comfortable, and stretchy material, making it have a slinky fit, making it the best for layering with different lingerie pieces.


The best slinky nightie features adjustable straps allowing you to have a customizable fit.


Furthermore, it’s also available in different sizes and colors and it also features lace trim.


This makes it a perfect choice for MTF crossdressers who want to feel and look their best as they express their inner selves.


I normally have my slinky nightie right above the knees to have a slinky mini-dress appearance.


You can wear the slinky nightie under your outside clothing or behind closed doors.


Several slinky nighties feature adjustable shoulder straps for a comfortable fitting. They are also available in different colors and lengths.


Basic Panties


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When choosing a good panty, check out on fit, comfort, and femininity.


There are different varieties of panties available for MTF crossdressers.


Among them includes thongs, bikinis, briefs, boyshorts, etc. Normally, a basic panty is made of a soft and comfortable material like spandex, nylon, cotton, etc.


A seamless basic panty will offer you a smooth silhouette.


Bikinis are comfortable for everyday wear with moderate coverage.


Opt for a bikini made using soft and breathable materials like microfiber and cotton.


Thongs are also great for crossdressers who dislike visible panty lines.


Best thongs are made of soft and stretchy material. For extra comfort, it should have a cotton lining.


Briefs are available in low-rise and high-rise styles.


Best briefs have a wider waistband which sits comfortably at your hips.


Briefs that are smooth and seamless are suitable for wearing with tight-fitting clothing.


Boyshort panties offer full coverage and feature a more rectangular shape.


Panty Gaff


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I like wearing panty gaffs since it offers me a flat and feminine appearance.


This undergarment offers a tucked, smooth, and flat front appearance which creates a more feminine outline by concealing the male genitals.


Best panty gaffs are made from breathable and stretchy materials, among them being nylon or spandex.


Wearing a panty gaff makes me feel more confident, comfortable, and safe.


Since they are versatile, one can easily wear them with different outfits like dresses, tight-fitting pants, and skirts.


Above all, panty gaffs are discreet on your clothing, giving a natural appearance minus bulges or visible lines.


When choosing a panty gaff, always consider material, design, size, compression level, etc.


Shaping Camisole


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This is a sleeveless and loose-fitting undergarment made from lightweight materials like microfiber, nylon, spandex, and cotton.


Moreover, shaping camisoles may have thin straps or be strapless.


A good shaping camisole helps me slim down my waist and stomach to create a more feminine silhouette.


Moreover, a good shaping camisole offers burst support and also creates curves around the waist and hips.


Furthermore, shaping the camisole will help in smoothing out any visible bulges.


There are camisoles with in-built bras featuring pockets for inserts or padded cups to give extra support and shape your chest area.


Some of the benefits MTF crossdressers will get from wearing shaping camisoles include breast enhancement, body contouring, and comfortable wear.


When buying a shaping camisole, always consider your style (color and material), choose the right size, and get the camisole with adjustable straps.




Must have Lingerie Options for MTF Crossdressers 


This is a self-adhesive, backless, and strapless bra that creates an excellent shape and support.


Moreover, the best numbers are made using silicone or the best fabric materials that are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear.


Apart from enhancing the cleavage, nubra also helps in creating a fuller bust.


This makes it the best choice for MTF crossdressers who are looking to have afeminine chest outline.


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Since nubra is strapless and backless, you can wear it alone or with another bra.


Nubra comes in different styles like push-up, silicone, and seamless, to cater to various outfits and preferences.


With nubra, you’ll always have a seamless and natural look whether you’re wearing a tight-fitting blouse or a low-cut dress.


With proper care, you can wear nubra multiple times since given the durability.


For optimal adhesion of nubra, always ensure that your skin is dry, clean, and oil/lotions free.


Silk or Satin Robe


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This is a luxurious lingerie that you should add to your wardrobe as an MTF crossdresser.


Silk/satin robes will not only improve your general feminine look but will also offer a comfortable feeling.


Silk/satin robes are made using a comfortable, breathable, and lightweight material making them best for relaxing or lounging. 


With the best satin/silk robe, you’ll have a feminine and sexy look.


Moreover, this MTF crossdresser’s lingerie comes in different styles and colors.


Therefore, you can choose one that suits your body type depending on fabric, length, and fit.


As a crossdresser, you should have this sensual lingerie to put on when relaxing or lounging.


Padded Panty


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These are lingerie with in-built silicone pads or foam in the buttock or hip areas.


Padded panties are an instant solution for crossdressers who crave feminine curves by giving an extra volume and shape.


Moreover, padded panties are available in different options including light lifting, full-on hip, and butt shaping.


The best-padded panty helps in creating a softer and curvier silhouette under clothing.


They are made using a stretchy material like spandex with a soft, cushioned lining that’s filled with either silicone inserts or foam.


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Padded panties are available in different styles, colors, and sizes to suit your needs.


Wearing a padded panty significantly boosts my confidence since it offers me a more feminine silhouette.



Padded panties are versatile hence they can be worn with several outfits.


This includes dresses, jeans, skirts, etc. to improve your overall appearance.


Nude or Black Pantyhose


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Although the pantyhose appears to be more polished compared to bare skin and improves the looks of your legs, most women don’t wear them as it was before.


For MTF crossdressers, your lingerie wardrobe should have at least a nude and/or black pantyhose.


The nude pantyhose helps in creating a more natural appearance since it blends properly with the skin tone.


Moreover, the black pantyhose offers a perfect finishing touch for any outfit.


When buying the best pantyhose, consider its size, color, fabric used, etc.


Pantyhoses are versatile.


Therefore, you can wear them with dresses, shorts, and skirts.


Sexy Bra and Panty Set


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Another must-have lingerie is a sexy bra and panty set since it helps in feeling confident and beautiful.


However, when purchasing a sexy bra and panty set, there are a few things to keep in mind.


These include size, color, style, fabric used (breathable and soft), etc.


Moreover, choose that which features adjustable straps.




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Whether it’s for fun or everyday use, an MTF crossdresser lingerie wardrobe is very important to make you feel sexy.


Apart from the few lingerie options I’ve listed above, there are other outfits to add to your wardrobe to give you a more feminine appearance and feel confident.


With these few and more other selections, your lingerie wardrobe will be fully stocked up with the right garment options.


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