Baby Steps to Becoming a Sissy or femboy


For some, the words muscular and make-up do not complement each other when it comes to men.


However, one community, the femboy community, is redefining expectations.


Femboys will do their nails, twirl their skirts, be comfortable getting intimate with other males, and center their appearance.


Baby steps to becoming a Femboy Sissy 


Think of Korean pop stars such as K-pop. However, becoming a femboy might be daunting for some due to fear of being discriminated against, family expectations, confusion about one’s gender identity, or even bullying.


However, your future prospects of pulling off some sultry thigh-high boots should not be hindered by anyone or anything.


This article will guide you on the few baby steps you need to embrace your fem boy identity while also expressing yourself authentically.



What’s the difference between a femboy and a sissy?


Femboy – is a modern slang term used to refer to an individual, typically but not exclusively a male, who displays traditionally feminine characteristics, such as wearing dresses and skirts. Femboys express themselves through the use of jewelry, wearing feminine clothing and makeup, or expressing feminine behavioral qualities.


Sissy – also sissy babysissy boysissy man is a term for a boy or man who does not demonstrate masculine traits. implies a lack of courage, strength, athleticism, coordination, testosterone, male libido, and stoicism, all of which have typically been associated with masculinity and considered important to the male role in Western society


Steps to becoming a Femboy / Sissy




A femboy is a boy, usually below thirty years who embraces traditional femininity, aesthetics, activities, and interests.


Here are the steps that will help you in becoming a femboy/sissy;


Wear neutral clothes and colors.




Just like a baby is introduced to soft foods during the weaning stage, consider yourself a baby fem boy figuring out what works for you gradually.


Bullying unfortunately can be something that happens randomly when people sense you are changing so you have to arch your back, embrace what makes you comfortable, own it, and wear it.


It is prudent to start shopping for gender-neutral clothes such as sweats, tees, and genderless footwear as a femboy starter.


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You can add clothing that has fun prints and eye-popping colors.


Grey, orange, and white for instance are gender neutral colors.


You can start with shiny colorless cutex if red feels too obvious.


From there you can move to cat-eared hoodies, leather chokers, and a pair of dedicated gloves to accentuate your feminine outlook.


The underlying trick is to experiment with various genderless clothes and colors as you slowly morph into the ultimate femboy who can wear anything or everything because,


like a baby, you grow into an adult femboy.


Basic feminine grooming habits into your routine




If you are a boy and you want to usher in your feminine side, say goodbye to being lax about how you look.


For one, self-care, which means how you groom your body, style your hair, and dress, will give you that feminine distinction that you had stuffed away.


For instance, ensure that every 1-2 weeks, you clip your nails and keep them neat and tidy.


You do not have to go into a depth routine but ensure that your fingernails are clean.


A hand cream on top will leave your hands feeling soft and feminine.


There are femboys who are comfortable with body hair, however, as a starter embracing their feminine side, no one is going to police you if you shave, trim,


or wax hair from your ears, nose area, back, or even legs.


Quite the contrary you will radiate with soft femininity.




As for foot care, cracked and ragged heels and toenails are something you may want to look into.


Wash your hair and leave it smelling nice and rosy with whatever hair oil of your choice.


Overall, grooming yourself takes the effort to ‘do’ i.e. clean your toenails rather than what you ‘use’ i.e. beauty products.


Going the extra mile in doing for your body will make that feminine essence exude off you.


Eat a balanced nutritious diet


Sissy boy 


You do not need a dietary notice from the National Femboy Authority, nor is there a local fem boy office to police what you eat as an aspiring femboy.


However, as a femboy, you should start with the one thing that magnifies your feminine aura which is your diet!


Scientifically, and anecdotally, everyone regardless of gender should be focused on eating a balanced and healthy diet that comprises of variety of foods.


Sissy boy 


However, studies indicate that women have better different purchasing behaviors and choose diet-quality foods compared to men.


Take a chance at this difference between the feminine and the masculine.


Add more water to your diet, consume more vegetables, and eat healthy proportions for healthy skin and healthy weight.


What is more feminine than having a glass of milk as your male friends gobble and wolf up processed meats?


Of course, there is nothing wrong with sating your appetite for greasy foods, however, as a baby femboy contemplating blossoming into your ultimate femboy era,


watching your diet will give you confidence in your body and looks because as is frequently iterated, you are what you eat.


Engage in traditionally feminine activities




By the most basic definition, to be a fem boy means to be feminine while still being a boy.


You will most likely understand your feelings and thoughts on your feminine side more if you are able to delve into your interests.


It is integral to take time to understand why you are drawn to relaying to yourself and to the world your feminine side.


Do feminine activities light up the fire in your loins, does nail painting make you feel beautiful?


Understanding which feminine activities bring out the version in you that you would like to show up in the world is a phase you should not skip.


For instance, if doing make-up makes you feel like a furry princess in the woods wanting to help others,


then by all means, douse yourself with your newfound freedom and help others. If doing nail polish accentuates your ability to focus and you love it, then get lost in that.


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Understanding which feminine activities light up the fire in your soul will give you a reason to pursue your authentic self, skills, and talents.


Because, at the end of the day, understanding the source of these feelings and how they relate to your feminine element is fundamental in helping you understand your femboy likes and dislikes.


Feminine actions, attitudes, feelings, and mannerisms


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Can you imagine if a feminine lady like Marylyn Monroe angrily slammed the door behind her hurting others in the process, or had a bad attitude that leaves a bad stink wherever she goes?


That would not be so feminine many would say.


This is not to say that the feminine is exempt from negative emotions and feelings.


However, as a fem boy, you may want to be the evolved feminine that is courteous, friendly, and polite.


Worth noting is that these are gender-neutral traits that make you a presentable person overall.



The theory underpinning the rise of the fem boys is that they are a hybrid of masculinity and femininity without compromising their power in each.


So, while as a starting femboy, you may want to preserve your masculine capital by exhibiting sexual bravado, you may also want to uphold self-control as a feminine trait.


Saying ‘thank you’, accepting help, and being friendly to others will shed light on your feminine side.


Additionally, you will also be able to connect with other feminine figures that you can learn from.


Joining Supportive communities and friends




Understanding that you are not alone in every journey is a refreshing way to begin every journey.


And for a fem boy, it is important that you join friends who accept and support you in who you are.


It will be refreshing to join other femboy communities as you will find people with whom you share the same experiences, struggles, and vision in your journey.


Femboy issues such as appearance anxiety, eroticization, bullying, and fear of embracing cosmetics will be addressed in femboy groups.


Studies indicate that community groups help individuals to understand their issues better while also giving them room to express themselves freely.


Hence, as a beginning fem boy, joining online communities, supporting friends,


and being part of groups that help you understand your feminine side better will be a step further in cementing your identity and expressing yourself in the most authentic and accepting way ever.


Explore about Femboy Culture




Even Spiderman explored his web-shooting capabilities in his Aunt Mays’s house before heading out to save the world and so should you!


To embrace your feminine side, it is important to understand the beauty ideals that shape who you are as a person presenting as feminine.


Learn about other fem boys and the femboy culture.


Learn how Western beauty standards of shape, youth, and social privilege work for others and evaluate how it can work for you


. Learn how and why other fem boys choose to engage in bodywork and modification of their appearance.


Read about men who take care of their bodies and mind without being feminized. Educate yourself on the fashion choices and cosmetic preferences that come with being a femboy.


It will be easy to understand your feelings, thoughts, and attitudes about being a femboy through self-exploration.


Embracing confidence and self-acceptance




They say every answer that we want is within.


And as a fem boy accepting who you are is the first step that comes before all the dressing, makeup, mannerisms, and community.


According to the Harvard Medical Review, low self-acceptance can lead to emotional and physical suffering as negative self-talk activates regions of the brain that are associated with emotions and stress.


Being at peace and being content in your identity will help you navigate the world as a fem boy.


In his ABC interview, femboy make-up artist and Mogul James Charles stated that he is confident being a boy and at the same time flaunting his make-up and having nails on set.


At the end of the day, working to elevate how you view yourself is the foremost element in becoming a femboy.






Femboys is an accepted practice today.


And in your quest to become a femboy, you should always remind yourself that finding what makes your heart melt reflects who you are and how you show up in the world.


Start gradually with gender-neutral fashions as you explore the femboy culture.


Be part of the femboy community to learn about the potential challenges you may face in the future.


Your diet and self-care practice will determine how far you reach in accepting who you are and being able to accept your authentic self.


Remember being a femboy in you no matter what anyone thinks.


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