Best Feminization Hypnosis Sites and Creators


Feminization Hypnosis, whether you agree with it or not, is a powerful activity that’s shrouded in common misconceptions.


Sissy hypnosis or hypno is a suggestive process that incites a heightened focus and awareness state for you to incorporate new ideas.


Phrases like “Suck cock” “Eating cum is groovy” “Wear panties” “You need to get on your knees for a man” are used to hypnotize you (mainly beta submissive males).


Sissy Hypno is very powerful in that for some it can alter their perception of women so they see these hot women and feel they are them.


If you are looking to become more feminine, you can with many sites and videos on the web.


Best Feminization Hypnosis Sites and Creators You Should Know


Many societal standards coerce our freedom unconsciously.


Hypnosis is a great tool to eliminate those subconscious thoughts and feelings and replace them with the help of it.


Feminization is a common enough subject in this category, allowing MTF to find a plethora of good and interesting content.


If you are looking to enhance your femininity, you can do it with the help of these videos and audio.


Keep reading to find where you can find the best content and press play. Enjoy your femininity free of guilt with hypnosis!



What is Sissy Hypno


Sissy hypno is a form of hypnosis that inspires and encourages individuals to embrace the sissy lifestyle, focusing on serving and submitting.


Through repetitive suggestions and visual stimuli, sissy hypno aims to shape the mindset and desires of individuals, allowing them to embody their sissy persona fully.


Sissy Hypno is a category of porn in which hot women’s images are used to sex up the target audience, which is primarily beta submissive men.


Shortly after, a few frames of an erect cock are shown, usually cumming, and words such as “Suck cock,” “Eating cum is groovy,” “Wear panties,”


“You need to get on your knees for a man,” and other phrases appear on the screen, altering the viewer’s perception of themselves as a woman in a male body.


This process is known as “rewiring,” but it is completely reversible once the viewer stops fapping and porn.


It is important to approach sissy hypno with informed consent and prioritize personal safety and well-being.


Complete Crossdressing Guide to Feminization Hypnosis


Sissy hypno comes in various forms, including:


Video with an audio track: Combines visual elements and accompanying audio to create a hypnotic experience.

Audio files: Focuses solely on the auditory aspect, delivering hypnotic suggestions and affirmations.

Sissy captions: Utilizes text and imagery to convey messages and create an immersive experience.


These different formats cater to individuals seeking to explore and reinforce the sissy lifestyle, allowing them to immerse themselves in hypnotic content that aligns with their desires and aspirations.


Word of Advice


Many of the videos presented here contain rapid flashing images with surrounding sound.


If you have a prior story of seizures or photosensitive epilepsy, viewer discretion is advised.


Because of the nature of these videos, some may suffer from anxiety triggers.


If you feel like anything of this is happening, stop immediately and breathe.


Go out and clear your mind, and if the problem persists, consult a specialist.


Best Feminization Hypnosis Sites and Creators You Should Know


Hypnosis treatment has been tried with different results, but it hasn’t been proven to alter the subject’s mind completely.


It works best on those who are willingly accepting its suggestions.


You should start with the mildest ones and go up as you see fit. While some may feature flashing images, others are more similar to a guided meditation without the intense feeling of the former.


Best Sites Containing Hypnosis Videos


Best Feminization Hypnosis Sites and Creators You Should Know


This kind of content is best enjoyed with headphones on in a quiet ambiance.


Last, stay away from operating heavy machinery or driving while listening to these videos. They can make you lose concentration and cause an accident. With that out of the way, let’s see where we can find the best content on the web.


Two easily accessible sites host the most and best content on hypnosis.


These two are YouTube and HypnoTube.


While the latter features more erotic content than YouTube.


If you are new to this world, here is a great introduction. In the same manner, we are going to start slow with more traditional hypnosis videos, and we are going to turn the notch up a bit with some fantasy-oriented ones.


If you want to delve further into this world, there’s no better source of information and content than this subreddit. Let’s see how we can start our hypnotic journey without any further ado.


Starting with Feminizing Meditation


Best Feminization Hypnosis Sites and Creators You Should Know


This type of guided meditation works similarly to the regular one. It helps you to relax through a calming voice and free yourself of all the worries you carry with you.


Once you achieve a focused state of mind, a voice will guide you through common feminine sensations with relaxing music playing in the background.


Here are some of the best-guided meditations for you to feminize your mind through a relaxing method.


  • Awaken Your Divine Feminine Energy



This video guides you through fifteen minutes of meditation, awakening the femininity that you are holding back.


According to the creator, by reconnecting with your inner goddess, you will tap into that energy that’s loaded with feminine feelings and manners.


With this video, you can improve your sensuality, sensitivity, and compassion. All aspects sum up to enhance your predisposition to connect with the real you.


  • Feminizing Your Past, Present, and Future



Lucille Sorella is a great content creator of this kind of video. They are not only apt for crossdressers but transgender people, too.


This video presents a positive and encouraging meditation that will help you to feel like the woman you are.


This meditation contains a clear and direct message aiding you to connect with your femininity. Without the disturbing noises and low quality present in many other videos, I’m sure you are going to love this.


  • Activate Your Feminine Energy



This powerful self-hypnosis video not only helps you relax and reach the woman inside you but also helps you lay down all the toxic masculinity that is holding you back.


This guided meditation intends to make you lose whatever fear you have while expressing your femininity. It is a good idea to hear at the beginning of your day if you want to enhance your feminine energy in your daily routine.




Check out this inspirational MTF crossdressers YouTube video to learn about the power and beauty of skirts. Discover how to confidently style, swagger, and express your femininity.


Come be a part of our encouraging group and get over the stigma and fear of being authentic.


You possess individuality, self-assurance, and beauty.


Join us in celebrating your journey and have fun with skirts.


The Right Mindset for a Healthy Life


cross dresser sites


Now that we are all warmed and tapped into that feminine energy, it is time to put it to work. The great thing about hypnosis is that it can lead to a healthier lifestyle. We can motivate our minds to exercise more with the right audio files.


We’ll not only be getting healthy but also combining this urge with the right workout and getting closer to a sexy, feminine-looking body! This will boost our confidence to the limits. Now, get comfortable and get ready for some motivation.


  • Hypnotic Labs


cross dresser sites


This creator has uploaded many guided meditations aimed at achieving a healthier lifestyle. This video is a great introductory example of how he makes us reach the powerful energies within ourselves.


With calming background sounds and a reassuring voice, the narrator drives us through the depths of our minds, motivating us to get off the couch and work out regularly.


Like many others on his channel, the previous video also makes you more aware of your eating habits. Between them, you can also find guided meditations to boost your confidence. I suggest you give them a try.


  • Minds in Unison


Best Feminization Hypnosis Sites and Creators You Should Know


Thomas Hall is a hypnotherapist who’s been working in the field for eleven years. So, it’s safe to say he’s got some experience. He also created this channel, which features many hypnotic files serving diverse subjects, from stopping procrastinating and losing the fear of flying to anxiety and depression relief.


With a more classic take on hypnosis, Hall utilizes the well-known spiral to achieve travel in our subconscious, guided by his voice. I’m sure that a quick search in his channel and you will be trying some of those.


Themes are so varied that they include hypnosis to stop smoking, boost your self-esteem, and even some to help with insomnia. I highly recommend it.


  • Progressive Hypnosis


cross dresser sites


Helen is the creator in charge of this channel. She uses a method that resembles more guided meditations rather than hypnosis, though it is a fine line.


Videos like this one, with calming background sounds, help reach our subconscious mind to trigger a positive change in our lives. Exercising and losing weight through healthy habits in that case.


But on her channel, you can find many other videos to boost your daily mood or to treat insomnia, for instance.


Wild and Intense Feminization Hypnosis


If you happen to be an adrenaline junkie and you are looking for something more on the fantasy side, then HypnoTube is the number one site to go to.


You might have enjoyed the previous recommendations, but if Intensity is your middle name, then I’m sure you will find the following to your tastes.


  • Leyendecker


Best Feminization Hypnosis Sites and Creators You Should Know


This content creator specializes in breaking all the sex taboos you might have set in your mind. With the help of a guiding voice, intense imagery, and sounds, its creator achieves a powerful effect on your mind that makes you feel sexy like a woman.


It is quite a fetishist with the sissy subcategory and will help you feel like one if that’s what you are looking for.


  • Quakkiibabii


cross dresser sites


If you are in search of intense videos, look no further, as this creator has everything that you need.


QuakkiiBabii uses every trick there is to make you spiral deeper into the hypnotic suggestions of her videos.


She uses binaural mixes of sounds, powerful suggestions, and the classic hypnotic gimmick of looking straight into the center of a spiral. She makes great videos if that is your cup of tea.


  • Cocotranse


Best Feminization Hypnosis Sites and Creators You Should Know


This creator has been in the business for quite a while. She holds a reputation of her own among fans of this media.


Cocotranse’s videos drive you through a whirlwind of feminine emotions and thoughts.


With flashing images imprinted with femininity and a guiding voice, she will make you feel like the girl you always dreamt of.


  • Bambi Sleep!


cross dresser sites


Another veteran creator, Bambi Sleep, has been creating content for many years now, which you can find on her page. She works on the fantasy part of hypnosis, breaking chains from your preconceptions to enjoy sexual pleasure freely.


According to her, her hypnosis focuses on deep bimbo conditioning. You can download the content from her site on the previous link. She not only makes wonderful hypno videos on their own but also compiles them in the form of therapy for you to enjoy a wonderful ride to the depths of your femininity.


These are just some sites and creators you can visit in search of hypnotizing content. You can find many more on the mentioned sites if you feel these don’t cut it for you.


If surfing through the net, you come across a website or creator that you think should be on this list, let me know in the comments below. I hope you find this article helpful in searching for the woman inside you that’s holding you back. Stay safe and feminine, darlings!


Other feminization hypnosis websites recommended


  • SoundCloud
  • erome
  • TikTok


Sissy Hypno FAQs


FAQ 1: Is feminization hypnosis effective?


Feminization hypnosis can be effective for individuals who approach it with an open mind and consistent practice. However, results may vary from person to person.


FAQ 2: Can anyone undergo feminization hypnosis?


Yes, anyone interested in exploring their femininity and mentally and emotionally prepared can undergo feminization hypnosis.


FAQ 3: How long does it take to see results from feminization hypnosis?


The time to see results may vary depending on individual factors, consistency of practice, and the specific goals you have set. Some individuals experience noticeable changes relatively quickly, while others require more time.


FAQ 4: Are there any risks associated with feminization hypnosis?


When approached responsibly, feminization hypnosis is generally safe. However, it’s important to practice self-care, set realistic goals, and consult with professionals if you have any concerns or underlying mental health conditions.


FAQ 5: Can feminization hypnosis be done without professional guidance?


While it’s possible to engage in feminization hypnosis without professional guidance, seeking support from qualified hypnotherapists or therapists is advisable, especially if you’re new to hypnosis or have specific concerns. They can provide personalized guidance and ensure your practice is safe and effective.


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  1. Sissy hypno is really helpful! It makes me feel like I have breasts and become a sexy mistress.

  2. Sissy hypno is amazing, seriously! I’ve been listening to sissy hypno all night, and let me tell you, it’s making me feel so much more feminine. I feel super confident and happy rocking my dresses and heels now. It’s like magic!

  3. I absolutely adore reading your blog! It’s like my guilty pleasure to dress up in cute panties, slip into a pretty dress, put on a fabulous long hair wig, and binge on sissy hypnosis videos. It just makes me feel so darn good and girly!

  4. I used to feel so unsure about myself, like it was weird whenever I put on women’s clothes. But the desire was irresistible. Then, I stumbled upon sissy hypno, and let me tell you, it totally mesmerized me! I started envisioning myself as a sexy teacher, and guess what? My partner couldn’t get enough of me!

  5. Stumbled across sissy hypnosis and have always been very skeptical about hypnosis in general. I thought, this would be the perfect experiment for a totally straight guy to try and see if it works. I am over one year later and what do you think?

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