Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


As crossdressers, we all strive to be womanly when we decide to dress up and have some girl time.  Appearing feminine is one thing; adopting feminine mannerisms is another.  Still, another more intense level is thinking like a woman; believing that you’re truly a woman deep in your bones.


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


If you feel that way, or are looking for a way to mentally escape from your masculinity from time to time, perhaps experimenting with some feminizing hypnosis is something worth trying.  Perhaps you’ve never heard of feminization hypnosis, or are wary of trying something which seems awkward or strange.  I can assure you that there is nothing wrong or dangerous about it.  We’ll cover some of the basics about feminizing hypno, where and how to find it along with a few recommendations, and finally some of the benefits.  Hypnosis or hypnotherapy can really help you become more feminine.



1. What is feminizing hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a state of being where your awareness to immediate stimuli is reduced and your attention can be more focused. In this state, you’re more open to suggestion or direction.  Hypnosis has a number of applications; some will use it to help quit smoking or as a form of therapy.  We, as crossdressers, can take advantage of hypnosis to make us more able to accept and internalize feminine habits, mannerisms, or mindset.  Don’t expect to be dropped into a trance like state and then wake up with a completely feminine mind at the snap of a finger.


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


Most of us are likely to explore this online, using self-hypnosis videos or audio.  In my experience, these will be hit and miss.  Most are produced for novelty reasons.  Most of what you’ll find available for free online is meant to tempt you to buy into a more involved program, but there will be nuggets of quality.  Depending on what you plan to focus on, or your reason for trying feminizing hypnosis you’ll want to look on different sites.


2. Benefits of feminizing self-hypnosis


So why should you consider feminizing hypnosis?  I think the best application is to overcome a mental barrier or break a bad habit.  Hypnotherapy can help people quit smoking and is even used to help relieve chronic pain by ‘training’ your subconscious to ignore impulses or sensations.  When applied to our crossdressing, we can utilize this to improve our confidence.  One of the biggest issues many of us will have is a fear of being found out, perhaps a deep apprehension about a secret hobby.  Repeated feminine affirmation hypnosis might be able to help you overcome this.


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


Other benefits may be just momentary and short lived.  Some feminizing hypnosis might be titillating for you because what it encourages you to do or think is in some way taboo.  More explicit hypnosis is intended for those of us who find the idea of being pushed over the edge arousing.  These sessions are just for entertainment though, they won’t permanently change your mind.


3. Where to find the best hypnosis for you


This is perhaps the most important part of what we will explore here. If you type feminization hypnosis into a search engine, you’re going to get a bunch of different results; if you turn off your safe search option, the range of results is going to grow immensely.  Most of the results you will likely notice first are going to be videos on sites like YouTube, but dig a bit deeper and you’ll notice that there will be a lot of results on more adult or fetish websites as well.


Depending on what you’re going to be trying to accomplish, the website you’re looking for is a good place to start a filtering process.  So, the first thing to do is to think about why you’re going to try some self-hypnosis.  Are you looking for a goal to achieve, a fear to overcome, or something else entirely?


? Confidence building hypnosis


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


If you’re just looking to improve your confidence or lessen anxiety about crossdressing, you probably can find something helpful on YouTube.  Be specific with your search, otherwise you’re going to have a hard time finding what best meets your desires.  There will be lots of general hypnosis videos for feminine affirmations or validations.


Here are a few links:


Feminine Affirmations – A video to listen to while you fall asleep and through the night.  It’s meant to seep into your subconscious while you dream.


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


Good Girl30 minutes to help you embrace femininity.


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


You’ll notice that both videos start in a similar way; a calming voice talking about relaxation and breathing.  This is meant to help you relax, lower your filters, and become more receptive to the hypnotic process.  Depending on the video, that can go on for 3 minutes or 15 or even longer.


Feminization Secrets (Paid) – This website has a number of hypnosis programs, some of which come with some supplementary materials.  All of them are only available for a price; I’d advise looking at the samples before buying.


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


? Specific topics or skills


If you’re looking for something more focused, like achieving a more womanly voice through hypnosis, just search for it.  Something like these will likely have minimal initial effects, but repeated use could help lower your affective filter over time.


I’d suggest trying to find really narrow topics here; think about one skill to improve or insecurity to overcome.  Here are some just a few hypnosis videos I found on specific feminization topics.


Voice Feminization – hypnosis to encourage you to find a female sounding voice.


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


Encouragement to wear lipstick – This one is meant to help you be more comfortable wearing make-up and lipstick.  It might make you want to wear them more often or embed the desire to wear it in your subconscious.


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


Fit and Femme Program – Perhaps you’ve got an issue with food or your weight.  I know that I can’t resist a late night cookie craving, and when it’s time to decide between having pizza or a salad, I always choose the pizza.  This program can help you control your cravings and stick to a weight loss plan.  This program isn’t free though.


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


? Fantasy hypnosis


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


So far, we’ve just covered some more innocent hypnosis topics.  If you’re looking for a greater degree of escapism or to indulge in some femme fantasies, you can amend your searches to reflect that.  When I engage in hypnosis, I usually try to trick my mind into thinking my body is changing to be more feminine.  It’s possible to find hypnosis videos that gently repeat that you’re starting feminine puberty, growing your own breasts, or maybe growing long flowing hair.  Obviously, none of them will have real physical effects, but they can complement your own actions.  I have enjoyed putting on some of my breast forms, and then listening to a voice affirm that my breasts are my own, that I will need to wear a bra all the time, and that they will jiggle and bounce as I move.


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


Now there are also more, shall we say, fetish-orientated hypnosis videos as well.  These can also cover a range of topics; the most common will be about coerced or “forced” feminization, sissy play, and anything where cross-dressing is a component of sexual fulfillment.  Some of the less explicit versions of these can be found on YouTube; you’ll also find a lot of these on adult websites.  None of these will brainwash you to turn you into a simpering weak caricature of a woman, they are just momentary entertainment.


4. Some things to be aware of before engaging in self hypnosis


Online feminizing hypnosis is intended as a novelty, not as real therapy.  This is the big issue you’ll need to be aware of when you’re engaging in it.  It might offer you a small window into a greater part of yourself; if that’s the case, I’d strongly advise you to seek out a qualified hypnotherapist to help guide your journey to a constructive end.


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


There’s also a chance of side effects from any hypnosis or hypnotherapyThese are usually minor, such as headaches or momentary dizzinessTake a break from it if you experience any of these side effects.  Also, lots of free hypno that are found online is meant as a baited hook to get you to bite and pay for more.  Because I doubt how effective this is, I’d think twice before paying money to access more.


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


Escaping from ourselves is often what crossdressing is all about.  Exploring a deeper part of our identity can make us sometimes confront uncomfortable or unsettling things.  Even though most feminizing hypnosis is meant as entertainment, this escape can help confront those feelings deep inside.


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


Using feminine hypnosis to upgrade a makeover session or relax your inhibitions over time are achievable goals.  There is certainly no shame in living out your fantasy to a greater degree or a higher level of intensity.


Id’ like to invite you to share how you use feminizing hypnosis in your own crossdressing.  Is it a way to train your brain to become more unconsciously feminine, or is it just a momentary thrill?  Please share some of your recommended resources or content creators.


I wish you all the best; good luck!


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  1. Watching these sissy hypno only adds to my longing to become a full time sissy for a Daddy or Mistress. I would love to completely feminize myself with big breasts and also be put in chastity. I keep myself soft and completely smooth.
    sissy diane

  2. i used to love when my Ex-Wife feminized me & sissified me…i loved it when She let her friends…or even mine know all about me!!! Now all i want is to be a fairy sissy for a Daddy….Yes, i want to be exclusively homosexual as a sissy!!! my step-Daddy & his best friend watched me sucking my older cousins dick!!! After that, they both started using me for their pleasures!!! he allowed me to keep being used by my cousin. Even my Mommy knew her hubby was using me for sex!!! She told me to never make him mad at me…i should keep doing my best to keep him happy…so i Always DID make him happy with me…i asked for hints to improve his pleasure…so i started wearing nighties & panties for him!!! i even gave Him a blow job on His death bed…when i was 55…Mommy & my step-sister watched too!!! i came in my panties…Mommy & Sis didn’t believe me, so i proved it!!!

  3. It is beautiful developing a woman’s curvy soft body. It is the most amazing experience. The first time I passed as a female in public was also exciting and made me long to speed the female process up even more. Open your mind and believe in hypnosis and you can achieve so much, believe me?

  4. I loved to read this article!
    It feels so good to wear my dress, my panties, my breast forms, my wig and imagine I’m a woman…
    I like to watch and listen to crossdressing and sissyfication hypnosis videos, they do make me feel more feminine.

    Thank you so much for this article, it describes so well what I feel.

    Love x,

  5. Oh I love reading your blog! I love dressing up with my panties, my dress, my long hair wig and watching sissy hypnosis videos, makes me feel so good, so girly…

    Love x

  6. I did chemical castration and used herbs and hypnosis along with FLR to really change into a sissy with knowledge of the nerves to get off like a girl as I became one.

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