Enhance Your Feminine Look with Fake Eyelashes


Feminizing your face is one of the most crucial parts of crossdressing. That’s because you are perceived not only by your silhouette and mannerisms. Your facial features are very important as well, and male and female features are very different. One of these differences can be noticed on the eyelashes. Long, curled eyelashes can make your eyes look attractive, seductive, and more feminine. But men tend to have shorter and harder eyelashes, making it even more difficult for them to look like women. It’s possible to fix that with fake eyelashes, but it takes a certain set of skills. Most beginners lack these skills, and as a result, their eyelashes tend to look unnatural.


How to Feminize Your Facial Expression With Fake Eyelashes


These key skills include knowing how to choose your lashes and deciding which one is better suited for your face.


You must also learn how to cut them to size, as most lashes come with an excess.


Besides that, it’s also important to understand how to glue and apply the lashes so they look convincing and feminine enough.




With this article, I want to teach other crossdressing sisters the basics of fake eyelashes.


These extensions will help them feminize their facial features more naturally.


As a result, I hope you can achieve a pair of seductive and charming eyes, which shall improve your experience as a crossdresser.


With that in mind, all the tips will be focused on how to choose and apply proper lashes.


1. Choose the right false eyelashes


When looking for fake eyelashes to feminize our eyes, we need to keep a few things in mind.


First of all, lashes vary in quality, size, color, and shape.


How to Feminize Your Facial Expression With Fake Eyelashes


Durability may also be a concern, depending on your budget, but I’ll talk about it later.


All of these features will affect the final result, so it’s important to think about them.


With that in mind, I’ll develop each one in depth.




The quality of the lashes may be regarded as the most important characteristic of the product.


It dictates how well it will work and what kind of effect you may expect.


Low-quality lashes may look rubbish and look like plastic even from a distance. The effect is far from natural, and it’s over-shiny.


Depending on the material, it’s even possible that it causes some sort of allergy.


To avoid this kind of situation, avoid unknown brands and try those which you can trust.


Some of them are Sephora, Huda, and Lilly lashes, but you can find tons of well-known brands online.


How to Feminize Your Facial Expression With Fake Eyelashes


Quality also involves durability, which relies on your budget. Less durable lashes are cheaper for single uses, but acquiring them may become more expensive overtime.


Durable lashes may help you save money if you plan on using them multiple times.


Take note of how often you crossdress, and sum up the values to see if they’re worth it.




The size depends on a few factors, such as what you intend to do and the length of your lashes.


For occasional crossdressing and realistic effects, you may avoid exaggeration.


That’s because it would draw too much attention and break the realism.


It would be best if you found balance here.


Aim for lashes that are bigger or wider than your real ones but that still look reasonable in size.


How to Feminize Your Facial Expression With Fake Eyelashes


A good option is to get individual customizable lashes instead of strip ones.


However, if you want to go for a more artistic look, the bigger the better, and exaggeration is encouraged.


But keep in mind that you can trim your lashes anytime you want, so don’t mind size if that’s the only thing preventing you from buying a set you like.




Although most fake lashes, as the real ones, are black, it’s possible to notice a variation in pigment sometimes.


This is not always a big deal, but clear lashes may be of poor quality.


The pigmentation is important to make the lashes stand out, highlighting your feminine features.


How to Feminize Your Facial Expression With Fake Eyelashes


What I mean here is that high-quality eyelashes tend to be closer to the actual tone of eyelashes.


And thus, it should be prioritized if you’re aiming for a realistic effect.


But then again, you can still change the color by adding pigmentation, such as by applying dark mascara.




The shape is also important since some specific ones are better suited for certain faces and eyes.


It doesn’t necessarily affect the process of feminization, as most shapes will work.


But it does have an impact on the realism and how good you look, so I’ll try to elaborate further here.


For example, if your eyes are close to one another, try long lashes combined with a winged eyeliner to fill the space on the outer corners of your eyes.


Feminizing Hypnosis: Making Yourself Girly from the Inside Out


Wide eyes or eyes that are too far apart may look smaller.


Use individual lashes well positioned at the center of your pupils in order to make them look bigger.


Downturned eyes, on the other hand, may benefit from a lift, which can be achieved by adding volume with lashes to the outer corners.


2. Cut to Size


This is a useful tip for most types of eyelashes. That’s because they will rarely come in the same size as your eyelids.


It’s common to notice some sort of excess on the borders, and you may want to get rid of it before applying the eyelashes.


A good way to cut them on the right spot is to do a quick comparison with the actual length of your eyes.


Place it right above your eyes, and hold it on the spot you notice the excess.


After that, snap it out with a pair of precision scissors or an X-acto blade.


How to Feminize Your Facial Expression With Fake Eyelashes


A pro tip is to use tweezers to do all the measurements since they allow you to hold the lashes with more precision.


To achieve a more natural effect, make sure the false lashes start at the same spot as your natural ones and that they end at the outside corner of your eye.


With that in mind, never cut the lashes on the inner part; always cut it on the end.


As a final piece of advice about cutting, I want to point out that you should do separate measurements for each eye.


That’s because it’s rather common for people to have eyes of slightly different sizes.


3. Choose and apply the glue


In terms of eyelashes, half of the work is done by you, and the other half is on the glue.


The glue is what holds the lashes onto your eyes and is responsible for how well and how long it will be attached.


Choosing the right glue, and applying it properly, is essential to grant a long lasting effect.


And also to prevent the eyelashes from falling apart.


You must also pay attention to the quality to avoid allergies and other side effects.


How to Feminize Your Facial Expression With Fake Eyelashes


Besides that, I recommend you get a glue that reflects your level of practice, patience, and ability.


Slow-drying glues give you more time to place the lashes in the right place, but if it takes too long to dry, the lashes may end up sticking together.


The advantage they provide is a certain degree of flexibility.


It allows you to reposition the lashes if you miss the initial positioning.


If you’re getting started and want a safe glue that allows you to place the lashes with care, you may try out these products:






On the other hand, we have quick-drying glues, which will dry and hold your lashes in instants.


They are better suited for thicker and more voluminous lashes, preventing them from falling or bending.


However, the glue may dry before you attach the lashes if you are too slow, causing it to lose grip and rendering it useless.


This way, quick-drying glues are better suited for experienced crossdressers.


They know how to apply their lashes with precision.


If you’re confident enough and want to try out these glues with thicker lashes, you may be interested in these:






How to Feminize Your Facial Expression With Fake Eyelashes


Apart from the type of glue you choose, it’s still important to learn how to apply it.


A good trick is to wait about 5 seconds after you apply the glue to let it set and increase its effectiveness.


That’s because the glue needs to be tacky before you position the lashes, as they may slip out of place otherwise.


The glue is generally applied directly to the lashes, but you must avoid holding the lashes under the glue.


If you do so, you may spill glue in the wrong places, ruining the lashes.


Make sure they are hovering over the glue, in a way that gravity works against the glue.


It prevents excess glue from spilling onto the lashes, and assures you get the right amount out of the tube.


Or better yet, use a small brush to apply it, as it provides extra protection against spills and excess.


Another tip is to make use of tweezers for an extra degree of precision when applying the glue.


Apply the glue to the baseline of the lashes, as that is the part that will be in contact with your skin.


4. How to apply the lashes


This is the part that takes the most practice and patience to be done right.


You must take care and follow these steps so that you can achieve a natural look for the eyelashes.


If you do that correctly, you may achieve very realistic and feminine eyelashes, which will do a lot to feminize your expressions.


Curling your lashes


How to Feminize Your Facial Expression With Fake Eyelashes


Female eyelashes tend to have curves, and so do the false lashes you’ll be wearing.


Male lashes, on the other hand, have little natural curl and tend to be straight.


This key difference may cause a series of problems, making it difficult for you to match the real and the false lashes.


It would be best if you blended them somehow, and a good way to do that is to curl your natural lashes beforehand.


Some people do that with their fingers, but you may need a special tool called an eyelash curler if you want to achieve the best results.


Get the curlers and clamp them down to the very base of your lashes.


You need to pump it, but softly, by squeezing it a few times.


It will curl the base of your lashes, which is a good start, but you need to repeat the process once again.


This time, clamp it in the middle of your lashes to achieve a natural effect. You can get eyelash curlers right here:


Place the lashes with care.


After that, using tweezers, you must hold the lashes with glue already applied.


Use a mirror to make sure you get the position right, as they need to be placed symmetrically and match your actual lashes.


A tip to achieve that is to apply them as close to the roots of your natural lashes as possible while matching the length.


How to Feminize Your Facial Expression With Fake Eyelashes


There’s no secret to doing that; it’s a matter of practice and patience.


But it may be easier if you lift your chin and keep your eyes open while looking into the mirror.


Remember to start with slow-drying glues, as they are more versatile and suitable for practicing.


Once you’re confident enough, work your way to glues that dry faster.


Blend the lashes


Once you apply the lashes and place them, it’s important to remember a couple of finishing touches.


The first one comes from pinching together your false and natural lashes.


You can use either your fingers or a pinching tool if you feel more comfortable.


Be careful and gentle, do avoid damaging or detaching the false lashes.


How to Feminize Your Facial Expression With Fake Eyelashes


The goal here is to ensure both of them are in contact looking like they belong to the same thing.


If you miss this step, it may look like your eyelashes are divided or even doubled.


But if you remember to pinch them, the false lashes will look like an extension of your natural ones rather than an extra pair.


Apply Mascara


The second one consists of applying a coat of mascara to both eyelashes.


Not only does it highlight and emphasize them, but it also darkens the region and helps everything blend.


Feminine eyes tend to have thicker eyelashes, while men’s are rather thin.


Even a slight coat of mascara can reduce this difference, making your natural lashes look thicker and blend better with the false ones.


This kind of little detail ends up making a very noticeable difference, which boosts the feminizing potential of your eyes.


Here’s a quick before-and-after comparison:


How to Feminize Your Facial Expression With Fake Eyelashes


I really hope these descriptions provide you with enough information to try it out on your own.


I know that some people learn faster through video tutorials, as they provide a panoramic view of what’s going on.


If you want to see it done on camera, just so you can get a better idea of how to proceed, here’s a video you may find useful:



5. How to store false lashes


Although most false lashes are made to be discarded after using them, the high-quality ones tend to be reusable.


You can save money by taking care of your lashes and using them more than once.


To do that, remove the lashes after each use, but with care, as you don’t want to rip them off.




Once it’s off, clear both the remnant glue and mascara by using an oil-free makeup remover with the aid of a cotton swab.


If you plan on using the same pair of lashes for a prolonged amount of time, it may be a good idea not to use any mascara at all.


That’s because putting it on and later removing it too frequently may reduce the durability of your lashes.


How to Feminize Your Facial Expression With Fake Eyelashes


After that, you may want to remove excess moisture from the lashes, since it may cause allergies in further uses.


Use a hair dryer set on low, at a certain distance from the lashes, just so any excess water is vaporized.


You don’t want to over-dry it, though, since it may cause the lashes to break or melt, depending on the material.




Lastly, you need to store your lashes. My tip is to keep them in their original box since they generally have curved spots that maintain their shape.


You can also use an eyelash case for the same effect, but the curvature may vary.


Whichever option you choose, make sure you put it in a place with low humidity, the same as you would do with brand-new lashes.


How to Feminize Your Facial Expression With Fake Eyelashes


Now you know the basic processes of how to apply eyelashes.


First, you need to analyze the lashes in order to choose which one is better suited for your situation.


Please pay attention to quality, shape, and durability, and make sure you cut them to match your eyes.


Pick a glue based on your level of skill, and change it as you make progress.


After applying the lashes, put some finishing touches on them to increase realism.


But keep practicing above everything else.


Are you used to eyelashes and want to share your experience?


Please tell us how you feel about it in the comments below!

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