Hide Masculine Facial Features: Makeup Tips and Tricks for Crossdressers



Hide Masculine Facial Features


Crossdressing is a process of multiple steps that transforms us from a male to a beautiful-looking female.

This process involves creating a feminine figure, wearing female clothes, and adopting a feminine behavior and attitude,

but the most important step among all of this is hiding the masculine facial features.

Hiding masculine features is not easy because masculine facial features are the result of hormonal and cultural influences.

The bone structure of men often appears very heavy with the brow bone,

the jaw, and the chin, while a feminine bone structure is smoother and more oval.

If we pay attention to these small details, we, as crossdressers,

can hide masculine facial features and make a significant difference in our en femme look.

In this blog, I am going to share how to hide masculine facial features and

also share tips and tricks to appear more feminine as a male-to-female crossdresser.



Importance of Hiding Facial Features for Crossdressers


Hide Masculine Facial Features 


When I look at myself in the mirror wearing eyelashes, lipstick, mascara, and blush,

the feeling I get as a crossdresser is incredible; I am sure a lot of you are relating with me here.

A feminine-looking face can increase our self-esteem, personal comfort, and confidence in social settings and public spaces.

By hiding our masculine facial features, we align with our feminine identity, which helps us feel good and feminine.


Hide Masculine Facial Features 


I strongly believe that we all are passable; all we need to do is put in some necessary

effort and learn some important feminine skills like feminine facial makeup.

This skill not only helps us become feminine physically but also ignites the feminine feel inside.

Self-confidence is the key. Once we are passable, suddenly, we are accepted everywhere.

Hiding masculine facial features as male to female crossdressers can

reduce the unwanted attention or discrimination we might have to face.


Facial Features Difference


Broader Nose


Hide Masculine Facial Features


So, as men, due to physical conditioning and hormonal effects, we have broader noses with slight indentation.

Also, the angle between our lips and nose is less than 90 degrees, which gives it a more rounded and broader look.

On the other hand, a feminine nose is narrow and slightly upturned.

Moreover, the angle between the nose and the lip is larger in women than in men.

Feminine nostrils are also smaller compared to masculine noses.


Wide Eyebrows


Hide Masculine Facial Features 


We, as crossdressers, often ignore this, but honey, eyebrows make a significant difference in our feminine looks.

Eyebrows are like the frame of our eyes, enhancing the beauty of the eyes.

So, if we don’t feminize our eyebrows, it can ruin the feminine eye makeup.


So, I have typical masculine eyebrows, which are heavier, straighter, and closer to the eyes than I was so unaware of.

Later, I realized the difference: ladies have thinner and beautifully arched upward eyebrows.

Having thin, feminine eyebrows makes our eyes appear slightly larger and more feminine.

There are various methods we can use to feminize our eyebrows, which I will discuss in the next section of the blog.


Forehead Structure


Hide Masculine Facial Features 


Biologically, male foreheads have a ridge of bone around the upper edge of the

eye sockets called the “brow ridge” or “brow bossing,” which makes the forehead look bigger and makes men appear stronger.

But we sissies don’t want to appear stronger, right?


On the other hand, female foreheads have no brow ridge.

Women have a vertical appearance of the forehead in lateral view,

which makes the forehead appear smaller and cute.


Thinner Lips


Hide Masculine Facial Features 


We all know how important it is to feminize our lips, but how to feminize lips

is what most of us don’t know, especially at the start of our crossdressing journey.


To understand the feminization of lips, first, we need to know the difference between male lips and female lips.

Naturally, most of us crossdressing men are born with thinner and longer lips.

So, even if we put on lipstick, it won’t make much difference because

feminine lips are lush and much plumper compared to masculine lips.

This means women have fuller and bigger lips, much closer to the nose.

Now, there are various ways to make lips more plumper and fuller, which we will talk about later in this blog.


Adam’s Apple


Hide Masculine Facial Features 


Adam’s apple is one of the most visible features in boys that occurs during puberty.

Adam’s apple is basically cartilage that grows around the voice box to make our voice deeper and more masculine.

On the outside, the bone causes a protruding bump in the neck known as the Adam’s apple.

Women don’t have the Adam’s apple, which creates a difference in the neck of men and women.

I bet there isn’t any sissy who likes their Adam’s apple.

I hate mine, which is why I use makeup to hide my Adam’s apple.


Chin and Jaw


Hide Masculine Facial Features


We all are very much aware of this. Men have very large and prominent chins,

and women have smaller and rounder chins compared to men.

In fact, the most attractive part of male facial features is their jawline, which we don’t want at all.

We, as crossdressing men, should opt for a much rounder and narrower chin, not so well-defined.


We can hide all our masculine features with some makeup tips and tricks, so let’s explore more.


Makeup Tips to Hide Masculine Facial Features


Lifting the Eyebrows


Hide Masculine Facial Features 


Eyebrow lifting is a simple process that starts with an eyebrow pencil to extend the eyebrow arch to appear more feminine.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend asking your sissy friends or salon lady to create a female arch for you.

After some practice, you’ll be able to do it yourself.


In my beginner days, I had eyebrow stencil kits that I used to feminize my eyebrows,

it’s very easy to do, requiring no hard makeup skills at all.

After this, we can use a concealer or contour underneath the lower brow to further enhance the feminine effect.


Wig to Hide Forehead and Trachea


Makeup Tips and Tricks for Crossdressers 


As we previously discussed, the male forehead is bigger, and to make it appear smaller and more feminine,

I use a fuller wig or a wig with good bangs.

This helps me hide my masculine forehead and make it appear more feminine.


Another advantage of wearing a wig with good volume is that it acts as a distraction from our trachea and Adam’s apple.

Although we do have other methods to hide Adam’s apple, like using a scarf, wearing a choker,

or just concealing it with foundation, a wig can hide both the forehead and Adam’s apple at the same time.


Eye Makeup


eye makeup 


I love doing eye makeup. The satisfaction I get after feminizing my eyes is incredible.

It starts with curling my eyelashes and then simply applying some mascara over them.

The easiest way to apply mascara is to curl the lashes upwards and fan out the lashes at the same time.

This makes our eyelashes a bit longer and fuller, which gives the appearance of feminine eyes.

If you are not comfortable curling and applying mascara, simply use false eyelashes for a quick hack.


Feminizing Lips


Makeup Tips and Tricks for Crossdressers 


To make our lips more luscious and feminine, I use several lip-enhancement tricks as part of my makeup routine.

What I do is use a lip liner pencil to extend the edges of my lips and then fill it in with good quality lipstick.

This very simple and easy trick gives me fuller and more luscious feminine lips.


Contouring the Nose


Makeup Tips and Tricks for Crossdressers 


Contouring might seem like a difficult makeup technique, but trust me, honey, it’s not.

In contouring, we simply apply foundation or concealer to create light and shadow to change the shape of our noses.

Start with applying light concealer powder at the center of the nose with a darker shade on both sides.

The light shade will make the nose appear more feminine and narrower.

After this, we blend the lines to make it look natural.


Face Care Routine and Makeup



Makeup Tips and Tricks for Crossdressers


Feminizing the face involves a regular face care routine and feminine makeup techniques when required.

To keep the face forever feminine, always follow a skincare routine that includes cleansing and moisturizing.

As a crossdresser, we should shave every day to nourish our skin better.


Before applying makeup, use a good-quality primer to conceal the beard patch and rough skin.

Applying makeup will not only hide your masculine facial features but also give you smooth cheeks.

After this, I do chin contouring to give a feminine shape to my face and end it up with my favorite blush.

Blush makes my face look more feminine and healthy.

Attempt to create a soft and rounder shape by applying the blush lightly with round circular motions.


These makeup techniques might seem difficult in the initial days but don’t worry, honey, you will get there.

You can also take feminine makeup lessons for crossdressers to enhance your skills; at least, that’s what I did.




Hiding masculine facial features is an important part of male-to-female crossdressing.

In fact, without feminizing our faces, we might not appear passable,

which could demotivate us from crossdressing and make us feel uncomfortable as crossdressers.


To make our faces appear more feminine, first, we need to understand what facial

features make us look feminine and what are the notable differences between male faces and the faces of women.

After understanding, we should follow all the tips and tricks to hide masculine facial features,

such as lifting eyebrows, contouring the nose, doing eye makeup, wearing good wigs, etc.


Following these tips and tricks not only makes us look feminine physically

but also makes us feel feminine within ourselves and boosts our confidence.

Let me know in the comment section what tips and tricks you are using to hide your masculine facial features.

Until then, slay, girl!

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