Top 10 Slimming Poses for Chubby Crossdressers





Everyone’s obsessed with looking a certain way today. It’s like everywhere you turn, there’s this picture of the “perfect” body. I know there have been many body-positive influences lately. But you gotta admit, even these influencers pose a certain way to appear thinner! I am here to reassure all of you who identify as crossdressers and struggle with body image, like myself, not to worry. If you’re healthy and still looking fabulous, learning a few posing techniques to look your best won’t hurt anybody. Western society has a dominant beauty standard— but guess what? You can bend the rules with just a few tweaks of your angles!



Chubbies Can Crossdress




Just ’cause we’ve got some extra curves doesn’t mean we can’t slay in them fab outfits and look amazing in pics.


Plus, accentuating your curves and hiding some of those “extra” bits can give you an extra confidence boost.


Here’s a quick rundown of great tips to follow:


  • Squeeze in

Find garments that can squeeze ya — not to the point of you not being able to breathe. Pick those that are tight enough to help ya get into the shape you want. Often, it’s the hourglass shape.


For this point, you’ll want undergarments like body shapers and corsets.




  • Realistic props

Balance out your figure and make your clothes fit better with more advanced accessories that’ll make you look like a natural female.


Example: If you already have a great butt, then go buy a proportionate breast form.




  • Angles, techs, and spaces

There’s a big difference once you click pics from a higher angle with a wide lens camera. That’s why people invest in super-expensive lenses!


Just know that you shouldn’t compare yourself to every photo you scroll online!


The Power of Posture




For aligning your spine with confidence!


Stand Tall


There are endless tips about standing up straight — and they exist for a reason!


When your shoulders and back align, you’ll instantly feel the difference. Visually, you become taller and more poised.


(Plus your chest will look bigger!) Here’s what you’re waiting for — it makes you look slimmer. Even if you’re not a chubby crossdresser, who doesn’t love that?


Try it now: pull those shoulders back and lift your chest. See? You already look leaner!


So, ground your feet and open your torso. Remember, you want to stand tall and look confident, not stiff!


Engage Your Core


Engaging your core basically means pulling those tummy muscles in. “But how do I know if I’m engaging my core?”


Here’s a nice trick from one chubby crossdresser to another: Imagine someone is about to jump on your stomach!


Feel that firm stomach! It should be firm— not squishy!


This little move smooths out your middle and can make your spine feel more aligned. Trust me, once you get the hang of it, it’ll become second nature.


Next time you’re posing for the ‘gram or just walking around, try giving that core a little squeeze!


The Hip Pop


The hiphop


For accentuating your curves!


Shift Weight to One Side


When you shift your weight to one side and pop that hip out, you highlight your gorgeous curves. ‘Cause ya know, you still got them, no matter how much of a chubby crossdresser you may be!


As you’re after the hourglass figure, the hip-pop draws attention away from your middle. Plus, it’s super easy to do!


So, here’s how you nail it: stand with your feet hip-width apart. Then, put most of your weight on one leg. Push your hip out slightly — Boom!


It might feel a bit odd at first. But that’s just ’cause you ain’t used to it yet! So practice until it becomes your go-to!


Hand on Hip


This is another favorite of mine ’cause it’s a classic and just screams confidence. Add some sass by putting your hand on your hip, where your curves lie.


This pose calls out, “Hey, check me out!” Keep your fingers slightly spread out for a more natural and relaxed look.


Over-the-Shoulder Glance




For creating a slimming profile!


Turn the Shoulder


This pose hides your midsection. It makes you look very sexy too! Too much info but, whenever I do this, I feel like a start in a music video.


Turning your shoulder also brings attention to your face and pretty shoulders! Bonus if you’re wearing a sleek long wig to hide the neck, no matter how wide it can be!


Emphasize Sensuality


Oh, sugar, this part is the bomb! The over-the-shoulder glance doesn’t just slim you down — it also brings out your flirty and mysterious side.


Do this pose specifically if you like a sneaky, seductive energy that’s just irresistible.


The Hourglass Illusion


crossdresser hourglass


For maximizing your waist definition!


Hand Placement


There are times when pics are snapped at random. Now, when you’re not prepped to be photographed, you may not have any corsets lying around.


So, I’ll teach you the easiest way to trim your waist for that perfect Marilyn Monroe bod.


Do a little experiment — put a hand right on the smallest part of your waist, elbow out. See how that instantly cinches your middle part?


Your curves will be popping in all the right places, and you’ll feel super confident.


Twist the Upper Body


Go stand with your hips square, but give your upper body a mini twist. This one’s a gem for making the waist look narrower. It also makes any chubby crossdresser look more elegant.


It might feel a bit funky at first, but keep practicing! The twist should be subtle too! You don’t wanna overdo it and end up feeling like a pretzel.


Instead, think of it as a gentle glide. Quick morning stretches will help ya a lot!


The S-Curve


crossdress s curve


For highlighting natural curves!


Define the S-Curve


In arts, the S-curve is bending one way, then another, think of a snake when posing your body in an S-shape. For us chubby crossdresses, creating the S-curve means shifting our weight and angling the hips a bit.


Why? It elongates the chubby frame and features your curves more. You’ll look snazzy and sophisticated and maybe cunning in a sexy way.


Arm Positions


Position your arms to follow the contours of your body. Think of them as the picture frame that enhances the masterpiece (that’s you!).


Let one arm rest along your side. This is so your arm and another part of the body merge and look like one big lump of flesh.


Also, remember that anything compressed looks bigger on cameras. So, position your arm in a way that it doesn’t squish against your side.


Sit and Sizzle


sit and sizzle 


For seated slimming techniques!


Angle Your Legs


There are times when you can’t stand up for pics, like when you’re enjoying a meal. That doesn’t mean chubby crossdressers should skip the photos though!


When you’re seated, angle your legs to one side. This trick makes the legs look longer and leaner. See to it that you don’t have that bulky appearance.


Sit with your legs together and slightly off to one side. It’s a natural yet poised look that elongates any frame.


And hey, don’t forget to keep your posture straight! Your legs will thank you for the added length!


Engage Your Core While Seated


Yep— you still need to engage your core even when you’re seated! You’ll look more refined and elegant in no time.


When you sit up straight and keep your core engaged, it helps minimize any bulge and creates a slimmer silhouette.


Cross-Legged Cool




For flattering leg position!


Cross the Thigh


Crossing your legs at the thigh instead of the knee is a simple yet effective way to create a longer, slender leg line. This one’s very classy too!


It’s a pose that’s perfect for any setting, whether you’re at a social event or just lounging around.


Point the Toes


Now to tootsies! Pointing your toes will take that leg-crossing magic even further. It elongates the legs even further. Just give your toes a gentle point when your legs are crossed.


This added detail will draw attention in all the right ways.


The Hand Sweep


crossdresser the hand sweep 


For using your hands to draw eyes!


Sweeping Gesture


Using a sweeping hand motion along your body helps create this fab visual path that draws the eye up and down, slimming your silhouette naturally.


Start from your shoulder and move your hand down along your body, sweeping gently.


To be sure you get many nice pics, if you’re using an iPhone, be sure to turn on the “LIVE” setting.


Touch Points


Placing your hands on your hips or thighs emphasizes your curves and draws attention away from any wider areas.


It’s all about directing the viewer’s eye to where you want it.  Hands on hips can accentuate your waist while placing them on your thighs can highlight your legs.


This clever positioning will have you looking chic and polished, no matter what. Just play around with it!


The Lean and Tilt




For utilizing angles to flatter!


Lean Slightly Forward


Every chubby crossdresser wanna look bomb their pics. At the same time, they also don’t want the end pics to look like they’re trying too tired.


So create a flattering angle by slightly forward at the waist. This minimizes your mid.


The Tilt


Another great angle to play with is the tilt. Tilting your body slightly towards the camera creates a more dynamic and interesting composition.


It also elongates your neck and highlights your jawline, creating a more defined look. Experiment with different degrees of tilt — both towards and away from the camera — to see what works best for you.


Dynamic Posing




For ever-changing expressions!


Frequent Shifts


Pics need you to pose, but you don’t want to stay like a statue! Move around! Change your position a lot.


Even if you have a perfect go-to pose and angle, do you want your whole feed to feature you with the same pose and angle, in every single pic? No!


Don’t be afraid to get errors, just continue trying! The more you change, the more you’ll see how different angles compliment your body in varied ways.




Flowing Movements


When posing as a fem, then move like a fem too! Think slow and smooth, like you’re a gentle stream flowing — aww, so poetic.


But seriously, incorporating slow, flowing movements when transitioning between poses will make your photos look way more natural and less staged.


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