The 10 Most Adorable Cute Femboys on Social Media



 The 10 Most Adorable Cute Femboys on Social Media


Welcoming your feminine and masculine qualities is nothing short of an accomplishment.

Pair that with shattering traditional gender norms, add more femininity and you get a full-pledge femboy.

Thanks to technology, more femboys come out of the woodwork through social media.

Hashtags and sharing features helped femboys gain visibility and recognition.

Let’s celebrate the diversity and creativity of femboys in the virtual world through this blog.

I scoured many accounts to find an assorted group of cute femboys that’ll make your day on social media, one post at a time.

Are you ready to be charmed?



Femboys: A Brief Recap


 The 10 Most Adorable Cute Femboys on Social Media 


Feminine boys or femboys are males who display feminine characteristics.

They can also be those who have traditional female qualities or interests.

Femboys online are mostly considered femboys for how they dress and act.


Don’t get femboys muddled with crossdressers or trans.

Generally, femboys don’t seek to transition or present en femme permanently.

Being a femboy can be a step to getting into crossdressing or discovering one is transgender.

But femboy, in its barebone definition, isn’t the same as crossdressers or trans.


Femboys present en femme for many reasons.

These can range from wanting to try feminine clothing to protesting against restrictive gender norms.

Femboys can be cis, trans, non-binary, or identify as another.


Why Follow Femboys Online


 The 10 Most Adorable Cute Femboys on Social Media 


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to discover cute femboys online.

But did you know there are more benefits to doing this?


Fashion and self-expression inspiration


Femboys often showcase unique and creative styles to feel comfortable in their skin.

It’s also a way to please their audience. If you follow these accounts, you’ll start to think of the clothes you wear.

Who knows, it can be the start of your fashionista era.


A sense of community and support


Many femboys use their platforms to share experiences, struggles, and triumphs.

This creates a space for open discussions about the femboy community.

Whether you identify with or are interested in femboys, you’ll learn a thing or two.

You’ll get a more solid grasp of what goes behind the cute poses and flashy aesthetics.


If you’re a closeted femboy, isn’t it comforting to know there are others out there who share similar experiences with you?

This sense of belonging is especially valuable if you feel isolated or misunderstood in your IRL or offline life.


 The 10 Most Adorable Cute Femboys on Social Media 


A broader perspective on society and life


Exposing yourself to diverse expressions of gender and identity widens your outlook on life.

A better understanding of the complexity of human experiences leads to appreciation.

Ultimately, it’ll make you a more knowledgeable and tactful person.

Engaging with femboy content also makes it easier to air the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community.


10 Cute Femboys on Social Media Sites


There are many adorable cute femboys to gush over.

If you’re unsure where to start, here’s a list to discover well-known and not-so-well-known feminine boys.


Femboy 1: Pyrocynical


 The 10 Most Adorable Cute Femboys on Social Media 


Niall Murphy, better known as Pyrocynical or Pyro, was one of the first streamers who started the commentary format on YouTube.

His handle is @Pyrocynical on both YT and X (Previously Twitter).


There had been discussions about his being a femboy since he crossdresses a lot. Just take a scroll over his Instagram pyrocynical for example.

The talks about this Englishman only became more obvious in 2021, when gender swap AI apps became big.


Many fans use Pyro’s photos and revel in his beauty as a woman.

When he colored his ginger-brown hair platinum white, many commented he looked like a “cute lesbian,” and further fueled the Pyro femboy agenda. Although many appreciate his videos and aesthetics, Pyro shared that he’s straight.

If you want to know more about him, there’s a subreddit (r/pyrocynical) for his fans with more than 400,000 followers.


Femboy 2: FemboyPup


 The 10 Most Adorable Cute Femboys on Social Media 


The Australian femboy has 78,000 followers on X as @FemboyPup.

True to his username, he often always has a pair of black and gray dog ears and a spiky platinum bob haircut.

To keep his identity private, he covers ¾ of his face with a mask, either black or littered with studs.

His crossdressing fashion is close to that of grunge-punk, with chains, skirts, and fishnets.


He may not be one of the most famous femboys online, but he sure is one of the cutest!

Plus, FemPup’s posts are centered around enjoying life as a femboy and presenting himself in female clothing.

If you want your timeline to be graced with adorable clothing styles and teasing poses, follow FemboyPup.


Femboy 3: Damiano David


 The 10 Most Adorable Cute Femboys on Social Media


Damiano is the frontman of the rock band Måneskin.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, he admitted that though he regards himself as straight, he’s also sexually curious.

Actually, other members of the band are open about their colorful sexuality.

Victoria, for instance, is bi while Ethan is sexually free. All members are devoted and very passionate about queer rights.


Ask anyone about Måneskin— a band originally formed in Rome, circa 2016. Some will say “weird,” some will say “awesome.”

The only thing we’re sure of is that this group is interesting and goes beyond the traditional limits of performative art.

Måneskin became a trending band after winning the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.


Damiano, in particular, is a common focus of discussions surrounding sexuality and gender.

Aside from the band’s fondness of adding queer elements into their music videos, Damiano dresses up in rebel-femme clothing during their live performances.

He now has 5.4 million followers on his official account on Instagram (@damianodavid).


Femboy 4: Rynali


crossdressing now! 


Rynalu (@rynalitv) better explains her shenanigans in her YT channel bio.

He’s a man trolling people on Omegle with his fake girl voice.

Sometimes, he also dresses as one to better sell the illusion.

He adds, “I flirt and troll thirsty guys (and girls) on Omegle while dressed as a girl.


Real name Ryan, Rynali is often seen with cropped tops and short skirts.

Since he has a petite frame, big doe eyes, and a heart-shaped face, you’ll enjoy his charming aura.

Rynali also describes himself as a femme cosplayer and “alpha” femboy.

If you’re looking for an endearing femboy to follow online, you’ll love Rynali’s videos and dinky poses.


Femboy 5: Seth Williams


 The 10 Most Adorable Cute Femboys on Social Media


Seth goes by the username thatsusboi on TikTok and Instagram.

He’s one of the most admired femboys online, especially on TikTok.

He has 212,000 followers on the platform, with 7.2 million likes.

His video with the hashtag #femboyfriday jump-started his popularity.

In this clip, he has a tennis skirt on with painted nails.


He continues to post cute and fashionable outfits on his accounts.

His trademark is the short, pleated plain skirts. Get to know the other popular femboys on TikTok.


Femboy 6: conure


 The 10 Most Adorable Cute Femboys on Social Media 


Latino streamer Conure ( on Twitch and @conureCC on X and YT) identifies as a trans non-binary.

Among the femboys in this list, he’s one of the braver ones as he uses his platform to share his political views.

He mostly releases commentary content. In his 300+ YT videos, he talks about relevant issues and shares his views and opinions.

The catch? He’s presenting fem but doesn’t care about changing his voice, a deep one at that.

His viewers appreciate this So What, Very Laid Back attitude.


Femboy 7: SkylarEDM


 The 10 Most Adorable Cute Femboys on Social Media 


SkylarEDM (@skylaredm_irl on TikTok) serves cunty looks.

A TikTok video of his that now has 1.5 million views is a short clip of him wearing all-black.

He has thigh-highs over a pair of fishnet stockings, short shorts, and a tight bralette.

He has more looks to offer when you hop to his Instagram page (@skylaredm_).


Femboy 8: Benjy-vr


Crossdress now!


Benjy is a Twitch streamer with the username benjy. He enjoys the attention of more than 42,000 followers.

He’s represented by a pastel pink femboy cat with blue and gold irises.

His streams are mostly gaming sessions and interacting with his fans.

Besides games, Benjy also offers solid advice on everything under the sun.

He’s the perfect femboy if you’re looking for good vibes.


If you head on over to his X account (@BenjyVR), you’ll see a spicier side to this ENVtuber.

Usually, sheer lingerie and darling panties are paired with microskirts.


Femboy 9: Sneaky


Crossdresser now! 


Best known as Sneaky, Zachary Scuderi is a pro League of Legends player.

He’s arguably one of the big names on this list as his existence overlaps various fandoms.

He’s a professional AD Carry player, a streamer, crossdresser, and cosplayer. Sneaky’s one busy man!


His crossplaying (crossdressing and cosplaying) is no joke either. The pictorials are professionally taken and edited.

I’m talking expert level, with a group of makeup artists and photographers. His X page will throw you off too.

One post is of him in full cosplay of a female fictional character, then another is of him finishing a leg of his pro-playing.

Sneaky’s fans never ran out of things to be excited about.

So, if you’re looking for a femboy involved in many ventures, Sneaky’s the one for you!


Femboy 10: F1NNSTER


crossdress today!


Since we’re talking about femboy influencers, we can’t overlook F1NNSTER.

If you’re asking who he is, then you must have lived under a rock.

Or at least very new to the “finding femboys to follow online” activity.

Simply put, he’s one of the most prominent online personalities, almost celeb-like, actually.


Originally a Twitch streamer, F1nnster started to explore his femininity when fans started sending him feminine things as a joke.

His gradual transition from average male gamer to full-e-girl made others question his intent.

Some accused him of “femboy-baiting” and wanting to garner attention to grow his fanbase and online influence.


Although he has been fully presenting as a femme for a while, he only clarified his gender recently.

In a “COMING OUT” video posted on his YouTube channel with 645,000 subscribers, he revealed he’s bisexual and genderfluid.



He’s born as Jude and has an e-girl persona called Rose.

Even before his female presentation, he already has amassed a lot of fans.

There’s also a subreddit (r/F1NN5TER) dedicated to the streamer. He’s active in many platforms:


  • Twitch: f1nn5ter
  • X: F1NN5TER
  • YouTube channel: F1nnSterLIVE, F1NN5TER
  • Instagram: f1nn5sterlive
  • TikTok: f1nn5terlive
  • OnlyFans: f1nn5ter


Tips for Supporting Femboys


 The 10 Most Adorable Cute Femboys on Social Media 


Support for femboys should go beyond social media pages.

What are the best ways to show support online and in real life?


  • Watch, like, and share the femboys’ content. If they have a donation or tip page and you’re able, give them a boost.
  • Note that engaging with femboys should always be done with respect.

Everyone’s backgrounds and identities are unique. It’s crucial to approach anyone online, femboys or not, with an open mind.

  • When interacting with femboys, use inclusive language. Don’t assume gender or sexual orientation.

Instead, ask questions and listen actively. Always keep this at the back of your mind: Proper language is your shield against offensive comments.

This is a necessary skill to learn if you want to interact with femboys and the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Be mindful of derogatory terms or slurs. Ask for preferred pronouns and use them correctly.
  • Although some femboys might enjoy it, it’s still best to not make comments that objectify or sexualize femboys.

It isn’t just disrespectful. It’s downright harmful.

  • Create safe spaces in real-life settings. Try organizing meetups or events where femboys can gather.

Ensure they’ll feel comfortable as online can be very different from offline.

These gatherings allow femboys to connect with others with similar experiences and challenges.




What did we learn in this post? We learned about femboys’ diverse range online.

We also discovered some of the most adorable ones! Cute femboys aren’t just about looks either.

They have charming personalities and the ability to engage their audience.


Despite their willingness to share their life online, always remember that femboys are just like other online people.

They deserve support and respect. Only by understanding and appreciating their uniqueness can we create a more tolerant society.


Everyone deserves a world where each feels valued and accepted. This is true regardless of how one presents or identifies.

Follow these femboys we’ve listed here. Be energized by their creativity and style!

Be motivated to express yourself and encourage others to do the same freely!


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