Top 10 Best Femboy OnlyFans Creators



Top 10 Best Femboy OnlyFans Creators


If you are looking to find some extremely sexy femboys on Onlyfans, then you’ve come to the right place.

I have found some of the most sensual, most erotic, and very sexy femboys from across the globe that you can follow and watch in those lonely and desperate times.

From naughty dress-up time to some delicious roleplay to becoming a filthy fuck toy,

these Onlyfans femboy stars are going to bring something to the table that will drive you wild and make you a fan of them.

I am going to present you with an amazing list of femboy Onlyfans creators who are both cute and horny, and they post consistently and are very well-known in the LGBTQ community.

Here is a list of femboy Onlyfans creators—personally, my favorite, picked with care all for you.



Best Femboy OnlyFans Creators


Femboy Fitness


Top 10 Best Femboy OnlyFans Creators 


Femboy Fitness is a very popular body-conscious femboy OnlyFans creator with over 75k likes on Twitter.

Femboy Fitness is a generous and cute-looking femboy—he likes to make roleplaying content where he

“rewards” public servants for their services, like cops, firefighters, or EMTs.

This OF creator usually makes content around femboy kinks and fetishes.


According to him, he’s the biggest and strongest femboy around.

I personally like him because he’s incredibly ripped and looks very powerful.

He sometimes makes his content in the gym, too, while working out.

I am sure that once you check him out, you will become a fan of this cute little femboy.


Chiara Tranny


Top 10 Best Femboy OnlyFans Creators


Chiara Tranny is probably one of the most sexiest trans OnlyFans femboy creators hailing from San Fran.

If I am not wrong, she has just started her Onlyfans with a $6/month subscription.


I love her because of her androgynous look and pretty fat American dick. OMG, she is so sexy.

Chiara identifies herself as both a trans girl and a femboy.

Chiara is incredibly smart; she speaks four languages—English, Spanish, French, and German—which we all know are the sexiest in the world.

She is incredibly gorgeous, eager to please, and super intelligent for those of you who can actually handle that.

Chiara loves cumming in her videos on her fans’ demand.

So, if you are into femboy creampies or love femboy dripping body fluid, you can subscribe to Chiara Tranny.




Top 10 Best Femboy OnlyFans Creators 


Hanyuu is one of the most popular OnlyFans content creators with over 17k likes on her OnlyFans profile.

His subscription costs $8.50/month.

Hanyuu is popular and loved among his fans for various reasons.

These include his extremely sexy femboy body, and second, he talks about some scary but sexy AF things in his video streams on Onlyfans.


Hanyuu is a gamer, a cowboi, and a tall boy with a delicate, slender frame.

You get the idea, right? Hanyuu is very young, around 22 years old.


Katss Kawaii


Top 10 Best Femboy OnlyFans Creators


Katss Kawaii is one of the most passable, feminine-looking OnlyFans Femboys with a huge cock.

They provide a 75% discount for the first month at $4.25, and their regular pricing is $17/month.

Katss Kawaii is very popular on OnlyFans, boasting over 17k likes.


Top 10 Best Femboy OnlyFans Creators 


Katss Kawaii offers a full lineup of dirty deeds and femboy kinks, which we all want on those lonely nights.

Subscribe to see what glorious things his dick can do!

Katss Kawaii does lots of things in her videos, like performing striptease shows, sucking his partner’s dick till they cum to god,

and sometimes she also does plushies play. OMG, I love those videos.


They’re also into gaming and anime.

So, if you are into gaming and love femboys, gaming can be a great conversation starter, so go for it!


Bugs Maytrix


Top 10 Best Femboy OnlyFans Creators 


Bugs Maytrix is probably one of the hottest and funniest OnlyFans femboys account out there.

Bugs Maytrix has more than 10k likes on her OnlyFans videos, and her regular subscription price starts at $10/month.


I personally adore their ultra-feminine appearance and the tasty bubble butt that any chick would envy.

Bugs Maytrix has very good makeup skills and an incredible feminine fashion sense.

I would say she is way more sexier than most of these OnlyFans sluts out there.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Sign up and watch Bugs fuck like a bunny.




Top 10 Best Femboy OnlyFans Creators 


Castiel is, I would say, the cutest teenage femboy Only Fans creator.

Castiel is a 19-year-old twink with 2.7K likes, and her subscription starts at $6.66/month.


You will be surprised to know that Castiel is an Ivy League student and a great fashionista.

Her feminine fashion sense is always on top.

She is super popular among young femboy and femboys lovers because of her petite feminine figure and big white cock.

If you want to watch young Castiel ride a big dildo, now’s the time to subscribe to her OnlyFans.




Top 10 Best Femboy OnlyFans Creators 


Danielle is a top femboy OnlyFans creator who just loves crossdressing.

In fact, she is always crossdressed when he is making a video.

Danielle adores foot fetish entertainment, ass play, uncensored content, and the sexting girlfriend experience.

Apart from that, she also offers customized videos and photos to her loyal fans on personal demand.

She’s very kinky and love rating cocks and dick picks on her streams.

Overall I would say this bitch provides lots of entertainment along with sexual fun.




Top 10 Best Femboy OnlyFans Creators 


Lala is the naughtiest twink femboy OnlyFans creator.

They like playing Catboy/Gothboy with over 17K likes on his only fans account.

Through their videos, Lala made it very clear that he is into big cock and juicy ass.

They create solo and duo videos each week. Lala also makes videos on personal demands.

A subscription to Lala’s page gives you access to all the raunchy videos on their timeline. Just sayin’.




Top 10 Best Femboy OnlyFans Creators


Virgo is a 20-year-old girl femboy who likes posting lewd content on OnlyFans.

She has over 3k likes on her OnlyFans, and her subscription rate is $7/month.


Virgo means virgin, but I don’t think so.

This spicy Virgo, although only a hot and horny 20 years old, loves getting their asshole stretched.

And that’s not something the uninitiated would say.

Clearly, this Virgo adores huge cock to get kinky with.

She really is cute as hell and definitely worth your half-hourly pay rate at work.


Princess Rosé


crossdressing with roanyer 


Princess Rosé is my favorite Asian femboy OnlyFan Creator.

She features over 2,000+ photos and videos on her OnlyFans and has more than 18K likes.


Like a Rosé wine, the refreshing mixture between red and white.

She has a very erotic voice, and a milky white Asian skin makes her the most exotic femboy OnlyFans creator.

She is a Vixen extraordinaire who makes amazing femboy OnlyFans content.

She also spice up her videos with  Asian allure.


crossdressing roanyer 


Rosé promises full-length videos for you to jerk off to anywhere, anytime.

Think locker rooms, basements, attics, and English garden gazebos.

Not only that, she also makes content with the boys in like anal cumshots, BDSM, and roleplaying videos.


The Best Femboy OnlyFans FAQ


crossdressing roanyer 


Q: You mentioned the best Femboy OnlyFans creator, Hanyuu, and that he’s a cowboi. What is the difference


A: Nothing. Nothing at all. In this case, boi just means boy.

It’s a good question because, in the adult industry, most acronyms and misspellings have a meaning.

In this case, curiously, none that I am aware of. Boi = boy.


Q: Who or what is a femboy?


A: Honestly, It’s more of like a slang term for feminine boys or non-binary people who like to express themselves in a feminine way.

The term is a portmanteau of the words “feminine” and “boy” and can be used in both sexual and non-sexual contexts.

Trans people often consider themselves femboys as they transition to their desired sexuality.


Q: How do I filter for femboys with specific attributes on OnlyFans?


A: You don’t because, unfortunately, we can’t. Filtering by category or feature is difficult on OnlyFans.

To search for specific creators, we have to do a Google search or find their social first and look for them.


Wrap Up


roanyer crossdresser


I am personally a huge fan of femboys and the content they make.

I feel like these boys and girls are extremely talented and beautiful.

There’s something very vulnerable about femboys. A feminine gentleness that is endearing.

A creative spirit that inspires. And a sensuality that delivers happy endings.

You can always find such femboys on platforms like OnlyFans and have a peak in their life.


Don’t mistake femboys’ femininity for weakness. Like strong women, they burst with confidence, power, and assertiveness.

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