Top 10 Tips for Tackling Erections While Crossdressing



Top 10 Tips for Tackling Erections While Crossdressing


Crossdressing and erections sound sexy together when put in the right context. But what if it’s something you didn’t plan on happening?

As a crossdresser myself, I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to deal with erections while dressing up in feminine clothes.

If this happens, don’t worry too much! It’s a common issue many MTF crossdressers face.

But it can put a damper on an otherwise supposedly all-fun and empowering experience.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best 10 tips to deal with erections while crossdressing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a green thumb crossdresser.

Knowing what to do when the tenting happens will make you more confident whenever you crossdress. So let’s get started!



Erections and Crossdressing


Top 10 Tips for Tackling Erections While Crossdressing 


You’re an MTF crossdresser — you’re meant to deal with erections one way or the other.

It’s a totally normal and very common happenstance. So first, let me remind you to not beat yourself up over it.

As for the “why,” there are both psychological and physiological reasons for hard-ons to occur while cross dressing.


One, it’s exciting to explore different aspects of yourself and walk outside traditional gender lines.

Plus (and I know you get what I mean when I say this), the sensation of tight clothing or some fabrics against the skin can be quite erotic.


Types of Erection


Top 10 Tips for Tackling Erections While Crossdressing 


Having an erection doesn’t mean one wants to masturbate or have sex. Sometimes, they just happen.

It isn’t something detrimental to one’s health either.


Other than sexual, there are other reasons for erections to happen.


  • Reflexogenic erections happen as a reflex — it’s a direct response to touch or something that can be felt.

(Like the feel of tight clothes)

  • Psychogenic erections are the result of sexual imaginations or thoughts.
  • Nocturnal erections are those you get when you’re asleep.


Some Misconceptions


Top 10 Tips for Tackling Erections While Crossdressing


Sadly, there are many stigmas and misconceptions around the overlap of erections and crossdressing.

Those who aren’t in the know assume that if you get hard while wearing women’s clothing, you’re automatically a pervert or a sexual deviant.

This simply isn’t the case.


While it’s true that we have some MTF cross dressing siblings who do it for sexual purposes (like sissies), it’s very unfair to jump to this generalized conclusion. Not every single MTF crossdresser who gets an erection presenting en femme is doing it for carnal reasons.


Moreover, as I mentioned, there are physical reactions we can’t control.

These are unavoidable products of sensations created by fabrics, movements, and friction.


10 Tips for Controlling Erections


Top 10 Tips for Tackling Erections While Crossdressing 


Erections are natural. But they may still devastate your crossdressing experience.

If you plan to crossdress for a long time, controlling your hard-ons is a skill you should master.


Top 10 Tips for Tackling Erections While Crossdressing 


Tip 1: Practice Preventive Measures


Prevention is not only better than cure. It’s also the easiest way to deal with erections.

For any crossdressers who desperately want to avoid any awkward or uncomfortable situation,

your first step is to be aware of your triggers and avoid them like they’re the plague.


These can mean steering clear of sexually-charged conversations or situations.

If the discussion is becoming too sensual, move on to another topic.

Practice making up excuses to retreat and give yourself a breather.


You don’t have to interact with the subject of your desire either.

This tip extends to objects or people that turn you on.


Tip 2: Learn Relaxation Techniques


Do you know how to explain the erectile phenomenon? It happens when the brain signals the penis muscles to relax.

Then, blood will fill up the spongy tissues in that area. These sponges make the penis stiffen.


A simple way to say goodbye to spontaneous erection is waiting for it to calm down.

You can further assist this method by slowing your breathing.

Like what they teach in meditation, slow, deep breaths will help your thoughts and body relax.


To ground you even more, try focusing on the sound of your breathing or prepare a mantra.

This can be a word or phrase that makes you feel less agitated.

Relaxation techniques won’t be as effective if you don’t practice them regularly.

You can download an app or follow online tutorials to practice calm breathing.


There’s also the 4-7-8 breathing technique people use for anxiety.

Crossdressers aren’t new to anxiety-inducing scenarios, so take advantage of this approach.

Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 7, exhale for 8. Repeat until you feel yourself relaxing.


Top 10 Tips for Tackling Erections While Crossdressing 


Tip 3: Tuck and Gaff Panties


I hear you — You can get hard while tucking? Yes, it’s possible.

I personally hadn’t experienced it since I devotedly practice my meditation and can control my breathing.

But erections while tucking isn’t a new topic amongst my crossdressing friends.

They say that if your tuck’s secure, it won’t get untuck even if you get an erection.

You may need to adjust it a bit but that’s it.


Regular panties make it easy for a stiffened penis to poke out (and even escape) though.

That’s why you need to have compression or gaff panties at the ready.

Gaffs are also sometimes referred to as tucking underwear and are primarily used to have a smoother pelvic area.

Tucking gaffs offer a more secure hold.


Tip 4: Wear Compression Clothing


If you’re a new MTF crossdresser and have no confidence in trying to tuck or use gaffs, start with compression garments.

These are usually the ones you see in sports stores — the form-fitting, tight, usually spandex-type clothing.


Compression garments, such as compression leggings or girdle shorts lessen the friction against the skin.

They also help keep everything in place and make you feel very supported in your sensitive areas without needing to tuck.


Top 10 Tips for Tackling Erections While Crossdressing 

Tip 5: Distract Yourself


When you’re in full-hard mode, it’ll be challenging to not think about it. But that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do in this tip.

Distraction is similar to clearing your mind, but instead of nothing, you’ll think of something irrelevant to your current predicament.


Busy your mind with un-sexy thoughts. Here are a few handy ideas:


  • Play mental games on your phone, like sudoku, crossword puzzles, or virtual detective applications.
  • Imagine something so disgusting it overpowers whatever usually makes you hard.
  • Solve a mathematical equation. Just think of doing your taxes while crossdressing — will that put you in the mood?
  • Memorize a poem, then recall its lines. It can also be quotes from your favorite song, movie, or book.
  • Hit two birds with one stone by writing down your grocery list.


Tip 6: Distract Others


It’s not easy to distract yourself, but it’s easy to distract others.

If you’re aware that you can’t control your erection, then use accessories to hide it as a guarantee.

Whether you get an impromptu erection or not, you’re always going to be in the clear.


The key here is to obstruct others’ view of your crotch area.

These products shift others’ attention too so no one will think twice if you’re hard down there.

I’m talking about having a pregnant belly or a pair of large breasts.

Just think about it, what are people more inclined to talk about — something you can’t see or something right in your face?


These distractions are obvious, yes. But few will actually ask you about them.

Plus, whether they know you’re crossdressing or not, no one will dare to see past your boobies or preggy belly.


Top 10 Tips for Tackling Erections While Crossdressing 


Tip 7: Use Chastity Cages


Chastity cages can prevent erections by restricting the blood flowing to the penis and keeping it flaccid.

These cages enclosed your cock and stop it from becoming fully erect.

They come in various sizes, materials, and colors.


You’ve probably heard of chastity cages, especially in the BDSM arena.

Although they’re often used in other forms of sexual play, they can also be worn discreetly under clothing to prevent public erections.


Chastity cages aren’t the same as cock rings. They’re actually on opposite ends of the aisle.

Cock rings wrap around the penis or scrotum to slow down the blood flow in the area for the genitalia to stay stiff for longer.


Tip 8: Wear Femini Girdle or Body Suit


You can think of femini girdles or body suits as the upgraded version of gaff panties.

They are wearable bottoms for the most secure hold you can imagine.


They’re safe and made of skin-friendly silicone. Another bonus is that they copy women’s anatomy with realistic details.

These products offer the right bumps and curves to instantly look and feel like a woman.

They’re like hip pads, butt pads, slimming legs, and breasts in one.


Top 10 Tips for Tackling Erections While Crossdressing 


Tip 9: Reposition Your Body


Sudden erections won’t let you pick a place to cope. They can happen at any time and in any place.

You may be sitting at a cafe, walking down the street, or even just standing in line.


Repositioning your body is a subtle and great way to control this body function.

If you’re sitting down, stand up and pretend to adjust your clothing.

This can straighten any bunched fabric that might have been stimulating the penis.

If you’re standing up, sit down and cross your legs to hide the tent.

Doing this can redirect the blood flow and take some of the pressure off of the crotch area.


If both don’t work, try some gentle exercises like jogging or walking.

This will not only distract you. It’ll also reduce the tension or stress that might be contributing to the problem.


Tip 10: Choose the Right Clothing



Picking the right clothing with the right fabric is crucial for hiding unplanned erections.

The wrong type of fabric can be a dead giveaway.

So, exert more effort into selecting something that won’t draw too much attention to your nether regions.

These are usually fabrics that can’t stretch too much or won’t stretch at all, like jacquard or denim.

You can still wear clothing with these, but they should not be those with tight designs, such as pencil skirts or skinny jeans.


Here’s another pro tip: Some fabrics are known to be sensual.

Silk and lace are just some examples.

Your brain might automatically link them to sexual things, so, it’s best to avoid these fabrics altogether.

Instead, go for flowy fabrics. Better if they have a bit of structure, like tulle and organza.

These fabrics don’t cling to the body as much, making it harder for erections to be obvious.


Additionally, fabrics like cotton and linen are also great options.

They’re breathable and are less likely to cause sweating (a common side effect of erections).

Choosing the right fabric is just one step in controlling erections while crossdressing.

But it’s an essential one that can make all the difference!


Communication and Support


Top 10 Tips for Tackling Erections While Crossdressing 


Are you thinking why communication and support should be discussed for such an intimate topic like erections?

I’m not saying you have to announce to the world that you get an erection when crossdressing.

I’m simply suggesting that although it can be a challenging and often misunderstood experience, it doesn’t have to be shameful.


crossdresser roanyer 


Reminding yourself that open communication with trusted partners, friends,

or support groups will help you change your outlook on the topic. And what do we know?

Maybe in the future, if more crossdressers talk about this seemingly taboo topic,

it can even change the narrative around erections and crossdressing.


Embrace Your Crossdressing Journey


crossdresser roanyer


Being fully welcoming of your crossdressing journey is an essential part of finding joy and feeling empowered in your identity.

Absolve your guilt by continuous reminders that erections are a very natural bodily response.

They shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the positive aspects of crossdressing.


Instead of thinking of the challenges and possible awkward scenarios you may find yourself in,

why not focus on the benefits you can reap from expressing your true self?




Roanyer croaadress now!


You finally reached the end of the article, huh? Good job!


Dealing with erections while crossdressing can be stressful no matter your crossdressing experience.

You can be a newbie with no idea how to effectively stop these tents.

You can be an expert in all things crossdressing but still don’t know how to calm yourself down whenever these hard-ons occur.


Do not fear! With the right attitude and the tips and techniques I’ve listed, you’ll surely control your erections in no time.

Don’t be too hard on yourself either (pun intended)!

If things don’t go smoothly at first, just keep trying out what works best for you.

With time, you’ll find that you can confidently rock any outfit you want without worrying about unwanted bulges.


FAQs About Erections and Crossdressing


transgender Roanyer 


Is it normal to get an erection when crossdressing?


Yes! Although it’s normal, random erections can still be frustrating or embarrassing when they happen.

Even more so if an MTF crossdresser got them without thinking of sexual things or being spurned by anything erotic.


How to stop getting erections when crossdressing in public?


There are many tips to deal with erections when crossdressing in public.

Breathing exercises, wearing compression undergarments, and repositioning your body are only some of the simplest things you can do.


Is it safe to tuck to avoid getting erections when crossdressing?


Tucking is generally safe if done the correct way.

When matched with other supporting products like gaff panties, they assist MTF crossdressers have a smooth pelvic area.

Still, remember to untuck once you hit the 8-hour mark to be on the safe side.


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