Tips for Feminizing a Closet Crossdresser





Pop quiz! You’ve heard of ‘feminization,’ right? It’s all about making a guy look and feel more like a girl. It’s not just about clothes. But, well, when you get your wardrobe looking (and feeling) more feminine, it can really help these pals connect with their gal side. Okay, so what’s a ‘closet crossdresser’? It’s someone who likes to dress in clothes usually worn by the opposite sex. The difference? They keep it on the down-low. Suppose a crossdresser crossdresses as a secret hobby or untold passion. They do it for various reasons. Maybe they aren’t ready to share with the world just yet. Or maybe they don’t see why they should let others know. And hey, it’s not something that comes up in casual convo. A closet crossdresser— that’s exactly what my friend Ced is. He loves dressing prettily, but asked me last week to help him make his wardrobe more ‘feminine.’



Benefits of Feminizing a Closet Crossdresser




Why’d you think Ced hit me up to feminize his closet? There are quite a few reasons:


  • Deeper connection and support: When Ced said he wanted to wear more feminine clothes, it was like getting to know the real Ced better. I mean, when your buddy opens up like that, you can’t help but feel this strong bond and wanna be there for them more.


  • Expressing true identity: Clothes are kinda like a second skin. Ced’s not ready to let others see his full self. But he wasn’t hiding anymore, at least not from himself.


  • Confidence booster: You wouldn’t believe how much Ced’s confidence skyrocketed. Seeing him walk around with his head held high, made me realize it wasn’t just about clothes. It was about feeling good in his own skin. You can’t tell me the wardrobe change wasn’t a big part of that.


  • Stronger bond between partners: If you’ve got a partner who’s lowkey crossdressing, helping them feminize their closet is a huge deal. It shows you’re all in, you got your lover’s back. And that kinda trust when he let you in his secret? Nothing can top that kinda trust!


Considerations Before Feminization




Before you get all excited about your closet crossdresser’s wardrobe feminization, take a breather and think about a few things. This ain’t something you wanna rush into without some serious thought.


Is the closet MtF crossdresser willing for you to help him?


This is probably the most important part. Ced came to me first. He trusted me enough to open up about something super personal. So make sure your friend or lover actually wants your help. You don’t want to force this kind of stuff on anyone.


The SOS has to come from them.


What’s your timeline to feminize his closet?


Changing a wardrobe ain’t no quickie. You gotta be patient and work on it together. Are you both okay with taking it slow?


Maybe you’ll hit up the shops one weekend or slowly add new pieces over a few months. The key is to do it at a pace that feels right.


Otherwise, you might overwhelm him and he ends up returning to his shell.


Are there any boundaries or exceptions?


This bit’s crucial. Is he cool with feminizing all the way or are there certain limits? Maybe he doesn’t want to wear obviously female clothing.


Maybe he just wants to focus on lingerie. Heck, it’s all about comfort and respecting those lines. You gotta ask and listen— never assume what he wants.


Top Tips to Feminize a Closet Crossdresser


Go through these specific tips with your MtF closet crossdresser.


Buy him pretty lingerie




When I say lingerie, I’m talkin’ all the good stuff— pantyhose, body stockings, bras, and panties. Quality materials like silk and lace not only look amazing.


They’re also gonna feel luxuriously soft against his skin. Think red lace bras, black satin panties, and those lacy body stockings that just scream elegance.


Avoid those plain old cotton briefs or boring sports bras. They’re technically for women, but don’t help in lowering his testosterone levels. Steer clear of the mundane and routinary. Make him feel as feminine as possible.


More tip: The higher the quality of the lingerie, the better he’ll feel. High-end lingerie pieces that hug him just right will make him feel cherished and special. How can he forget how that feels, ye?


Tell him what to wear when you go out




Gently nudge him towards dressing en femme, but not in clothing that screams ‘Yo! Crossdresser in the building!’ Start with skinny jeans, tunics, or blouses— pieces of clothing that no one will bat an eye at.


These items blend seamlessly into everyday wear but still have feminine elements.


If he’s still unsure of those, get him to wear feminine items underneath his regular clothes. Camisoles, garter belts, or other discreet pieces—you know, those he can hide and completely be his little secret.


He can keep his connection to his feminine side all day long without anyone else knowing.


Oh, and there’s another fun aspect to this. When you tell him what to wear, it can play into his submissive side— if he’s into that whole D/S dynamic.


Go shopping with him




Shopping is more fun when you do it with someone who genuinely wants to find some gems. Additionally, it’s way more fun and less nerve-wracking for him than venturing out solo.


He’ll feel more comfortable exploring different styles and options with you by his side.


Not only does shopping together make the experience less daunting, but it also opens up a whole new world of style options.


He can try on outfits he wouldn’t normally dare to on his own. You also get to comment and explain right there and there on what looks fab or not.


And the best part? It’s a bonding experience like no other. Each shopping trip becomes a memory, a little adventure you two share, solidifying your role as his biggest supporter.


Explore androgynous fashion




You won’t believe how many cool androgynous fashion trends are out there these days. They’re a fantastic starting point. Suggesting him to explore these styles can be a gentle way to blend feminine elements without a dramatic leap.


A pro tip? Check out some Asian-inspired clothing. It’s an amazing middle ground with softer lines, flowy materials, and unique cuts. These styles are trendy and not very in-your-face. Go for modern kimonos or modern hanbok and changshan.


Gradually introduce more androgynous styles so his fashion transition is seamless. He’ll become less intimidated and more stylish day by day.


Practice wearing makeup with him




Practicing makeup together isn’t just a great way for him to get the hang of things. It’s also a great bonding experience.


Start with minimal makeup, there’s no sense in creating a whole PowerPoint explaining what contour technique is best for his face shape and what each brush is for.


Let him meet nude lipstick or a bare lip gloss, and maybe some foundation with a matching shade you pre-selected for his skin tone.


Once he has more confidence in his makeup skills, help him refine his techniques. This time, focus on makeup to hide his masculine facial features. Then, move on to more advanced artistries.


Play around with perfumes and scents


perfume crossdress 


Girls smell amazing, and you know scents can do wonders! Introduce him to a variety of floral or fruity perfumes. Nothing too overpowering at first.


Think light rose or a hint of lavender. Fragile scents that don’t announce themselves too loudly but still feel wonderfully feminine.


Here’s the thing about scents: they’re powerful memory triggers. So, once he finds a scent that he loves, it becomes a part of his identity.


These notes will add that extra layer of femininity, making him feel even more attuned to his true self.


Don’t forget about scented candles, either. They can set a mood and make everything feel softer, more comfortable, and inviting.


If he’s not ready for the public to smell him, then at least at home, he can smell more feminine.


Teach him about skincare




Skincare, darling, is the foundation of everything! The basics, like moisturizers and sunscreens, can and will make a world of difference.


Great skin will not only make him feel good about himself. It’ll also provide a perfect canvas for makeup.


So, less effort on his part! Teach him how to take care of his skin and he’ll reap the benefits until his old age. He can be a mature crossdresser with no prob!


Bad skin days can really dent someone’s confidence, so showing him the ropes on skincare routines is super important. Patience and consistency win the race here.


A simple, daily skincare routine can help him glow. That glow translates to a boost in how he feels about himself. It’s all connected!


Urge him to grow out his hair


crossdress hair


Long hair isn’t just trendy these days, thanks to the rise of KPop and Kdramas— it’s also a beautiful way for him to express his femininity.


Think about the countless hairstyles he can explore. Longer hair has always been associated with femininity. It’s like wearing a crown that you don’t have to take off!


It frames the face differently, softens the facial features, and adds a whole new dimension to his appearance.


And don’t forget about the endless possibilities with styles, highlights, or even coloring in natural shades!


Imagine the fun you both can have picking out hair dyes and trying new looks.


Make him shave


crossdress grooming 


Shaving is another key step in helping him feel more feminine. The sensation of smooth, hairless skin can be incredibly affirming for his feminine side.


Indulge him in regular shaving cream or explore other hair removal methods like waxing or depilatory creams. These routines can make a world of difference in how he feels about his body.


Encourage him to maintain this smooth and feminine appearance regularly. It’s not just about the physical results but also about the ritual of grooming and caring for oneself.


A consistent hair removal routine is also a form of self-love.


Introduce him to other girl friends


croaadresser girlfriend roanyer 


Socializing with other women is enlightening for many MtF crossdresser. He can pick up on feminine behaviors, gestures, and mannerisms just by being around your girl tribe. But only do this when he’s comfortable and ready to meet other women.


Connecting with your girl friends can also provide a sense of belonging and acceptance. They can become a support system, offering tips for his feminized closet.


Plus, it’s a chance for him to immerse himself in the kind of conversations and interactions that are natural among women.


Take him along for facials and mani-pedi 


These aren’t just for relaxation— they’re essential aspects of self-care en femme. Facials will make his skin glow, and he’ll feel utterly rejuvenated.


Well-kept nails will make him feel polished and feminine. Think of all the fun you’ll have picking out nail polish colors and trying out new designs together.


This isn’t just about looks. It’s about feeling good from the inside out. Introducing him to this world of self-care demonstrates how important and deserving he is of pampering and beauty. Who says men can’t pamper themselves?




Suggest ear-piercings


Piercings are usually related to women. It’s a subtle but impactful way for him to feminize himself. Once he has his ears pierced, the fun really begins.


He can switch his earrings up according to his outfit or mood. Cute silver studs? Playful hoops? Dangling chains? Tell him to get whatever he wants! This little change can have a big impact.


Recommend dainty accessories


Just like the cute silver studs, other dainty accessories are considered more feminine. These pieces give sparkles that aren’t bold. Just enough to get attention and feel more graceful.


Look for pieces that are delicate and fine. Think thin chain necklaces, tiny rings, and one-layer bracelets.


These little touches elevate any outfit, making him feel more polished and feminine. They’re easy to mix and match too. He can experiment and find what he likes best.




Wear shoes with heels


And lastly, you gotta get him into shoes with heels! It doesn’t have to be super high stilettos or ankle-breaking wedges. Even a modest heel can make a big difference. Literally, like making him one or two inches taller.


Heeled shoes, like Chelsea boots or comfy wedges, have a magical way of straightening the back and improving posture. When he stands taller and more confident, it shows!


The posture (thanks to heels) will enhance his strut, giving him that graceful, feminine walk he’s aiming for. Plus, heels are just plain fun!

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