MTF Crossdressing Guide to Taking Sexy Nudes



MTF Crossdressing Guide to Taking Sexy Nudes


Have you ever heard of a case where a fellow crossdresser had their nudes leaked and it practically ruined their career and their life? I have. And this was a close friend of mine. Because of this, I would shy away from taking those sexy pictures and sharing that intimacy with people that I liked. But that was until I mastered the art of taking sexy nudes as a crossdresser in a discreet way. And as your crossdressing big sister, I’ll be sharing these tips with you.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what you should do before, during, and after you take your nudes. I’ll give you advice on choosing the right angles and lighting, hiding all identifiable features, and even what apps to use to safely store them.


Are you excited yet? Let’s get started.



The Art of Taking Sexy Nudes as a Crossdresser


MTF Crossdressing Guide to Taking Sexy Nudes


Honestly, you don’t have to be a pro to be great at taking these sexy photos. All you need to do is learn these tips and you’ll look hot in your femme photos as a MTF crossdresser. Here are the 6 tips.


Choosing the Right Lighting


MTF Crossdressing Guide to Taking Sexy Nudes


Over the years, I’ve come to learn that the type of light that you use can make a huge difference in how your pictures come out.


There are two main types of light:


  • Soft light


  • Natural light


If you live in a place where you don’t get enough sunshine, then using soft light is a great option. Basically, to create soft light, you need equipment like an umbrella to bounce light towards you, reduce shadows, and make sure you get a flattering picture. This works best if you have someone taking the picture for you or helping you take your sexy nudes.


MTF Crossdressing Guide to Taking Sexy Nudes


But if you want to be very discreet and do it alone, go for natural light. Natural light comes from the sun and this type of light can highlight and enhance your features.


The best time to take photos with natural light is in the morning when the light is soft and also during sunset/ the golden hour. At this time, the warm light can add a beautiful and natural glow to your pictures.


Securing Your Background


After picking the right light, it’s time to choose a secure background. When there are too many things in your background, the focus will shift from your sexy nude to the items in your background.


securing the background


If you’re like me and you love decorating your space, remember to take down personal items. These can be your Polaroid pictures, family and friends’ photos, or any other item that can make it easy for people to know that’s your room. To be safe, you can use a plain wall with a house plant or a neatly made bed as your secure background.


Choosing the Right Angles


Choose the right crossdress angles 


If it’s your first time taking sexy nudes as a crossdresser, I know it can feel a bit overwhelming. But no one said you have to strip down to your birthday suit to take a flattering picture. The whole point of nudes is to tease and seduce, and you can do this without revealing too much. Here’s how you can do it.


Start by wearing whatever makes you feel the most confident. For me, it’s a combination of Roanyer’s breast forms to enhance my chest, a garter belt to draw attention to my long legs, and bright red lingerie.


MTF Crossdressing Guide to Taking Sexy Nudes


Next, pose in front of your mirror until you find an angle that brings out your best features. Choose a pose that outlines your body to create a silhouette. To do this, stand in front of a window before sunset and use the bright sky as your backlight. If you’re using artificial light, place a bright lamp behind a thin curtain to create shadows.


MTF Crossdressing Guide to Taking Sexy Nudes


Then, place your right hand on your right hip and raise your left arm to touch your head and create a triangle shape. Lastly, use your phone’s timer to take the pictures as you experiment with different poses.


Remember, the secret to creating a silhouette without revealing everything is to stand a little far from your light source so you can create shadows. Try it and thank me later.


Hiding All Identifiable Features


hiding masculine features


As you take your pictures, remember to crop out your face even on the ones that are only a draft. Remember, no face no case, so it’s better not to risk having even a blurry nude leak and expose your identity.


I’d also advise you to hide all your identifiable features. These include any tattoos that you have,  birthmarks, or even scars. That’s because people who know you can easily identify you using these features.


MTF Crossdressing Guide to Taking Sexy Nudes 


To hide these, use a concealer that matches your skin tone to cover them up and make them less visible. If you have a colored tattoo, use a color-correcting concealer first to neutralize the color, then use a concealer that matches your skin tone.


If you’re comfortable with showing your face in the nude, pick a flattering wig for your face shape and use eye contact to change the color of your eyes.


Using a Secure App


MTF Crossdressing Guide to Taking Sexy Nudes


Now that your nudes are literally picture-perfect, it’s time to take extra precautions before sending them to your latest fling or even your partner. Start by asking them to download an encrypted app like Signal or Confide. I love these apps because they have a privacy feature that prevents people from taking screenshots.


MTF Crossdressing Guide to Taking Sexy Nudes


If the person you sent your nudes to tries to take a screenshot, the app will automatically kick them out, delete the message from their phone, and send you a notification about their betrayal. I know it seems a little excessive, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?


Plus, if the person you’re sending your sexy photos to doesn’t understand, then they don’t even deserve to see your sexy nudes.


You can also use the WhatsApp ‘view once’ feature to tease your crush by sending them a nude that they can see just once. Plus, they won’t be able to screenshot it as well.


Deleting All Evidence


MTF Crossdressing Guide to Taking Sexy Nudes


Have you ever taken a nude and then completely forgotten all about it? That happened to me once and I only remembered when I was showing my best friend something on my phone and I came across it.


Well, it was very awkward and from that day, I always double-checked to make sure I’d gotten rid of all the evidence. But what happens if you take a stunning photo that you want to keep? Here’s what you can do.


Instead of storing it in the cloud like your normal pictures, try and use a vault app. These apps usually have strong passwords and a two-factor authentication, for double security. Plus, they are made to look like normal apps like a game or a calculator, so if anyone snoops through your phone, they’ll never know that you have such an app.


Tips For Editing Your Nudes Like a Pro


MTF Crossdressing Guide to Taking Sexy Nudes 


Taking sexy nudes as a crossdresser isn’t enough, especially if you want to use them on a dating site and match with your type. That’s why you also need to know some editing skills. Plus, you don’t need to invest in expensive photo editing software, you can use a free one like GIMP and you’ll get the same results.


So, here’s how you can edit your nudes like a professional photographer in 7 easy steps:


  • Step 1:Adjust the brightness and the contrast so that your picture can pop and look brighter.


  • Step 2: Use the smoothing tool. If you want to look like a barbie, feel free to over-smoothen until you look like a doll. But if you want to look natural, just  even out your skin tone.


  • Step 3: Sharpen the areas that you want to draw attention to like your chest, your hips, and your butt.


  • Step 4: Play around with different color grading to change the tone of your picture. I usually go for a warm tone because it’s more flattering than a cooler tone.


  • Step 5: Crop your picture to get rid of anything that you don’t want. This can include any background item that you missed or cropping your face as well.


  • Step 6: Use the retouch tool to remove stuff like pimples or even stray hairs


  • Step 7: Save your picture in high-quality in either JPEG or PNG format.




MTF Crossdressing Guide to Taking Sexy Nudes


That’s it. I hope you enjoyed today’s article on the art of taking sexy nudes as a crossdresser. But the one thing I want you to remember is that if you’re confident in your skin, it will show in your pose and it will make your nudes even better.


You don’t have to have the typical ‘perfect body’ in order to feel sexy. Even if you’re built like a square, you can work with what you have and experiment with poses that give you a feminine silhouette.


So don’t let anything stop you. Keep these 6 tips in mind and slay those sexy photos.


Until next time, cheers!

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